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Lubomir Guedjev: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Lubomir Guedjev: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Lubomir Guedjev?

Lubomir Guedjev is a 2nd degree black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu, a former professional mixed martial artist, the former head referee at ADCC, and a successful sports manager, consultant, and event promoter. He is most well known for his work in Eastern Europe, but also competed internationally for the WFC and other organizations during his winning run as a professional fighter from 2006 to 2011. In retirement, he focuses on creating opportunities for the next generation of Eastern fighters through his work as a coach, promoter, and manager. 

What this article covers:

Guedjev's introduction to the world of martial arts began at a young age, fueling his desire to explore various combat disciplines. His interests eventually led him to the fast-paced and exhilarating world of mixed martial arts. As an MMA fighter, Guedjev stepped into the cage, to showcase his extreme talent and hard work in action. His focus, coupled with his technical prowess, helped him to become on of the most feared fighters on the pro circuit, tapping out 10 of his opponents in just 5 years.

Basic Eastern European Takedowns For Grappling & MMA by Lubomir Guedjev

Beyond his achievements as an MMA fighter, Guedjev has begun to venture into the realm of event promotion, recognizing the need for platforms that would showcase the talents of emerging athletes.With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the industry, Guedjev established himself as a notable promoter, organizing high-profile events that captivated audiences and provided access to Eastern European audiences and fighters alike.

Recognizing the need for effective management and strategic guidance within the world of combat sports, Guedjev also positioned himself as a sports manager and consultant. Leveraging his extensive experience as both a fighter and a promoter, Guedjev offers invaluable expertise and guidance to athletes, organizations, and promoters. His comprehensive approach to sports management encompasses areas such as athlete development, contract negotiation, event planning, and brand building, among others.

He’s even taken the time to throw some of his best content down on film with BJJ Fanatics. Lubomir’s Guedjev’s “Basic Eastern European Takedowns” is a primer to get you started with the sambo-inspired style of Guedjev, an ADCC Referee, 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt, and former professional MMA fighter with 10 submission victories to his name. Check it out today!

Filthy Grappling Takedowns by Neil Melanson

How Old Is Lubomir Guedjev? 

At the time of writing in 2023, Guedjev Lubomir is 45. He was born on January 11th of 1978.

Lubomir Guedjev Family

Not much has been published about Lubomir Guedjev’s family in the media. He hasn’t shared details about his personal life or his connections outside of the sport. He does blog frequently about martial arts topics on his own page, but doesn’t discuss his family during these conversations.

How Much is Lubomir Guedjev Worth?

Lubomir Guedjev’s net worth is not public information, but he has built an entire life around martial arts. In his early days he was a competitor for many different MMA organizations, including the WFC. After fighting, he transitioned to coaching and eventually promotion. He now provides a platform for other fighters to showcase their talents as a promoter and event organizer.

How Tall is Lubomir Guedjev?

Lubomir Guedjev’s height is 5’10”, or 178 cm, making him about average height for a middleweight MMA fighter.

How Much Does Lubomir Guedjev Weigh? 

Lubomir Guedjev likely walks around over 200 pounds these days, which is stocky for a man under six feet tall. During his professional mixed martial arts career, he competed most frequently as a middleweight. The cutoff for that division is 185 pounds under the unified rules of mixed martial arts, which is roughly equivalent to 84 kg.

Lubomir Guedjev Fight List

Lubomir Guedjev has competed in a lot of kickboxing and boxing tournaments, particularly in his time as an active professional from 2005 to 2011. Guedjev clearly has a massive grappling pedigree as well, based on his 10 submission wins in MMA, but let’s look closely at his mixed martial arts opponents:

