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Warren Brooks Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

Warren Brooks Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is Warren Brooks?

Warren Brooks is a Brazilian JIu Jitsu black belt under Fabiano Scherner. Currently he serves as an instructor at American Top Team Portland, and is also involved at Martial Masters and Element 5 Eugene academies. Warren specializes in weird, unique, and special leg locks that you opponents will never expect. He has perfected these techniques and they are widely recognized by some of the best practitioners on the planet.

How Old Is Warren Brooks?

The age of Warren Brooks is unknown at this time.

Warren Brooks’ Family

Currently, there is no information on the family of Warren Brooks available.

How Much Is Warren Brooks Worth?

At this time, there is not an accurate estimate of the net worth of Warren Brooks.

How Much Does Warren Brooks Weigh?

Warren Brooks’ current weight is unknown at this time.

How Tall Is Warren Brooks?

Warren Brooks’ height is unknown at this time.

More About Warren Brooks

Warren Brooks, a black belt from Kentucky is often referred to as the leg lock wizard. He has used the crazy and unique techniques he developed to tap world class black belts. Other fighters and athletes such as Chael Sonnen have raved about Brooks’ techniques, warning others to be prepared before stepping on the mat with him.

The general breakdown of his leg lock system was developed by his ability to find unique and effective styles to attack the lower body by using unexpecting angles. This approach to leg locks differs greatly from other practitioners who have developed their own systems.

Some of his specialty submissions include straight ankle locks, toe holds, and knee bars, and he provides great insight on how you can utilize these submissions in an IBJJF legal way. As the world of leg locks becomes increasingly popular, Warren understands the importance of having unique and top notch techniques that separate him from the rest of the competition.

Warren has identified that the majority of leg locks in Jiu Jitsu rely on controlling your opponent in certain positions. He developed his system differently, catching the leg locks in transitions instead while the opponent isn't expecting it. If you have any desire whatsoever to improve your leg lock game, he would be the man to look to!

Warren Brooks Injuries?

There are no documented injuries for Warren Brooks at this time.

Is Warren Brooks Retired?

No, Warren Brooks still serves as an instructor and is very active in the BJJ community!

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