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Matheus Gabriel His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Matheus Gabriel His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Matheus Gabriel? 

Matheus Gabriel is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Keiser Girao from the famous Checkmat affiliation. Matheus has been a prodigy in the sport where he was the recipient of a Jiu Jitsu scholarship that brought him from Brazil all the way to Dallas Texas in the United States of America. Matheus has become a 3 time IBJJF World Champion in the Brown and Black belt divisions. He has also won other titles like the Brazilian Nationals, the Pan American Championships and 4 x Pro title belts for the Fight 2 Win promotion in four separate categories. 

Destroying Larger Opponent From Open Guard by Matheus Gabriel

After winning World titles as a Brown belt, In 2018 Matheus was promoted to Black belt by Keiser Girao. Matheus began his competitive career at the Spyder Invitational, where he lost a close match against Paulo Miyao 8 points to 6. Matheus was victorious at Fight 2 Win 87, as he secured an Armbar finish to earn himself the F2W Pro title belt at 76 kilograms. In his last competition for 2018, Matheus was submitted with a Rear Naked Choke in round 1 by Kennedy Maciel at the NoGi World Championships.

In 2019 Matheus started his campaign with a loss to Marcio Andre at Fight 2 Win 99. After the event Matheus went on a 10 fight win streak as he defeated guys like Justin Rice at F2W 104 and Orlando Andaviza at the Houston Open. Matheus had an amazing next two competitions as he won the Pan American Championships after defeating standouts Kennedy Maciel, Leo Saggioro, Rafael Mansur and Jamil Hill Taylor in the final. Matheus would then compete at the IBJJF World Championships where he secured wins against Joao Mendes in round 2 and Osvaldo Moizinho in the semi final. Matheus would then fight Marcio Andre in the final, where he won the title with an Arm Lock submission victory. 

Matheus dropped down to 66 kilograms as he qualified for the ADCC World Championships. Matheus defeated Geo Martinez before being eliminated in the quarter final by Augusto Mendes. Matheus lost 3 out of his next 5 matches including another loss to Augusto Mendes at F2W 127. He was also defeated by Levi Jones in the final of the Spyder Invitational and Lucas Valente at F2W 142. Matheus fought extremely well at the 2020 Pan American Championships as he posted wins against Brian Mahecha, Kennedy Maciel and Richar Noguiera. Matheus made his way into the final but lost 2 - 0 to Thiago Macedo. 

2021 was a big year of competing for Matheus Gabriel as he posted a record of 20 wins with 2 losses, including a 18 fight win streak. Matheus fought in the inaugural EUG 1 grappling promotion, as he fought his way into the final losing a close match against Andy Murasaki. Matheus went on to win double Gold at the New Orleans NoGi Open as he secured wins against Michael Trasso, Tex Johnson, Francisco Cueno and Diego Ramalho. Matheus also won the NoGi Pan American Championships with wins over Leo Silva, Felipe Cesar, Enrique Galarza and Hugo Marques. Matheus won the Brazilian Nationals with submission wins against all four of his opponents, including a Triangle victory over Sergio Soares. Matheus finished off his 2021 campaign by winning Silver at the IBJJF World Championships, he defeated Kevin Mahecha, Michael Liera and Lucas Valente before succumbing to Renato Canuto in the final match. Matheus Gabriel is an outstanding grappler who has a huge future ahead of him, as he looks to chalk up more victories at IBJJF, ADCC and other grappling tournaments worldwide.

Destroying Opponents With Devastating Combinations by Bas Rutten

How Old Is Matheus Gabriel?

Matheus Gabriel was born in Manaus, a northwestern city in Brazil. He was born on the 10th of June in 1997, he is currently 24 years of age. 

Matheus Gabriel's Early Life!

Matheus Gabriel grew up in the Amazonas State of Manaus in northwest Brazil. As a child he was heavily interested in soccer as he spent a lot of his time playing in the streets of Brazil, and in a local kids league. Matheus had a lot of built up energy and was often in trouble at school. His Grandmother noticed his pent up aggression and decided to help him redirect his behaviour through Martial Arts. Matheus began training Jiu Jitsu under the famous Brazilian coach Alcenor Alves, who guided him to his promotions to his Green and White belt. Matheus was then directed to train under Sammi Dias and Diogo Dutra, who would help take him further in his progression. 

Matheus began to show signs of brilliance on the mats and by the time he turned 15 he was offered a place with Marcio Rodrigues in Rio De Janeiro. Marcio ran a BJJ scholarship program where he guided other future stars like Erberth Santos, Ygor Rodrigues and Lucas Barbosa. Matheus spent the next two years training in Rio before returning to Manaus after Marcio Rodrigues lost the funding for the program. Matheus was then given an incredible opportunity due to the recommendation from his friend John Kleicy Kurchat, the head coach of Checkmat in Manaus. John organised for Matheus to move to America and train under Keiser Girao the famous Checkmat coach in Dallas Texas. 

Matheus became a prolific competitor as a Purple belt, compiling an incredible record of 96 - 6 including 76 submission wins. Matheus earned himself a sponsorship deal with the Exclusive Athletes Program, run by Joao Paulo Bertuccelli. The program included a salary and some significant health coverage, to help him towards a successful competitive career. Matheus was then afforded the opportunity to train his physical conditioning with MMA legend Guy Mezger and some of the NFL's biggest names. Matheus began working with the All American wrestler Melvin Lofton as he tightened up his grappling proficiency. Matheus became an immovable object as he went undefeated as a Brown belt with 33 wins, with his only loss a DQ. Matheus won an IBJJF World Championship in the Gi and the NoGi divisions as well as four Fight 2 Win Pro belts in four separate categories, as he became the first athlete to ever achieve the feat.

