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Malachy Friedman His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Malachy Friedman His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Malachy Friedman?

Malachy Friedman is a second degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Carlson Gracie Black belt, Ricardo Liborio. He is a former MMA competitor with over 20 years of experience in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. Malachy joined American Top Team in 2006 where he spent over a decade teaching Martial Arts to many professional athletes. Malachy is the proud owner and head instructor of Black Label Martial Arts Academy in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina USA. Malachy also runs (NHF) No Holds Fitness, a personal training business where he passes on his expertise to many students within the fitness and Martial Arts community.

Flower Power by Malachy Friedman

Malachy had an impressive competition career as he won numerous Jiu Jitsu fights over an 8 year stint. He won many titles including a Naga World Title and a FIVE Grappling Championship with a Guillotine submission win over Dan Hornbuckle. Malachy has also spent six years as a Mixed Martial Artist, where he has honed in on his professional striking abilities. Malachy has also been involved with many professional athletes at American Top Team, one of the premier clubs in the United States. His coaching abilities has become world renowned after guiding Kimbo Slice to his victory over Ken Shamrock at the Bellator MMA promotion. Malachy has coached multiple athletes in MMA, ADCC, IBJJF, including cornering Ultimate Fighter athletes.

Malachy spent 13 years at American Top Team, training and coaching alongside Evan Tanner and other professional fighters. After an exceptional tenure working at ATT, Malachy and his wife Sarah moved back to his hometown of Charleston where they opened their own Martial Arts academy. Malachy has now made famous Black Label Martial Arts Academy, where they teach kids, adults and competitive athletes Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Women’s Fitness, and Self-Defense. Malachy has become known for his prolific Academy and he professes his own mantra "teach every student in every class like it is the most important lesson we will ever have to teach". 

Along with his success at Black Label Martial Arts, Malachy has started his own Personal Training business. No Holds Fitness is an outstanding initiative that Malachy has evolved over the last few years. Malachy is an AFPA certified personal trainer, as he has high regards for all of his clients, from all stages of life including professionals all the way to amatuers. Malachy creates training programs specifically for athletes, as well as kids to help them move and think, so they can improve and enjoy the sports they play more. Malachy also trains adults for basic weight training and plyometrics, including harrowing boot camps to get clients into shape. Malachy also ballroom dances with older ladies to help them move and stay active. Malachy is also heavily invested in offering free Women's self defense seminars to the local Charleston area, where at the inaugural event hosted 100 ladies looking to learn how to defend themselves.

Systematic Winning BJJ Concepts by Malachy Friedman

How Old Is Malachy Friedman?

Malachy Friedman was born in Charleston South Carolina in the United States of America in the 1980's. Malachy is now in his 40's as he raises his daughter with his wife Sarah. 

Malachy Friedman's Start In Martial Arts!

Malachy Friedman was a good kid growing up in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina. He was dedicated to his school work as he looked towards a bright future. After starting High School, Malachy was jumped by some local thugs and suffered from a beat down. After this event Malachy knew he had to be tougher, so he didn't have to be on the receiving end of another bully shakedown. Malachy started to head down a wrong path as he tried to be like the bully's that beat him up. He began partying extensively and getting into fights, Malachy spoke about how he has many regrets for the way he tried to develop into a tough guy. Malachy would wrestle his friends in the front yard of the parties he attended, which often turned into fist fights. After Malachy was massacred by a Blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, he knew he needed to learn some proper Martial Arts.

Malachy was getting worried about ending up in prison, so he decided to move as far away from Charleston as possible. Malachy moved to Oregon, as it was known for its MMA popularity. Malachy had recently watched Matt Hughes slam Carlos Newton at a UFC event, and from that moment on he was excited about becoming an MMA star. Malachy wanted to be a striker after watching the likes of Chuck Liddell, but most of the guys he found to train with were all wrestlers that managed to put him on his back time and time again. Malachy then decided that training in BJJ was the right decision for his Martial Arts career. Malachy met UFC legend Evan Tanner and moved in with him, as they became close friends and training partners. Malachy was now on the road towards becoming a professional fighter.

How Much Is Malachy Friedman Worth?

