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Triangle Choke Escape To Leg Lock Finish



The triangle choke is one of the most reliable and high percentage submissions there is in all of Jiu Jitsu. While the choke is a strong one, there are a few different escapes we can go to, to escape it and not be finished by it. One of my preferred escapes to the triangle choke is one made famous by Tom DeBlass black belt and Danaher Death Squad member, Garry Tonon. And unsurprisingly, the escape ends with a leg lock finish. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to check out this killer escape…

When your opponent gets you in the triangle choke position, you need to be able to move. If you sit and wait, you will be submitted by it. So the first thing you have to do is you have to posture up. But that won’t keep you safe forever, because your opponent can pull down your head and still finish the choke. So after you posture, you need to get your hips and knees underneath your opponent’s hips. This will take away the crunch and the angle that he needs to be able to finish the choke.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmOnce you are in a safer position, you’ll need to be able to stand up. When you stand up, make sure your legs are tight to your opponent. If they are not, he will be able to simply sweep you over and finish the choke, so make sure your legs are tight to him. After you stand up, keep posturing, and looking up. This will loosen the choke even more. Now that you are in a structurally better position, you’ll be ready to go back down. The same side leg of the arm that is in the choke, needs to come over the opponent’s stomach as you sit down. Once down, cross your other leg over. After that, use your hands to loosen your opponent’s knee that is over your neck use your body to push back. This will break the triangle choke completely.

Now that the choke is broken and ineffective, you can now attack with a leg lock. Control the leg that was over your neck, and push his other knee down to the ground. Depending on the rules, you can go a couple different ways. For a less strict rule set, go into inside sankaku and finish with a heel hook. Or if a stricter IBJJF rule set, go into ashi garami and finish with a straight foot lock.

This has become my number one triangle choke escape for the years. I can keep myself out of danger of being finished and in turn, be able to finish the person that I’m rolling with. That makes is my favorite. But there are many escapes to learn and master.

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