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Rudson Mateus His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Rudson Mateus His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Rudson Mateus?

Rudson Mateus is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the lineage of Caio Terra. Rudson is one of the main figures on the world scene, fighting out of (CTA) Caio Terra Association. Rudson has become a dominant force in professional grappling since his breakout year in 2017 as a Brown belt, when he won double Gold at the IBJJF World Championships and double Gold at the Pan American championships. Since becoming a Black belt in July of 2017, Rudson has shown signs of extreme promise as he has won multiple events including; the Brazilian Nationals, the European Open, Abu Dhabi Pro, UAEJJF Grand Slams in both Tokyo and Moscow. 

The Lethal Closed Guard by Rudson Mateus

During Rudson's time as a Purple belt he solidified himself as a top athlete, as he managed to win multiple championships. Rudson began his assault into the world of professional grappling in 2014 as he first won the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals. In 2015 he had an outstanding year as he won the IBJJF World Championships, he also secured first place at the IBJJF Pan American Championships. Rudson won his second consecutive CBJJ Brazilian Nationals and performed exceptionally well at the IBJJF European Championships by winning double Gold.

After being promoted to Brown belt, Rudson had breakout years in 2016 and 2017. In 2016 he won an incredible amount of fights and secured multiple double Gold medals at events like; the IBJJF Curitiba Winter Open, IBJJF Rio Winter Open, IBJJF Manaus Open and the IBJJF Sao Paulo BJJ Pro. The following year Rudson's ferociousity on the mats propelled him towards double Gold at two of the IBJJF's most prestigious events. He won his weight and the absolute division at the Pan American Championships; he also achieved the same feat at the World Championships. After his accomplishments Rudson was promoted by Caio Terra to the rank of Black belt.

In 2018 in Rudson's first season as a Black belt he won 32 fights and only lost 9. His incredible winning year included accolades like; runner up at both the IBJJF World Championships and the IBJJF Pan American Championships. He also secured Gold medal wins at the Abu Dhabi Tokyo Grand Slam with a 9 - 0 win over Arya Esfandmaz, he also won the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, finishing Horlando Monteiro with a rear naked choke. Rudson also took out Gold medals at the Gracie Pro, the Desafio De Verao including his weight and the absolute division and the Rio BJJ Pro. He also recorded super fight wins at ACBJJ 10, 11 and 12 including a win over Braulio Estima.

In 2019 Rudson excelled again on the mats as he managed to win more illustrious tournaments. He submitted Gabriel Almeida with an armbar at the IBJJF European Championships. Rudson also managed to quench the World Pro, the Brazilian Nationals and the Grand Slam in Moscow. Competing at King of the Mats in the 110kg division, Rudson managed to beat Jonnatas Gracie twice once with a footlock and in the Bronze medal match securing an armbar. Rudson also competed at the Fight 2 Win 125 promotion, where he won with his signature move submitting Gutemberg Pereira with an armbar. 

The Lazy Closed Guard by Rodrigo Artilheiro

How Old Is Rudson Mateus?

Rudson Mateus was born in Manacapuru, which is a municipality situated inside the Amazon Jungle of Brazil, he was born in 1995 on July 15th and he is currently 26 years of age.

Rudson Mateus' Early Life! 

Rudson Mateus grew up in a small town called Manacapuru located in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Since Rudson was 9 years old he has been training in Jiu Jitsu, a Martial Art that has an organised and structured set of principles. His first coach was Nilton Ricardo (Niltinho) who graded Rudson through all of his Junior belts and all the way to the Blue belt. Rudson was hungry to become a world class grappler and he knew he needed to find a more reputable academy to train at. Rudson decided to travel around Brazil in search of a team to train with, he found Vinicius Amaral of Game Fight Academy. Vinicius spent a considerable amount of time with Rudson as he developed him into one of the toughest Purple belts on the planet. Rudson would go on to meet Caio Terra from CTA, as the two developed a bond Rudson decided to move to the United States where he could develop even further into a world class professional grappler. 

How Much Is Rudson Matues Worth?

Rudson Mateus has dived into the professional competition scene with tremendous motivation, momentum and ability. Over his career he has won a huge list of accomplishments including multiple World titles and other Gold medal performances. Rudson has built up a net worth of over a million dollars now as he looks set to bolster his stocks quite considerably. Rudson has also done some filming through BJJ Fanatics as his new video is called "The Lethal Closed Guard'' which is available exclusively on 

How Much Does Rudson Mateus Weigh?

Rudson Mateus weighs in at 88 kilograms or (195 lbs) he has also competed at 94 kg, 100 kg, 105, kg and 110 kg. 

Rudson Mateus’ Fight List!

