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Nestor Taffur His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nestor Taffur His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nestor Taffur?

Nestor Taffur is a former collegiate and freestyle wrestler, who wrestled successfully for the University of Boston. Nestor has secured two All American honours at the 2015 US Open, along with other accolades like 2014 EIWA Champion, 2013 CAA Champion, 3 x Columbian National Champion and a 4 x World Team Member. Nestor has also become one of America’s most highly regarded coaches as he is the owner and head coach at Team Taffur Training. Nestor has also spent time coaching at Base New Jersey, Columbia University, St Luke’s University, Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club, Franklin and Marshall College and New York City Regional Training Centre. 

High Efficiency High Crotch Attacks by Nestor Taffur

During his tenure at Boston University, Nestor Taffur was an exceptional up and coming prodigy. He was an inspired young man who had aspirations to achieve great successes. Nestor twice qualified for the prestigious Division 1 NCAA Championships. In 2013 Nestor won the Colonial Athletic Association Championship and followed up the next year by winning the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championship. In 2014 in Nestor’s Senior year he became Boston University’s number 1 for the most overall wins, with a record of 119 - 47 including an impeccable 37 - 4 in his final season. During his years at college Nestor was a two time captain and won the MVP in his Junior and Senior years, he also picked up Boston’s illustrious John B. Simpson Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership.

After graduating from college Nestor began his coaching career as he became an assistant coach at Franklin and Marshall College. Nestor took on a lot of responsibilities including; helping run all aspects of the wrestling program, recruiting, scheduling practice plans and assisting with technique applications. Nestor dealt mainly with the lighter weight athletes by putting together offseason competition and training regimes.

From 2015 Nestor began working with the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club, he was a resident athlete and assisted with coaching roles. Nestor competed at the 2015 US Open securing a seventh place and receiving All American selection. From 2016 to 2018 Nestor won three consecutive Colombian National Championships as he also won various other medals like Silver at the Pan American Games in 2017 and three Bronze medals at the Pan American Championships, the Central American Games and the Cerro Pelado Competition during the 2018 season. Nestor was also a World Team member for four consecutive years ranging from 2016 till 2019 for his home country of Colombia.  

From 2015 till 2017 Nestor trained regularly and assisted with coaching at both the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club and St Luke’s University, where he worked as a community wrestling liaison and sports performance coach. From 2017 till 2020 Nestor started coaching with Base New Jersey where he continued to develop as a coach. In 2018 Nestor became an assistant coach at Columbia University which only lasted 10 months. Nestor has also become an Olympic Committee Member since 2017 along with a resident athlete who has kept up his training at the New York Regional Training Centre. 

Nestor has now begun to develop his own academy called Team Taffur Training. His academy has been running since June 2021, and has since gained popularity in New York. Nestor has created a team environment that helps many up and coming athletes develop their wrestling skills. His hope is to achieve success through his knowledge and concepts of technical application. Nestor is a born leader and now with his new academy gaining significant notoriety, he is looking to add layers to his legacy in the sport of wrestling.   

Breaking Down The Snatch Single by Nestor Taffur

How Old Is Nestor Taffur?

Nestor Taffur is of Colombian descent but was Born in New Jersey in the United States of America in 1992, he is currently 29 years of age.

Nestor Taffur’s Education!

As an Undergraduate student Nestor Taffur majored in Management Studies with a focus on International Business Track. Nestor studied in various areas such as; Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Project Management, E - Commerce, Systems and Web Design, Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Making, Business in Changing Society, The Innovation Process, Developing New Products and Services, International Business Management, Managing Small to Large Sized Ventures, Negotiation and Organisational Conflict resolution and International Business Law and Regulation. 

During his Graduate year in 2014 Nestor graduated with a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies concentrating in Multinational Commerce, as he passed with a cumulative GPA of 3.4. Nestle studied in subjects like; Project Communication Management, International Business, Economics and Culture, Importing and Exporting Operations, Competitive Strategies in Dynamic Environments, Planning and Operating Ventures, Global Competitiveness, National Economic Development, Innovative Marketing Techniques, Business Law and Regulations and Strategic Advantages including the Aviation Sector.   

