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Mike Winklejohn His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mike Winklejohn His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Mike Winkeljohn? 

World class Mixed Martial arts coach Micheal “Wink” Winkeljohn was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 13th of November, 1962. Wink Grew up in one of the rougher sides of town with father Alan Winklejohn and mother Mary Anne Winklejohn with his 2 younger brothers. A 5th-degree black belt in Kempo Karate turned kickboxer with a relentless style Wink has gained respect as both a fighter and coach throughout his career. Wink knew that his advantage over other fighters was that he would have more willpower and toughness probably with the help of growing up in a rough neighborhood and getting into fights as a child. Micheal now lives with his wife, Heather Winkeljohn(a co-owner of the academy and non profit organization) along with their three children. The couple got married on the 27th of March, 2009. 

Power Punching by Mike Winkeljohn

With long time friend and world renowned coach Greg Jackson, Micheal is the co-owner of one of the highest level Mixed Martial Arts training gyms in the world. Mike met Greg Jackson through a mutual friend, Chris Luttrell. In 2007 they both combined talents to open the Jackson-Winkeljohn Mixed Martial Arts in Albuquerque. Together with Greg Jackson over the years they've assembled a legendary resume of fighters and champions. The Jackson Wink Academy has coached Jon Jones, former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Heavyweight Champ and widely considered to be the pound for pound greatest of all time with a record of 26 wins and 1 disqualification due to an illegal blow. Former two division UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, who holds a record of 26 wins and 2 losses and is up there as well in the greatest of all time list. Former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm. Wink found Holly Holm training in a cardio kickboxing class of his. He saw potential in Holly and then went on to convince her to try out fighting. Holly Holm would compete in boxing for 11 years, winning multiple championships in multiple weight classes before transitioning to MMA. Holly Holm would then become the 2nd womens bantam mma champion after knocking out then reigning champion Ronda Rousey. Holly is still competing with a record of 14 wins and 5 losses. John Dodson, an MMA fighter with a record of 22 wins and 12 losses. Duane Ludwig, with a UFC record of 21 wins and 14 losses. Former Lightweight Champion, Rashad Evans with a record of 19 wins 8 losses and 1 draw. Carlos Condit with a record of 32 wins and 14 losses and countless others including Donald Cerrone, Andre Arlovski and Boxing Champion Claressa Shields. Cleressa Shields transitioned from boxing to MMA and Mike Winklejohn believes she will be an MMA Champion soon. One of the most decorated coaches in the sport Wink helped his gym win training center of the year award twice at the world mma awards. With over 2 decades as a professional coach, Mike Wink has coached and developed numerous world champions, helping fighters accomplish their dreams in many styles of combat sports.

Unpredictable Kicks by Mike Winkeljohn

How Old Is Mike Winkeljohn? 

Mike Winkeljohn was born in the United States on the 13h of November in 1962, he is currently 59 years of age as of 2021. 

Mike Winkeljohn’s Early Life? 

Mike “Wink” Winkeljohn was born and raised in a gritty part of Albuquerque New Mexico to his parents Alan Winkeljohn a real estate agent, mother Mary Anne a Nurse, and 2 little brothers. When he was 12 his parents got divorced and being raised in a rough area of Albuquerque he 

was never known to back down from a challenge and would get into fights regularly. During his school years Wink played sports basketball, baseball, track and field though martial arts eventually caught his eye.In his late teens Wink started training kickboxing at Bill Packers gym with the goal of going pro, hoping it was a way out. Matching up the brains with the brawn after highschool, Wink graduated from University of new mexico to receive a bachelor's degree in business after attending Manzano high school. 

How Much Is Mike Winkeljohn Worth? 

Reports show Mike Winlkeljon’s Net worth is 4.5 million dollars. Wink gets his earnings from his co-ownership of Jackson Wink MMA Academy. He is also paid through coaching his long list of world class fighters out of his gym. Along with his wife Heather Winkeljohn, he runs a very popular Non-Profit Organization that works with youth and teens. The couple has formed the Smart Girl Self Defense Program which has been active for over 10 years. Smart Girl Defense is a program where all kinds of women can learn effective martial arts and self defense skills from their high level instructors. 

How Tall Is Mike Winkeljohn? 

Mike Winkeljohn stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is the equivalent to about 175.3 centimeters. 

How Much Does Mike Winkeljohn Weigh? 

Mike Winkeljohn usually fought 69 kg which is around 152 lbs.

Mike Winkeljohn’s Fight List! 

Mike Winkeljohn has taken on some tough opponents in the business. He has a total of 34 kickboxing matches and 2 traditional boxing fights. There are only a few names of the fighters that he's faced that are available on the internet. This is most likely due to the era that he had the majority of his fights in. A few of the names that are available consist of Dmitriy Tyukalov, where Wink fought in 1997 and 1998 losing both matches, one of them being due to a cut Winkeljohn received. Ray Ruiz is next, where Wink won via knockout in round 1 on February 27th. 1997. The last name Wink has competed against on record is LaVerne Clark in a boxing bout at Welterweight (165 lbs). On April 9th, 1997 Wink went on to win in round 2 via knockout. 

Mike Winkeljohn’s Record! 

Mike Winkelhohn many fights and championships in different combat sports under his belt. He has performed with an aggressive and rough style to defeat most of the competitors he has faced. Some of his feats include winning International Sport Karate Association Championships twice and a muay Thai world title. His record is; In kickboxing 

25 wins 

7 losses 

2 draws 

In boxing 


Mike Winkeljohn’s Injuries! 

On September 23, 2009 Mike Winkeljohn went through a tragic accident that left him visually impared. Warning, if you are squeamish you may want to skip this section. It was business as usual at the Jackson Wink Academy. Fighters sparring and prepping for fights, coaches holding mitts, typical day. Wink, while helping one of his fighters holding pads, receives a kick towards his head. The kick misses his head but knicks Winks eye. Wink takes a moment to rub it out a bit, not worried, just ready to tough it out and continue the training session. Wink feels some moisture and asks the fighter if he was cut. The look on the fighter's face could write a book. The fighter, alarmed at this point lets Wink know that it is his literal eyeball. Wink felt more liquid from inside his eye. He remembers it and describes it as shriveling up like a little grape. Luckily Wink was in shock, adrenaline pumping so he didn't feel much. He recalls the look on the examining

doctor's face and he knew it was serious. Mike “Wink” Winkeljohn lost his right eye due to it being sliced in half from his fighters toenail. 

Is Mike Winkeljohn Retired? 

With 17 years of kickboxing, Mike “Wink” Winkeljohn has retired after winning several world titles. You can find Wink at the Jackson-Wink Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico alongside many of his champions and up and comers like boxing champ turned mma fighter with the record of 1 win and 0 losses. He will continue spending his days building world class fighters.

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