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Luiz Dentinho: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Luiz Dentinho: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Luiz Dentinho?

Luiz Eduardo Rosa, Jr., also known in the BJJ community as “Luiz Dentinho”, is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who has been training since the age of six years old. Also known as “The King of Pressure” for his time as a competitor, when he managed to achieve many IBJJF medals, including silver at the 2017 IBJJF Pan American No Gi Championships. Since then, Dentinho has passed his pressure-heavy grappling style along to many athletes through his work with former UFC champions and superstars like Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt, and Brendan Schaub. He owns and operates three of his own jiu jitsu academies in Texas.  

What this article covers:

Born in Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1987, Luiz Eduardo Rosa Jr., widely known as Dentinho, began his journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at only six years old. While this might sound young, it’s common in Brazil where grappling is somewhat of a national identity. Dentinho started showing remarkable talent and dedication, and was regularly competing in jiu jitsu tournaments by the age of 9, showcasing his skills and passion for the sport.

The Art Of Pressure: Half Guard Passing by Luiz Dentinho

In 2009, Dentinho made a significant move to Denver, Colorado, to pursue an international career as an athlete and Jiu-Jitsu professor. This decision allowed him to expand his horizons and train alongside renowned fighters, including UFC athletes such as Brendan Schaub, Nate Marquardt, and Shane Carwin, among others. Dentinho's expertise and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of these elite fighters.

All three of his pupils and friends achieved amazing things. Marquardt was a legendary strikeforce champion before meeting Dentinho whose ground game improved by leaps and bounds. Carwin was an NCAA Division II National Champion who used his background to become the heavyweight champion while working with Luiz. Finally, Brendan Schaub had a successful run in the UFC reaching contender status with knockout wins over names like Mirko Cro Cop.

With an impressive track record for his students, Dentinho also continued to compete himself in BJJ instead of MMA. He has earned over 40 podium finishes in various tournaments across Brazil and the United States. His remarkable achievements include multiple Brazilian and Pan-American Championships in his divisions.

Continuing his legacy of success, Dentinho's recent titles speak volumes about his continued dominance in the sport. In 2017 alone, he claimed the coveted first-place position in prestigious championships such as the National Championship, San Jose International Open Championship, Seattle International Open Championship, San Diego Pro Championship, and the Super Fight to Win PRO 47TX. Additionally, he secured an impressive second-place finish in the Pan American No Gi International Championship, proving to any remaining doubters that his grappling is as good as it gets.

His final turn has been to coaching full time. He’s opened his own chain of academies in Texas, boasting three locations. He’s a Gracie Nutrition Brand Ambassador, and continues to enjoy coaching his classes as much as possible. He’s got some time left in the Masters I division, and we’d love to see him get back out there again before moving on to Masters II!

While we wait, don’t forget to stop by the BJJ Fanatics storefront for a look at his incredible, “The Art of Pressure: Half Guard Passing”. Use what Dentinho has shared with generations of top-level BJJ competitors and MMA fighters to increase your pressure passing skills today. After all, Dentinho is the ‘King of Pressure’; so check it out today!

High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Half Guard by Jake Mackenzie

How Old is Luiz Dentinho? 

We aren’t sure how old Luiz Dentinho is. He competed in the Master 1 black belt super heavyweight division of the IBJJF Pan American Championships in 2017. Given that he coached Shane Carwin, who was the UFC Heavyweight champion in 2010, we’re guessing that Dentinho is hovering around his early 40s.

Luiz Dentinho Family

Not much has been published about Luiz Dentinho’s family in the media. He hasn’t shared details about his personal life or his connections outside of the sport. He does post actively on Facebook but it’s almost always training footage, not personal details.

How Much is Luiz Dentinho Worth?

Luiz Dentinho’s net worth is not public information, but he has built an entire life around martial arts. In his early days he was a competitor and coach for UFC champion Shane Carwin and UFC superstars Nate Marquardt and Brenden Schaub. After that time, he continued to coach and compete as recently as 2017. He now owns a string of Brazilian jiu jitsu schools in Texas.

How Tall is Luiz Dentinho?

We’re not sure how tall Dentinho is. Grapplers keep this information to themselves most times, as it’s not required for professional competition. Generally speaking, disclosure of height can be a disadvantage by providing the opponent with free information. One source lists him as 6’0”, making him very stout for a super heavyweight competitor.

