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Pat Downey Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Pat Downey Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Pat Downey?

Pat Downey is an American wrestler, submission grappler and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to the LFA, where he is expected to make his debut in the Middleweight division.

Who is Pat Downey?

Pat Downey is an American wrestler, submission grappler and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to the LFA, where he is expected to make his debut in the Middleweight division.

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Pat Downey began his combat sports career in highschool, where he was a three sport athlete. Pat Downey competed in football, lacrosse and folkstyle wrestling. After a successful highschool career Pat Downey was invited to train at the United States Olympic Training Center. There he met University of Nebraska graduate and Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs who encouraged Downey to go to his alma mater. 

Pat Downey then got accepted and attended the University of Nebraska to compete for the Nebraska Cornhuskers but due to his tendency to party, Pat Downey was cut from the team. After getting cut Pat Downey went on to compete for Iowa Central Community College. After his successful time there Pat Downey went on to compete for Iowa State University.

From there he went to compete in Freestyle wrestling and also in submission grappling and is set to make his MMA debut in 2021. 

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How Old is Pat Downey?

Pat Downey was born on August 7, 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. This makes him 28 years old at the time of writing. 

Pat Downey’s Family

Pat Downey is the son of Patrick and Tia Downey. Pat Downey also has two sisters, Jasmine and Marissa Downey. 

How Much is Pat Downey Worth?

The estimated net worth of Pat Downey in 2021 is unknown. 

How Tall is Pat Downey?

Pat Downey’s height is currently unknown. 

What is Pat Downey’s Reach? 

Pat Downey’s height is currently unknown 

How Much Does Pat Downey Weigh?

Pat Downey competes in the 189 pound or 86 kilogram division in wrestling and in the 185 pound division in MMA. 

Pat Downey’s Fight List

Pat Downey’s first recorded match happened in his freshman year competing for Iowa Central Community College where he built up a record of 10 and 1. For the next two years he would compete for Iowa State University with a record of 11-4 in 2016 and 7 and 0 in 2017. 

Pat Downey also competed in NCAA D1 wrestling at this time where he competed at the Big 12 championship and at the 2016 NCAA Championships. 

Pat Downey also started competing in Freestyle wrestling all the way back in 2011. In Freestyle wrestling he competed in many big events including the US Open multiple times and at the US World and Olympic team trials. 

Pat Downey would do well and go on to eventually have a very busy 2019. 

In 2019 Pat Downey won the gold medal in his division at that year's US Open. In the same year Pat Downey took home first place at the Dave Schultz M. International in his division and also took home the gold at the US World Team Trials that year. 

In 2019, Pat Downey also won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games. 

In 2020 Pat Downey would have a wrestling match against one of the best grapplers of all time, Gordon Ryan. This match took place on February 29, 2020 and was set up by none other than us. The event was officially named the 2020 BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix and Pat Downey won the match in a dominant fashion. 

The pair would face off again, this time in a submission grappling match set up by us at the very same event. This time Gordon Ryan would come out on top to win the match via a half nelson submission. 

In his matches both in submission grappling, Pat Downey would defeat Rasheed Perez by decision and then lose to Pedro Marinho by heel hook. 

Who Did Pat Downey Lose to?

In his NCAA career, Pat Downey lost to, in order, Brett Pfarr twice, Preston Weigel and Nathan Burak.

In his freestyle career, Pat Downey has lost to, in order, Bryce Hasseman, Kurt Brenner, current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, Evan Brown, Selim Yaşar, Tamerlan Tagziev, Chris Perry, Robert Hamlin, Enock Francois, Deron Winn, Richard Perry, Victor Terrell, Hayden Zillmer, Ryan Loder, Ryan Loder, Richard Perry again, Fırat Binici, David Taylor, Bo Nickal, David Taylor, Austin Trotman, Aleksander Musalaliev, Richard Perry, Dominic Ducharme, Nick Reenan, Joe Rau, Richard Perry, Slavik Naniev, Yurieski Torreblanca, Yorli Jimenez, Deepak Punia, Osman Göcen, Yurieski Torreblanca, Ahmed Dudarov, Alex Dieringer, Soslan Ktsoyev, Erhan Yaylacı, Selim Yaşar, Bo Nickal, Zahid Valencia. 

In submission grappling Pat Downey has lost to, in order, Gordon Ryan and Pedro Marinho. 

What is Pat Downey’s Record?

In his NCAA career, Pat Downey has a total record of 21 matches, having won 17 and lost 4. 

In his freestyle wrestling career, Pat Downey has had 101 matches with 61 wins and 40 losses. 

In his submission grappling career, Pat Downey has had 3 matches with 1 win and 2 losses.

This gives Pat Downey a total record of 125 matches with 79 wins and 46 losses. That means Pat Downey has a win rate of 63 percent. 

What Titles Has Pat Downey Held?

In 2012, Pat Downey took home the silver medal in the 84 kilogram division at the Junior World Championships in Pattaya. 

In 2016, Pat Downey got the bronze medal at the big 12 championships in the 197 pound division. 

In 2019 Pat Downey became that year's Dave Schultz Memorial International champion.

In the same year he also won gold at the US National Championships in the 86 kilogram division and took home a bronze medal in the same division in Lima at that years Pan American Games. 

Has Pat Downey Had Any Serious Injuries?

Pat Downey did suffer a broken rib during a match in 2017. He said that it was a recurring injury for him at the time and that he had suffered rib issues before. 

Is Pat Downey Retired?

Pat Downey has not announced a retirement from any of the sports he competes in but he has not made his debut in Mixed Martial Arts at the time of writing. 

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