  • 2005: Nic Osei - Shooto Sweden - Second Impact - Loss (Decision)
  • 2006: Anastasios Vogiatzis - AFC 15 - AFC 15 - Win (Submission - Armbar)
  • 2006: Fabricio Nascimento - WFC 2 - Evolution - Loss (Submission - Armbar)
  • 2007: Yakub Yakubov - Ichigeki - Bulgaria - Win (Submission - Triangle Choke)
  • 2007: Magno Almeida - Ichigeki - Bulgaria - No Contest
  • 2007: Nedelin Delchev - FF - Free Fights 2 - Win (Submission - Choke)
  • 2007: Dimitar Iliev - Shooto - Bulgaria - Win (Submission - Rear Naked Choke)
  • 2007: Miroslav Niagolov - MMABG - MMA Bulgaria - Win (Submission - Triangle Choke)
  • 2008: David Michelle - Maxfight - Warriors 1 - Win (Decision - Unanimous)
  • 2008: Michele Verginelli - WFC 4 - Dynamite - Win (Submission - Guillotine Choke)
  • 2008: Andrei Semenov - fightFORCE - Russia vs. The World - Loss (TKO - Punches)
  • 2008: Gokhan Yildizli - RPC 2 - Real Pain Challenge 2 - Win (Submission - Choke)
  • 2008: Christos Petroutsos - Maxfight - Warriors 3 - Win (Decision - Unanimous)
  • 2008: Jean-Francois Lenogue - WFC 6 - Relentless - Win (Decision - Unanimous)
  • 2009: Bruno Carvalho - WFC 7 - Guedjev vs. Carvalho - Loss (Decision - Unanimous)
  • 2009: Dong Hyun Ma - AOW 13 - Rising Force - Loss (TKO - Doctor Stoppage)
  • 2009: Rosen Dimitrov - Maxfight - Warriors 11 - Loss (Decision - Unanimous)
  • 2010: Nikos Sokolis - NL 10 - No Limits - Loss (TKO - Punches)
  • 2011: Sofiane Benchohra - RPC 10: Rising Force - Win (Submission - Choke)
  • 2011: Aleksey Shapovalov - Open Championship of Vladivostok - Win (Armbar)
  • 2011: Gadji Zaipulaev - FEFoMP - Cup of Vladivostok in Pankration - Loss (Decision)
  • 2011: Ivica Truscek - WFC 15 - Win (TKO - Doctor Stoppage)

Lubomir Guedjev's Best Fight of All Time

Lubomir Guedjev has competed in so many tournaments and matches that it’s hard to identify one stand out moment as his best. Still, we think that his last fight was a great way to go out on top. In 2011, Guedjev faced off against Ivica Truscek for his last professional fight on WFC 15. 

There's a lot riding on a retirement fight, and Lubomir made the best of this one. He found himself dominating the match early with strikes, which was a rare thing for this grappling-heavy fighter who had submitted 10 opponents in 13 wins before taking his final fight. Guedjev showed off the full gamut of his skill, eschewing his grappling for a full on beatdown; a TKO by doctor’s stoppage. He retired as a winner.

Who Did Lubomir Guedjev Lose To?

Like we mentioned above, it’s tough to nail down one loss that stands out in a professional mixed martial arts career. We think his toughest loss was likely his first professional fight. Whenever a fighter makes the transition from the amateur ranks to the pros, they’re looking to prove both to themselves and to others that they belong. 

Guedjev was no different: when he squared off against Nic Osei in 2005 for the Shooto Sweden promotion, he had something to prove. Although neither man was able to put the other away in three rounds, the decision victory went to Guedjev’s opponent, Osei. Lubomir had to pick up the pieces and find a way to redeem himself as a pro, which he did by collecting the arm of his next opponent, in 2006, with a brutal finish.

Lubomir Guedjev Record

Lubomir Guedjev’s record as a professional fighter is 14-11. The most notable thing about this is that he was a total submission specialist. Ten of his thirteen victories came by way of some submission or another, with only his final victory coming by way of TKO.

Lubomir Guedjev Injuries

Lubomir Guedjev hasn’t discussed any injuries publically and he’s certainly proactive about preventing them but we imagine that he’s taken his fair share of bruises on the mat. During his six year active run as a pro fighter, he never took a long layoff. We can assume this means he was healthy for the majority of his time as a professional competitor.

Is Lubomir Guedjev Retired?

Lubomir is retired from professional MMA, or at least inactive. He hasn’t competed professionally since going out on top with his 2011 victory via TKO. All told, Guedjev retired with a 14-11 record as a professional before turning to coaching.

Since that time, he’s helped many Eastern European fighters improve their submission skills with his deep knowledge of the game and experience inside the cage. He’s teamed up with us here at BJJ Fanatics to put together "Basic Eastern European Takedowns for Grappling & MMA". This video product dives deep into the realm of Eastern European takedowns, providing a comprehensive guide for grapplers and MMA enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills in the art of the mat return. Drawing upon his extensive background in combat sports, Guedjev shares his expertise, offering a wealth of knowledge on getting the fight to the ground.

From the explosive power of the double leg to the finesse of the single leg, Guedjev covers a wide array of takedown variations, allowing practitioners to expand their arsenal and adapt to different grappling situations. Additionally, he delves into the importance of timing, setups, and footwork, highlighting the nuances that can make all the difference in successfully executing these techniques.

Whether you are a beginner looking to build a solid foundation in takedowns or an experienced grappler seeking to refine your skills, "Basic Eastern European Takedowns for Grappling & MMA" caters to all skill levels. Guedjev's clear and concise teaching style ensures that even the most complex techniques are easily understood and assimilated. With each lesson, practitioners will gain a deeper understanding of Eastern European takedowns, honing their ability to seamlessly transition from striking to grappling and control the fight. Embrace the power and precision of Eastern European takedowns, and elevate your MMA game to new heights. 

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