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Malik Amine His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Malik Amine His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Malik Amine?

Malik Amine is a prolific wrestler who just graduated from Michigan University. He starred throughout high school as a 145 pounder and he was ranked inside the top 20 wrestlers in the nation. Malik has won many matches throughout high school including an impressive 159 wins including two Michigan State titles. Throughout college Malik had a tougher time as he faced many injuries, but still managed to become a two time NCAA qualifier and won events like the Cliff Keen Open and the Purple Raider Open.

Leg Riding Made Easy by Malik Amine

Malik attended Detroit Catholic Central High School, as he became a standout in the 140 and 145 pound divisions. Malik was a member of the honour roll throughout high school as he became a four time State Place winner. Malik also won back to back Michigan State titles in 2013 and 2014 including a runner up in 2012 and fifth in 2011. Malik compiled an incredible record of 159 wins with 29 losses and he was ranked at number #20 in the United States of America as a 145 pounder by InterMat. Malik graduated from high school in 2014 as he headed off to college at Michigan University.

Malik took a redshirt year in 2015 as he competed in numerous open tournaments. Malik posted a 1 - 2 record at the Cleveland State Open and a 2 - 2 at the Michigan State Open. Malik also claimed a third place finish at the Alma Open with a 4 - 1 record. Malik then suffered an injury after his first win at the Edinboro Open, forcing him to watch from the sidelines. In 2016 Malik secured his Varsity debut at the Southern Scuffle as he recorded a 2 - 2 result, he also placed 8th at the Cleveland State Open with a 3 - 2 record. Later that year Malik competed at the Eastern Michigan State Open where he posted a 4 - 1 record, as he walked away with the Silver medal.

In 2017 in Malik's Sophomore year he suffered from another interrupted year with injuries. He entered the Cleveland State Open as he amassed 5 wins with 1 loss to claim fifth place. Malik won the 149 pound title with a 4 - 0 clean sweep at the Purple Raider Open, defeating Taylor Misuna 3 - 2 in the championship match. In 2018 in his Junior year Malik qualified for his first ever NCAA Championship, after 1 win and 2 losses Malik failed to place. Malik posted a 5 - 4 record at the Big Ten duals and placed 10th at the Big Ten Championships. Malik compiled a 4 - 2 record at the Midlands Championship, he also posted a 3 - 2 record at the Michigan State Open before being forced to resign from the tournament due to another frustrating injury.

Malik entered into his Senior year at college in 2019, and for the second straight year he qualified for the NCAA Championships. He failed to place but did manage to defeat the talented Tanner Smith 9 points to 2. Malik also placed 8th at the Big Ten Conference Championships as he recorded a win over Alfred Bannister and led his team with an 8 - 4 dual record for the season. Malik also racked up a 2 - 2 record at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas International. After an injury plagued college career Malik posted an overall record of 44 - 31 including a 17 - 14 dual record.

Malik has now dedicated his athletic career to becoming a World Champion and an Olympian. He has fought in many world events as he fights for his hometown of San Marino, the central state in Italy. Malik has competed in several events in 2021, including finishing 8th at the Matteo Pellicone in Italy, finishing 14th at the Senior World Championships and 20th at the Senior European Championships. Malik is a world renowned competition beast, as he continues to impress wearing his countries colours.

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How Old Is Malik Amine?

Malik Amine grew up in Brighton Michigan in the United States of America. He was born on the 4th of July in 1995, he is currently 26 years of age. 

Malik Amine's Family!

Malik Amine grew up in Brighton, Michigan in the United States. He was born into a wrestling family as he was raised with a high standard of work ethics. Malik's father Mike was an NCAA finalist and a four year letter winner for Michigan State in the 80's. Maliks uncle Sam also wrestled for Michigan along with his brother Myles and his cousin Jordan. Malik's brother Myles became the first ever San Marino wrestler to win an Olympic Bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Malik was heavily guided into wrestling as he competed with his siblings from a young age. Malik spoke about how much of an inspiration his father and grandfather were to him, and as he grew into a young man he tried to impress his family with his dedication to the sport of wrestling.

How Much Is Malik Amine Worth?

Malik Amine has worked tirelessly as a competitor over his wrestling career.  He is now competing on the world stage trying to gain worldwide popularity as he aspires for Olympic Gold. Malik is still young and is still trying to build a wealth that he can retire on. His net worth is still only a couple hundred thousand dollars, but he is dedicated to making inroads towards a brighter future financially. Malik has also started filming instructional videos for BJJ Fanatics, his video is titled "Leg Riding Made Easy" which is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Malik Amine?

Malik Amine stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is the equivalent to 172 centimeters. 

How Much Does Malik Amine Weigh?

Malik Amine weighs in at 149 pounds or (67 kilograms) Malik has also competed in the 140 and 145 pound divisions.

Malik Amine's Fight List?

Malik Amine has fought extensively throughout his athletic career. His wrestling prowess throughout high school has gained him significant popularity as a young athlete. Heading into college was a tougher prospect, but he still managed to win matches against highly ranked opponents. Malik has a list of fights that includes wrestlers like; Tanner Smith, Timur Bizhoev, Alfred Bannister, Josh Maruca, Dresden Simon, Steve Bliese, Cole Martin, Davey Tunon, Laike Gardner, Shayne Oster, Taylor Misuna and Mark Bozzo.

Malik Amine’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Malik Amine has won a multitude of wrestling matches in his career. He has defeated highly ranked athletes all throughout college including guys like; Tanner Smith 9 - 2 in his senior year at the NCAA Championships, Alfred Bannister 5 - 3 at the Big Ten Conference Championships, number 11 Josh Maruca in the final match at the team duals at Arizona State and defeated Taylor Misuna 3 - 2 in the Championship match at the Purple Raider Open. Malik’s proudest moments in his career came in high school, where he won back to back Michigan State Championships in 2013 and 2014. Malik had a tremendous high school career as he was an Honour Roll student, and was ranked as high as 20 in the nation according to InterMat.

Malik Amine's Record!

Malik Amine has showcased his superior athletic abilities on the wrestling mats. Throughout his time at Detroit Catholic Central he compiled an exceptional  record of 159 wins with 29 losses. His time at Michigan State University was a lot harder, as he suffered from frustrating injuries. He posted an overall record of 44 and 31 as he struggled to stay off the sidelines. Malik has a list of accolades that includes;

Two Time NCAA Qualifier (2018, 2019) Two Time Big Ten Conference Qualifier (2018, 2019) Big Ten Conference Championships Eighth Place (2019) Purple Raider Open Champion (2017) Cliff Keen Invitational Champion (2015) Alma Open Third Place (2015) Eastern Michigan State Championship Third Place (2016) Four Time Michigan State Place Winner (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) Two Time Michigan State Champion (2013, 2014) High School Honour Roll (2014) 

Malik Amine's Injuries!

After an incredibly successful high school tenure, Malik Amine struggled through college. Malik suffered through numerous injuries throughout his freshman and senior years. Malik endured through hamstring strains and back strains, every time he was gaining momentum he would suffer yet another injury blow. Malik would have to reproduce his rehabilitation process on a number of occasions, as he tried to keep his body in a good condition. Malik became an expert on his body conditioning as he prepared himself physically and mentally for battle.

Is Malik Amine Retired?

Malik Amine graduated from Michigan State University in 2019. He is now currently competing on the world stage for the Italian state of San Marino. Malik has recently competed at the Senior World Championships, the World OG Qualifier, the Senior European Championships and the European OG Qualifier, with his best result coming at the Matteo Pellicone where he finished 8th. Malik is determined to win the World Championships and head towards Olympic glory in Paris in 2024.

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