How Much Does Luiz Dentinho Weigh? 

Luiz Dentinho is a big guy, but we’re not sure exactly how big. He’s a super heavyweight, and he coached the monstrous Shane Carwin at 265 pounds, as well as Schaub at around 245 pounds. He’s well over 220 pounds no as a masters 1 competitor

Luiz Dentinho Fight List

Luiz Dentinho has competed in Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments and won medals in many of them. According to his profile as a Gracie Brand Ambassador, he’s won over 40 medals in Brazil and the United states, including multiple Brazilian and Pan American Championship gold medals in his division. We don’t have a total breakdown of every match he fought, but we’ve got the highlights from just his final year as a professional competitor in 2017; check them out below:

  • 2017 IBJJF National Championship - Gold
  • 2017 IBJJF San Jose International Open Championship - Gold
  • 2017 IBJJF Seattle International Open Championship - Gold
  • 2017 Fight to Win Pro 47: Texas - Superfight Champion
  • 2017 IBJJF San Diego Pro Championship - Gold
  • 2017 IBJJF Pan American No Gi Championships - Silver

Luiz Dentinho's Best Fight of All Time

Luiz Dentinho has competed in so many tournaments and matches that it’s hard to identify one stand out moment as his best. Still, we think that the 2017 National Championship was a big deal. That day he faced off against a field full of tough competition, but managed to stay on top through all the rounds. When he found himself facing off against another super heavyweight black belt in the finals, Dentinho’s strategy didn’t change. He managed to win the final match and, in doing so, found himself holding gold as an IBJJF National Champion.

Who Did Luiz Dentinho Lose To?

Like we mentioned above, it’s tough to nail down one loss that stands out in a professional mixed martial arts career. We think his toughest loss was likely his loss in the finals of the 2017 IBJJF Pan American No Gi Championships.

Coming off his victory in the National Championship, Dentinho was once again looking to prove that he belonged on the international circuit at the highest level. He was expecting a repeat when he was defeated in the finals of the No Gi Pans, earning himself a silver medal. Although the result was disappointing, a silver medal at the Pan American Championships is still the height of success for any BJJ athlete. 

Luiz Dentinho Record

Luiz Dentinho's record as a professional grappler is unknown. He’s competed in hundreds of matches as a black belt, and won at least forty IBJJF medals, including the Pan American Championships and the IBJJF World Championships in California.

Luiz Dentinho Injuries

Luiz Dentinho hasn’t discussed any injuries publically and he’s certainly proactive about preventing them but we imagine that he’s taken his fair share of bruises on the mat. During his run as a competitor until 2017, he didn’t vocalize any struggles or miss major time off the mats.

Still, grappling is brutal on the body and, in a Facebook post from April 2023, Dentinho made reference to getting back on the mats again, indicating that he may have been inactive the past few years as the result of an injury. Regardless, his dedicated routine of strength and conditioning has him back in action, likely for years to come.

Is Luiz Dentinho Retired?

Luiz is semi-retired from professional competition, or at least inactive for now. He most recently recorded a stellar year in 2017, where he was the silver medalist at the Pan Ams and the IBJJF National Champion in the masters 1 division. He may look to terrorize the folks at masters 2 before long! This super heavyweight is still a force to be reckoned with on the mats and will remain so for years to come.

And, although he’s continued to coach in person, Dentinho has made the transition to online instruction as well through his time spent with us at BJJ Fanatics. Luiz has worked with us to film “The Art of Pressure: Half Guard Passing”, so that jiu jitsu players of all sizes and shapes can learn to apply maximum pressure while they are passing from half guard. With the pressure on, the passes become much easier! With his extensive knowledge, Dentinho breaks down the techniques and concepts behind his proven pressure-based approach to passing the half guard. 

From establishing dominant grips to leveraging pressure and weight distribution, Dentinho teaches you how to control your opponent and create openings to advance your position. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this instructional video is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their half guard passing game and develop a solid foundation of pressure-based techniques. With Dentinho as your guide, you'll learn to master the art of pressure half guard passing and elevate your Jiu-Jitsu skills to new heights. Take a look today and start making your opponents wonder where you’re hiding the extra weight behind all that pressure!

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