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Jimmy Pedro’s Russian Pancake Throw



The world renowned Jimmy Pedro is a master of everything Judo. The 6th degree black belt and two time Olympic bronze medalist has one of the most comprehensive and complete throwing games of any American Judoka. He also is the Judo coach that has worked extensively with BJJ and Judo star, Travis Stevens. Though he has many awesome throws, one of the more intriguing throws in his arsenal is what he calls the Russian pancake throw. Let’s take a look at this interesting and sneaky throw.

The first thing you must do is get the arm of the side you are attacking out of the way. You need to grab and pull that sleeve forward to be able to get a good grip of your opponent’s gi on his back. The grip on the back is off of the opposite side. Just grab a handful of kimono. Then you need to use your leg (the same side leg as the kimono grabbing arm) to trap his same side leg. While you do that, your free arm needs to get an underhook on your opponent’s other side. Now onto your free leg. With your free leg, perform a back step. You are almost done with the technique. Once you’ve back-stepped, pull his gi, lift with the underhook and arch yourself to get a clean, powerful throw. You should end up in side control.

What is beautiful about this throw is that it is a Judo throw, but it is also almost like a wrestling-style slam as well. You can possibly daze your opponent with it, and the dominant  position possibility is high. What is another nice aspect is that you can do it in no gi as well. Just change the gi grip to a grab on the opposite side armpit.

Jimmy Pedro has such immaculate technique when it comes to Judo throws. He shows not only the technical details, but the ideas and concepts behind them as well. If you’re interested in adding some of Jimmy’s throws to your BJJ or grappling game, then check out his DVD that he made with Travis Stevens. It is called The Takedown Blueprint.

Click here to see The Takedown Blueprint.


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