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Lukas Krpalek Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

Lukas Krpalek Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is Lukas Krpalek?

Lukas Krpalek is a Czech heavyweight judoka. Lukas is a former world champion and European champion, and is also a former and current Olympic champion. At this point in time, he is the most successful judoka in Czech, as well as in Czechoslovak history. Between the years of 2008-2015, Lukas was named Judoka of the Year eight times. 

Who Is Lukas Krpalek?

Lukas Krpalek is a Czech heavyweight judoka. Lukas is a former world champion and European champion, and is also a former and current Olympic champion. At this point in time, he is the most successful judoka in Czech, as well as in Czechoslovak history. Between the years of 2008-2015, Lukas was named Judoka of the Year eight times. 

Judo Throws and Chokes by Lukas Krpalek

How Old Is Lukas Krpalek?

Born November 15, 1990, Lukas Krpalek is 31 years old.

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Lukas Krpalek Family

Lukas’s brother Michael is also a judoka, and served as one of his sparring partners for the Czech judo team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Lukas married Eva Kaderkova in 2015, and they have a son named Antonin who was born in 2016.

How Much Is Lukas Krpalek Worth?

Lukas Krpalek’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 Million.

How Tall Is Lukas Krpalek?

Lukas Krpalek stands at 6 feet and 6 inches tall.

How Much Does Lukas Krpalek Weigh?

Lukas Krpalek weighs approximately 249 pounds.

Lukas Krpalek Fight List

Lukas Krpalek actually began training judo at the age of 6 by accident, as he wanted to train karate but his uncle mistook judo for karate. He began training in his home town of Jihlava under Josef Simacek. He was described by his first coach as very tall and slim with poor agility and technique. By the time 2005 rolled around, Lukas moved to a new club, CSM Brno where he studied under coach Jaroslav Svec. During this time he became a member of Czech national cadet judo team. By 2006, Lukas had his first bit of international success after coming in second at the Cadet European Judo Championships.

Starting in 2007, Lukas was a member of the national junior judo team which was led by Lukas’s current coach, Petr Lacina. His first big success came in 2007 when he placed fifth at the Junior European Judo Championships. The following year, Lukas became both the world and the European Judo Champion.

In June 2009, Lukas won his first senior Grand Prix in Bucharest, and then in August he participated in his first World Judo Championship held in Rotterdam. He suffered a first round loss to Cyrille Maret. Later that year he made it to the finals of the Junior European Judo Championships where he was defeated by Elmar Gasimov, who ended up becoming one of his biggest rivals at the senior level. Despite these losses, Lukas became the world junior champion again that year.

Several years later his greatest rival became Japanese judoka Takamassa Anai, who defeated Lukas in the final of Grand Prix in Dusseldorf, and then defeated him again in the World Championships in Tokyo. During the 2011 European Championships, Lukas was defeated by two Georgian judokas and placed fifth in the tournament. Shortly after, he won three Grand Prix tournaments in a row and became the first Czech judoka since the independence of the country to win a medal at the World Judo Championships, after winning a bronze medal in Paris.

Lukas worked hard and achieved a spot on the team for the 2012 Summer Olympics. His preparation for the Olympics was greatly impared after suffering a back injury early in the season where he was unable to train for a month. Despite his injury, he was about to win the Prague Grand Prix shortly after. Then, during the European championships, he was defeated by Zafar Machmadov in the second round. 

By the time August 2012 rolled around, Lukas competed in the Olympic 100kg tournament. His first match came in the second round where he faced previous rical Takamasa Anai who was the world champion from 2010. Lukas got the win by ippon within 25 seconds. Moving forward to the quarterfinals, he fought the reigning world champion at the time, Tagir Khaibulaev from Russia. In this exciting match, Lukas was leading after a successful Ouchi gari with one minute to go. After getting to the ground, Tagir was able to get out of his opponents grips and was awarded an ippon after successfully being able to wold Lukas. After his loss, Lukas faced Henk Grol in a repechage, and lost again by ippon via Ouchi gari. Lukas finished seventh overall.

Lukas had much more success over the next several years before getting back to the Olympics in 2016. Before the opening ceremony, Lukas was chosen by his fellow athletes as the flagbearer of the Czech team. His first match in the 2016 Olympics was against Jorge Fonseca of Portugal. Fonseca secured an early lead, but towards the end of the match Lukas’s physical superiority payed off, and he was awarded a waza-ari after a successful Sumi Gaeshi and won the match.

Next, Lukas faced Kazakh judoka Maxim Rakov who he defeated. In the quarterfinals he faced reigning world champion Ryunosuke Haga of Japan, who Lukas defeated by a difference of one shido. In the semifinals Lukas faced Cyrille Maret once again, and defeated him by achieving an ippon through an Oseakomi waza. Lukas faced Elmar Gasimov in the finals and while both judokas tried their best to be active, neither of them scored. Right at the end of the match, Lukas won by ippon via Ouchi gari and became the Olympic champion. Years later, Lukas also became the 2020 Olympic Champion.

What Was Lukas Krpalek’s Best Match Of All Time?

Lukas Krpalek’s best match of all time is widely considered to be his match against Elmar Gasimov in the finals of the 2016 Olympics. The two had a distinct relationship, having competed against one another several times over the years. Lukas Had been working tirelessly for a chance to prove himself in the Olympics, and was able to do so after this intense and hard fought match.

Lukas Krpalek’s Record

An official record including all of his matches is unavailable at this time.

Lukas Krpalek Injuries

Just before the 2012 Summer Olympics, Lukas suffered a back injury that did not allow him to train for over a month.

Is Lukas Krpalek Retired?

No, Lukas Krpalek is still very much involved in professional competition. 

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