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Kody Steele His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Kody Steele His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Kody Steele?

Kody Steele is a professional grappler who was awarded his Black belt in Jiu Jitsu under Rodrigo Cabral. Rising through the ranks he achieved many accomplishments, like winning superfights at events like; The Eddie Bravo Invitational and Third Coast Grappling. Kody gained significant popularity after defeating the 2 x World Champion DJ Jackson, he also gained worldwide stardom after defeating Jean Paul Bosnoyan at the 2019 Combat Jiu Jitsu World Championship in the Welterweight division. 

Wrestle-Jitsu by Kody Steele

In 2020 Kody Steele was awarded his Black belt by Rodrigo Cabral, Shortly after Kody injected himself into the world scene where he lost his first match against John Combs. Over the next few months Kody won matches at Kasai Pro, Who's Number One and Jitz King against athletes like Camron Couch, Alec Baulding and Mauricio Gomez. Kody lost 3 out of his next 5 matches, with losses to Mason Fowler, Vagner Rocha and Dante Leon. He did manage to notch up wins against Andy Varela at Submission Underground 15 and David Garmo at Fight 2 Win 150.

After submitting Bryan Nuro with an Outside Heel Hook at Submission Underground 18, he made it through to the final of Subversiv 4 but was outclassed by Andy Murasaki. Kody finished off 2020 with a loss to Tye Ruotolo at WNO 5, and a win against the talented Edwin Najmi at the Third Coast Grappling tournament. Kody had an outstanding 2021 as he compiled a win loss record of 10 wins 1 loss and 2 draws, including 2 MMA wins. 

Kody competed at WNO 10 as he secured a decision win against Phillip Rowe. In his next fight he defeated Jed Hue at Polaris 17 as he began to build some momentum heading into the ADCC East Coast Trials. Kody defeated 5 opponents including; Ruben Coronado, Roman Wheeler, Adrian Gonzalez, Placido Santos and Jonathon Satava, as he set up a semi final against his fellow teammate William Tackett. After an extremely close match William was awarded the decision win, afterwards Kody went on to defeat PJ Barch in the Bronze medal fight. Kody also competed at the UFC Invitational where he secured two draws against Jason High and Gregory Rodrigues. 

Kody has recently made waves as he has stepped into the Mixed Martial Arts world. Kody fought Kane Lewis at Fury FC 49, where he landed a flurry of punches and secured a third round TKO win. Kody is an exceptional athlete who has the skill set to achieve multiple feats on the mats and inside the cage. Kody made is amatuer MMA record 2 - 0 after he knocked out Keith Ford in 13 seconds into the fight, as he became the new (FFC) Fury Fighting Championship Amatuer Welterweight Title holder. Kody has made a name for himself as he looks to impress the fight world in search of a UFC debut.

Wrestling Entries for Grapplers by Kody Steele

How Old Is Kody Steele?

Kody Steele grew up in Port Angeles in Washington, USA. He was born on the 21st of April in 1995, he is currently 26 years of age.

Kody Steele's Early Years!

Kody Steele was a very active child, growing up in Washington USA he was heavily involved with sports as he had a passion for baseball and football. Kody competed in both sports right up until middle school, where he would discover combat sports. In 2008 Kody began wrestling in all disciplines where he found a new passion in competitive wrestling. In 2013 Kody moved to Texas and soon learnt there was a shortage of wrestling programs available. Kody realised he couldn't continue his dream of becoming an NCAA Champion, so he gave Jiu Jitsu a try. Kody found Professor Rodrigo Cabral at the Brazilian Fight Factory and Kody was soon climbing the ranks of his newly found sporting passion.

How Much Is Kody Steele Worth?

Kody Steele has been a regular fixture in the superfight circuit since his promotion to Black. Kody has won numerous fights and earnt various cash prizes at events like Fight 2 Win, Polaris, Submission Underground and Kasai Pro. Kody is beginning to build a net worth which is roughly two hundred thousand dollars, and he is set to raise his stocks considerably over the next decade. Kody has also begun working with the premier distributor of Martial Arts instructionals, BJJ Fanatics. Kody has filmed two videos titled; "Wrestle - Jiu Jitsu" and "Wrestling Entries For Grapplers" both of his videos are available exclusively for purchase on 

How Tall Is Kody Steele?

Kody Steele stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is the equivalent of 175 centimetres.

How Much Does Kody Steele Weigh?

Kody Steele weighs in at 82 kilograms which equates to 181 pounds. Kody has also competed at events in the 77 kilogram and absolute divisions. 

