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Priit Mihkelson Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

Priit Mihkelson Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is Priit Mihkelson?

Priit Mihkelson is a second degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from Estonia, and is widely considered to be one of Europe's biggest innovators of Jiu Jitsu. He received his black belt in 2012, and is especially known for his defensive prowess. He started out in training other forms of martial arts, but did not start training Jiu Jitsu until the age of 24. Though he got a later start than some of the other well known practitioners around the world, he has etched his name into history with all that he has contributed to the art.

Back Escapes: Introducing The Hidden Posture by Priit Mihkelson

How Old Is Priit Mihkelson?

Born April 21, 1977, Priit Mihkelson is 44 years old.

Priit Mihkelson Family

The Grilled Chicken Guard Retention System by Priit Mihkelson

Currently, there is no information available on the daily of Priit Mihkelson.

How Much Is Priit Mihkelson Worth?

An accurate estimate of the net worth fo Priit Mihkelson is unavailable at this time.

How Tall Is Priit Mihkelson?

Priit Mihkelson stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

How Much Does Priit Mihkelson Weigh?

Priit Mihkelson often competed at 88kg.

More About Priit Mihkelson’s Career

Priit’s journey with martial arts began with karate as well as about 4 years of Aikido on the side. When his coach died he left the academy to Prii. He ended up switching coaches while running this academy several times before realizing he was just a part of a pyramid scheme and left the sport all together.

This led him to opening up his own BJJ academy in 2005, MMA/BJJ club 3D Treening. 3D stands for the 3 distances; stand-up, clinch, and ground. He still teaches at 3D and is also a teacher under the BJJ Globetrotters banner.

Being mostly self taught, he advocates for self teaching. It has also led him to appreciate a multiple sources model, meaning essentially to take information from all the places that you can rather than from just one source. The reason that Priit is so unique is due to his experimental style of teaching and training. 

Pritt Mihkelson’s Best Match Of All Time

Priit Mihkelson considers his best match of all time and his biggest accomplishment to be when he competed at the 2008 Scandinavian Open. Being still fairly new to the art and primarily self taught, he was able to win the gold medal at purple belt.

Priit Mihkelson Injuries

Priit Mihkelson has had several injuries throughout his life. Having originally injured his meniscus playing basketball years early, BJJ exacerbated the injuries and his leg began to lock up so we had to get an operation during his BJJ career to fix it. He also injured his ribs, as well as his hamstring from a kneebar.

Is Priit Mihkelson Retired?

No, Priit is still an instructor at multiple academies and is very much active in making instructional videos as well as with the BJJ community in general.

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