Malachy Friedman has developed an outstanding reputation in the Martial Arts community. Over the course of his career he has impressed many of his peers with his outlook on coaching. Malachy has built an extensive net worth of up close to a million dollars, as his ingenuity within the sporting world is proficient. Malachy has built a popular and extremely successful academy called Black Label Martial Arts and he has also put a lot of time into spreading his knowledge through the online platform of Malachy has hosted many seminars over his career including free ones for Women’s self defense and rape prevention. Malachy has become a prolific teacher of Martial Arts, who really cares about the community and helping them develop their skills in self defense.

Malachy Friedman's The Child Prodigy Process!

Malachy Friedman has worked tirelessly as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor throughout his career. He has taught many students including a large range of children. Malachy has built a legacy through the Black Label Martial Arts Academy where his diverse teaching skills have made him one of the premier coaches in the US. Malachy has developed a system called the prodigy process, which is a proven set of techniques reinforced with drill at home applications for children. Every Martial Arts academy is filled with potential child prodigies, so Malachy has built an effective and engaging series of techniques that can be the deciding factor in whether these children reach their true potential or quit the sport altogether. The Prodigy Process is an effective systematic approach to teaching children’s Jiu Jitsu classes at any academy or at home. His new system allows students to engage in independent repetition of learnt techniques at an early stage. Along with Malachy's new system he developed, he has also paired the children's grappling buddy, which is a grappling dummy to help kids build an innovative way to raise their skills and practice retention drills.

How Much Does Malachy Friedman Weigh?

Malachy Friedman weighs in at 70 kilograms which is the equivalent of 155 pounds, Malachy has spent most of his career fighting in the Lightweight division.

Malachy Friedman's Instructional Videos!

Malachy Friedman is well known for his series of instructional videos. Malachy has gained significant notoriety through some of his instructional content like "Flower Power" where Malachy goes through some of his powerful flower sweep game. Another popular video is called "Darce Killer" an impressive instructional about different ways to defend the Darce Choke. Malachy has filmed other videos like; “Acai Free”, "Moves Your Instructor Never Showed You", "The Heisen Guard", "Systematic Winning BJJ Concepts" and "Fix Your Game BJJ Sweeps & Passes" all of these outstanding videos are available exclusively on BJJ Fanatics, the premier distributor of Martial Arts instructionals. Find everything you need to improve your fight game on

Who Did Malachy Friedman Lose To?

Malachy Friedman has fought many times on the world stage, including wins and losses at every level of his progression. Malachy suffered his most frustrating loss in 2006, as he was hot off of a win against Brian Vanes at CFFC 1 with a 22 second Guillotine choke. At CFFC 2 Malachy was scheduled to fight Al Buck for the vacated Cage Fury FC Lightweight Championship. After a frenetic first few minutes of punching exchanges Malachy suffered a TKO defeat, as Al Buck landed a flurry of heavy handed punches. 

Malachy Friedman's Record!

Malachy Friedman has had an amazing career on the world stage of professional fighting. He is a former Mixed Martial Artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. Although Malachy's record is considerably repressed, he has won many competitions throughout the United States. Malachy won a Naga World title in 2009 which is not an easy feat, as he showcased his exceptional grappling ability. Malachy has also competed in numerous other events like FIVE Grappling Championship, Rickson Gracie Cup, Cage Fury Fighting Championship and many other grappling promotions. Malachy has also coached numerous students towards winning matches at ADCC, IBJJF and a host of other prestigious grappling and Mixed Martial Arts tournaments.

Malachy Friedman's Injuries!

Malachy Friedman has endured many injuries throughout his competitive career. Like most professional fighters, injuries are always a possibility when stepping out into the world arena. Malachy has had many injuries like; broken ribs, broken fingers, strained muscles and slight concussions. Malachy is well absorbed in the dangers of Martial Arts as he has a prolific body conditioning program that has kept him in great shape for over 20 years. Malachy now looks to pass on his knowledge of strength and conditioning as well as mental preparation to many of his future up and coming students.

Is Malachy Friedman Retired?

Malachy Friedman has retired from professional competition, he dedicates his time to the development of his students at Black Label Martial Arts. Malachy also hosts many seminars throughout Charleston and the US. He has become a leader within the Martial Arts community, as he endeavors to pass on his knowledge and expertise in Many disciplines of Martial Arts and strength and conditioning.

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