Kody Steele's Fight List!

Kody Steele has become one of the most exciting newcomers to the upper ranks of the professional grappling circuit. He has lit up the world stage on many of the exciting new grappling promotions like; Who's Number One, Kasai Pro, Fight 2 Win, Submission Underground and Polaris. Kody has fought against professional athletes like; Mauricio Gomez, Andy Varela, David Garmo, Zach Greene, Edwin Najmi, Phillip Rowe, PJ Barch, Ruben Coronado, Roman Wheeler, Jed Hue, Bryan Nuro, Vagna Rocha, Dante Leon and Tye Ruotolo.

Kody Steele's Best Fight Of All Time!

Kody Steele has accomplished many wins in his last two years of grappling. He has competed at multiple prestigious events, claiming wins against some world class athletes like; David Garmo at Fight 2 Win 150, Edwin Najmi at Third Coast Grappling and veteran Alec Baulding at Who's Number One in 2020. Kody's most notable win came at the ADCC East Coast Trials in 2021, after defeating 5 opponents including Adrian Gonzalez and Jonathon Satava. In the semi final Kody lost to Rodrigo Cabral's Black belt and fellow teammate William Tackett. Kody headed into the Bronze medal match against the 10th Planet top prospect PJ Barch. After an extremely close and tense match, Kody was awarded the referee decision win, as he stepped onto the third spot on the podium.

Who Did Kody Steele Lose To?

Kody Steele has lost 8 matches since becoming a Black belt and only 2 of his losses have been by submission. Kody Steele fought John Combs in 2020 at the Jitz King promotion, where he was submitted with a Rear Naked Choke. Kody's only other submission loss came against Tye Ruotolo at the Who’s Number One 5 tournament, where Tye secured the Inside Heel Hook. Kody has lost other notable matches against athletes like; Vagner Rocha at the 3CG Kumite 3 and Dante Leon at Who's Number One 4. Kody has also lost against Mason Fowler at Submission Underground 15 and William Tackett in the semi final of the ADCC East Coast Trials.

Kody Steele's Record!

Kody Steele has become a world class grappler since stepping into the scene as a Black belt. Kody has secured a record of 16 wins and 8 losses since 2020. He has won a multitude of superfights against exceptional athletes since becoming a Black belt. Kody has a list of achievements that includes;

As a Black belt:

ADCC East Coast Trials Third Place (2021) Polaris 17 Superfight Winner (2021) WNO 10 Superfight Winner (2021) Third Coast Grappling Superfight Winner (2020) Submission Underground 18 Superfight Winner (2020) Fight 2 Win 150 Superfight Winner (2020) Jitz King Superfight Winner (2020) WNO Superfight Winner (2020) Kasai Pro Superfight Winner (2020)

As a coloured belt:

Combat Jiu Jitsu Welterweight World Champion (2019) London Warriors Cup Champion (Double Gold 2019) Marianas Open Champion - Brown belt (2018) EBI Combat Jiu Jitsu Champion - Brown belt (2019) TMS Team Grand Prix - Brown belt (2019) IBJJF Austin Open Champion - Purple belt (2017) IBJJF Austin Open NoGi Champion  - Purple belt (2017) IBJJF Dallas Open Champion - Purple belt (2017) IBJJF Dallas Open NoGi Champion - Purple belt (2017) IBJJF NoGi World Championship Runner Up (Purple belt 2017 - Brown belt 2019) IBJJF American Nationals Third Place - Brown belt (2018) 

Kody Steele's Injuries!

Kody Steele has been extremely lucky in terms of injuries, as he has been able to avoid anything significant. Kody has been wrestling and grappling for 13 years so you can expect he has had his minor setbacks. Kody is a highly intelligent and energetic fighter who conditions his body in an expert manner. Years fighting under Rodrigo Cabral has given Kody an outstanding platform to help build his body into a bullet proof weapon. 

Is Kody Steele Retired?

Kody Steele is extremely active on the professional grappling circuit. At the age of 26 and in his second year as a Black belt, Kody has a massive upside. With youth on his side and a wealth of competition experience, Kody is determined to win many illustrious tournaments in the future. Kody wants to compete against the world's toughest competitors and he is relentless in his aspirations to win ADCC Gold. Kody also impressed the fight world as he stepped into the Mixed Martial Arts arena. Kody has managed two fights inside the cage, he fought Kane Lewis at Fury FC 49 and secured a third round TKO win, and knocked out Keith Ford in tremendous fashion securing the Welterweight title. Kody is a dedicated athlete who is aspiring to become a UFC Champion.

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