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Jose Varella’s Toe Hold From Side Control



Jose Luis Varella is a GF Fight Team black belt with a love of foot locks. But because Varella is primarily an IBJJF competitor, he has had to modify his foot lock game to fit those rules. Everyone knows how strict the IBJJF is when it comes to techniques, especially leg attack techniques. Jose has come up with a tricky toe hold that can be achieved from side control top. Here is how you can perform that toe hold.

To be able to do this technique, you have to have side control on your opponent. It doesn’t matter how you got it, you just have to get to that position. Most of the times when you have side control, your opponent will put his near side leg up to prevent you from getting to the mount position. This is very common. When he does that, use your arm that is closest to his legs to reach back on an angle and bring that blocking foot forward. When you capture the foot, your hand can then grab his far leg or hip. Now that is foot is forward, you can use your free hand to grab that foot up by the toes. Use your arm that was used to trap the foot to help complete the toe hold grip on the foot. Bring his foot to and then under his your chest. And use the trapping arm to lift your elbow and complete the foot lock.

This toe hold is rather unexpected from this position. When you have someone is side control, they are usually worrying about an upper body submission such as a kimura or americana. A toe hold is a painful surprise for the person in your side control. Jose Varella is an innovative man for this. If you compete in tournaments that are mainly IBJJF rule based, his DVD, IBJJF Legal Foot Locks is one that you will want to pick up right away.

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