How Much Is Matheus Gabriel Worth?

Matheus Gabriel has come from a small town with little money, but he has been considerably lucky with the scholarship program he was afforded. Matheus was offered a salary and health benefits in order to keep him competitive on the world circuit. Matheus has gained significant sponsorship deals with the Exclusive Athletes Program. Although Matheus has not made mountains of money he is beginning to build himself a reputable income through all of his avenues. His net worth is unreported but ranges in the hundred thousand dollar mark, as he looks to extend his financial capabilities for the long term. Matheus has also begun working with BJJ Fanatics to bring out his new instructional video called "Destroying Larger Opponent From Open Guard" which is available for purchase exclusively on available exclusively for purchase through

How Tall Is Matheus Gabriel?

Matheus Gabriel stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 178 centimetres.

How Much Does Matheus Gabriel Weigh?

Matheus Gabriel weighs in at 70 kilograms or 154 pounds, Matheus is widely considered as one of the top featherweights in the world. Matheus has also fought in the 67 kg and 76kg divisions.

Matheus Gabriel's Fight List

Matheus Gabriel has fought extensively in the professional grappling circuit. He has achieved a multitude of championship wins throughout his reign as a Brown and Black belt. Matheus has fought against some of the toughest athletes on the planet, including guys like; Rafael Mansur, Santiago Ferina, Kennedy Maciel, Orlando Andaviza, Joao Mendes, Osvaldo Moizinho, Marcio Andre, Geo Martinez, Edwin Najmi, Brian Mahecha, Jonathan Alves, Tex Johnson, Diego Ramalho, Enrique Galarza, Hugo Marques, Michael Trasso, Felipe Cesar, Leandro Lima, Lucas Valente, Michael Liera, Vinicius Pereira and Sergio Soares.

Matheus Gabriel's Best Fight Of All Time!

Matheus Gabriel has had some prolific wins throughout his outstanding career. He was amazing as a Brown belt, losing only 1 match and securing world championships in both the Gi and the NoGi divisions. As a Black belt Matheus has won many events including the Brazilian National Championships and the Pan American Championships in both Gi and NoGi. Matheus secured his best win in 2019 at the IBJJF World Championships. After defeating Joao Mendes and Osvaldo Moizinho, Matheus submitted Marcio Andre with an Arm Lock in the final, as Matheus Gabriel was crowned the 2019 IBJJF World Champion.

Who Did Matheus Gabriel Lose To?

Matheus Gabriel has only lost 16 matches since the start of his Purple belt promotion, including only 9 losses since becoming a Black belt. He has been submitted once on the world stage against Kennedy Maciel at the NoGi World Championships, where he succumbed to a Rear Naked Choke. Matheus has lost matches against other high level athletes like; Paulo Miyao at the Spyder Invitational, Marcio Andre at Fight 2 Win 99, Levi Jones at the Spyder Invitational, Lucas Valente at Fight 2 Win 142 and Thiago Macedo at the IBJJF Pan American Championships. Matheus also suffered 2 losses to Augusto Mendes in the quarter final at the ADCC Championships and at the Fight 2 Win 127 promotion. Matheus would suffer his worst loss in 2021 at the IBJJF World Championships, where he defeated Lucas Valente in the semi final before being outclassed in the final against Renato Canuto.

Matheus Gabriel's Record!

Matheus Gabriel has become an international superstar, at the age of 24 he has achieved more than most young athletes. As a Purple belt Matheus won an incredible 96 matches out of 102, including 76 submission finishes, securing a 79% submission finish rate. As a Brown belt he was almost unstoppable as he posted a record of 33 - 1 including a 70% submission finish rate. During his campaign as a Black belt he has compiled another impressive record of 37 - 9 including 16 submission wins. Matheus has amassed an impressive list of accolades that includes;

As a Black belt;

IBJJF World Champion (2019) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2019) IBJJF NoGi Pan American Champion (2021) IBJJF Brazilian National Champion (2021) New Orleans NoGi Open Champion (2021) New Orleans NoGi Open Absolute Champion (2021) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2021) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (2020) 

As a coloured belt;

IBJJF World Champion (Brown belt 2018) IBJJF NoGi World Champion  (Brown belt 2017 Purple belt 2016) IBJJF Pan American Champion (Purple Belt 2017) IBJJF American National Champion (Purple belt 2017) IBJJF NoGi American National Champion (Purple belt 2017) Fight 2 Win Pro Champion (4 Times in 4 Separate Categories) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (Blue belt 2016) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (Blue belt 2016) IBJJF Pan American Championship Third Place (Brown belt 2016)

Matheus Gabriel's Injuries!

Matheus Gabriel has no significant injuries to speak about. He has worked exclusively with Guy Mezger and many NFL legends on his body conditioning. Matheus has used the knowledge he received from his tutelage and become extremely proficient in bullet proofing his body. Matheus is a highly capable athlete who is achieving many outstanding feats as a Black belt competitor.

Is Matheus Gabriel Retired?

Matheus Gabriel is an extremely active competitor in the world arena of grappling. He has competed extensively throughout his young adult life in many tournaments. Matheus has come from a small town in Brazil to the Big city lights of Dallas, where he is taking the IBJJF by storm. Matheus has already won a World Championship as he is well on track to becoming a future hall of famer.

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