Rudson Mateus has filled up his calendar with an incredible amount of fights since becoming a Black belt in 2017. Rudson has competed against some of the world’s most expert fighters ranging from light heavyweight all the way to super heavyweight. Rudson boasts an incredible list of fights against high calibre athletes like; Braulio Estima, Leo Lima, Luis Costa, Mathias Ribeiro, Esdra Mendes, Renato Cardoso, Pedro Thiago, Bruno Emanel, Lucas Barbosa, Victor Rodrigues, Dante Leon, Manuel Ribamar, Guilherme Cordiviola, Marcos Ruiz, Kaynan Duarte, Gabriel Arges, Caio Caetano, Tim Spriggs, Pedro Teixeira, Danilo Sousa, Henrique Cardoso, Diego Nascimento, Igor Schneider, Michael Perez, Nicholas Meregali, Jonnatas Gracie and Gutemberg Pereira     

Rudson Mateus' Best Fight Of All Time!

Rudson Mateus has become one of Brazil's most devastating fighters. He has secured a phenomenal record of wins against exceptional opponents since he was a Purple belt. Some of his most notable wins have been; his armbar over Gabriel Almeida at the European Open, his flying armbar against Vitor Bomfin at the Rio BJJ Pro and his armbar finish against Henrique Cardoso at the Brazilian Nationals. Rudson's best win came in 2017 as a Brown belt when he won double Gold at the IBJJF World Championship with wins over Gustavo Batista and Perttu Tepponen in the absolute division. 

Who Did Rudson Mateus Lose To?

Rudson Mateus has lost matches against high level Black belts like; Lucas Barbosa at the Brazilian Nationals and the World Championships in 2018 and the final of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in 2019, Manuel Ribamar in the final of the LA Grand Slam, and Jackson Sousa at the King of the Mats. Rudson has also lost fights against; Nicholas Meregali, Tim Spriggs, Kaynan Duarte, Leandro Lo, Gustavo Batista and Erberth Santos.

Rudson Mateus’ Record!

Rudson Mateus has fortified himself as one of the world’s most immovable objects in professional grappling. He has compiled an outstanding win loss record since becoming a Black belt in 2017. Rudson has won 62 matches with 37 of those wins by submission, including 21 armbar finishes. Rudson has only lost 22 fights out of 84 starts, and impressively has only been submitted 3 times as a Black belt. Rudson the armbar specialist has achieved a list of accomplishment that include; 

As a Black belt;

IBJJF European Champion (2019) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (2018, 2019) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion (2019) UAEJJF Tokyo Grand Slam Champion (2018) UAEJJF Moscow Grand Slam Champion (2019) Gracie Pro Absolute Champion (2018) World Pro Champion (2019) Rio BJJ Pro Champion (2018) CBJJ Absolute Brazilian National Runner Up (2019) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Runner Up (2019) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2018) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (2018) UAEJJF King of the Mats Third Place (2019) Desafio De Verao Champion (Summer Challenge - 2018) Desafio De Verao Absolute Champion (2018) ACBJJ 11 Super Fight Winner (2018) ACBJJ 12 Super Fight Winner (2018) Fight 2 Win Super Fight Winner (2019) UAEJJF LA Grand Slam Runner Up (2018) 

As a coloured belt;

IBJJF World Champion (2015 Purple 2017 Brown) IBJJF Absolute World Champion (2013 Blue 2017 Brown) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2015 Purple 2017 Brown) IBJJF Absolute Pan American Champion (2017 Brown) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (Gi 2014 Purple NoGi 2015 Brown) IBJJF European Open Champion (2015 Purple) IBJJF Absolute European Open Champion (2015 Purple) IBJJF Sao Paulo BJJ Pro Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Absolute Sao Paulo BJJ Pro Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Manaus Open Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Absolute Manaus Open Champion (2016) IBJJF Rio Winter Open Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Absolute Rio Winter Open Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Curitiba Winter Open Champion (2016 Brown) IBJJF Absolute Curitiba Winter Open Champion (2016 Brown) 

Rudson Mateus' Injuries!

Rudson Mateus has managed to avoid any significant injury during his outstanding BJJ career. Rudson has prepared his mind and body extremely well for competition, as he is the kind of athlete who excels in the field of strength and conditioning. The Brazilian athlete is a beastly 94 kilograms of muscle and has an expert coach who has mentored the young athlete towards long jeverdy in Jiu Jitsu.

Is Rudson Mateus Retired?

At 26 years of age Rudson Mateus is in the prime of his athletic career. He is lighting up the world scene of professional grappling with his ferociousity on the mats. Rudson is a former World Champion at Blue, Purple and Brown belt and he intends on becoming the World Champion in the Black belt division.

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