How Much Is Nestor Taffur Worth?

Nestor Taffur has worked extensively over his career to build and maintain his finances. Through all of his wrestling accomplishments including his coaching roles and his business ventures, Nestor has netted well over 3 million dollars. Nestor finished college with a mindset to achieve financial excellence, as he set up his family comprehensively. Nestor also worked in Marketing and Business Development for AJM Group from 2011 to 2013. He is currently a Project Engineer for Alston construction where he makes a healthy salary. Nestor has also made significant money through running seminars and filming instructional videos. Nestor has filmed two videos called “High Efficiency High Crotch Attacks' “ and “Breaking Down The Snatch Single '' both are available exclusively on 

How Tall Is Nestor Taffur?

Nestor Taffur stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is the equivalent of 172 centimetres. 

How Much Does Nestor Taffur Weigh?

Nestor Taffur has spent most of his career wrestling at 157 pounds or (71 kg) he has also stepped up to the higher division of 165 pounds or (74 kg)  

Nestor Taffur's Fight List!

Nestor Taffur has fought comprehensively in his field of Martial Arts. Throughout his college years and post college while in pursuit of an Olympic dream, Nestor fought against legitimate world contenders. He fought guys like; Ethan Ramos, Alex Dieringer, Sammy Brooks, Austin Sommer, Thomas Grant, Quinton Godley, Markus Sheidel, Trever Deversten, Anthony Perotti, Franklin Gomez, Raamiah Bethea, Joey Napoli, Dan Vallimont, James Vollrath, Tommy Gantt, Roger Pena, Brian Realbuto, Paul Hancock, Taylor Walsh and Austin Matthews.

Nestor Taffur's Best Fight Of All Time!

Nestor Taffur has competed exceptionally well in wrestling all through college and for his country as he represented Colombia. Nestor won three consecutive Colombian National Titles from 2016 to 2018, fighting for his country still remains among his best wins. Nestor would achieve a huge win as he defeated Toghrul Asgarov the former 2012 Olympic Champion in a match in 2020. The win against Asgarov gave Nestor the self belief that he was capable of not only qualifying for Tokyo but winning the Gold medal. Nestor has been in pursuit of an Olympic berth his whole career as he set his sights for the Tokyo games in 2021. 

Who Did Nestor Taffur Lose To?

Nestor Taffur has suffered through some losses over the entirety of his career. Through the highs and the lows, Nestor has always remained positive and mentally prepared for his next challenge. Nestor has lost to champion athletes like: Anthony Perotti 10 - 2 by a major decision, Dylan Ness 6 - 4 by decision and Ray Bethea 7 - 4 by decision. One of Nestor’s most notable losses came in 2014 when he was defeated by the number #1 ranked Alex Dieringer of Oklahoma State at the NCAA Division 1 Championships. Nestor wrestled tremendously, but in the end he was outclassed by the better opponent as he lost the fight 18 - 11 by a decision.  

Nestor Taffur's Record!

Before Nestor Taffur became a premier wrestling coach he was a formidable collegiate wrestler. He wrestled successfully for Boston University where he compiled an impressive record of 119 wins and 47 losses including 37 - 4 in his Senior year. Nestor has a list of accolades that includes;

Two Time Team Captain, Most Valuable Junior, Most Valuable Senior, Boston's John B. Simpson Award, Mickey Cochrane Award for Junior Male Student Athlete of the Year (2013) Scholar Athlete Award in Recognition for his 3.43 GPA (2013) 6 x Student Athlete Honour Roll (2009 - 2014) 2 x CAA Wrestler of the Week (2013) 2 x CAA Rookie of the Week (2010) 2 x NCAA Qualifier, EIWA Champion (2014) Colonial Athletic Association Champion (2013) Terriers All Time Wins Leader, US Open All American Honours (2015) 4 x World Team Member (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) Colombian National Champion (2016, 2017, 2018) Pan American Games Runner Up (2017) Pan American Championship Third Place (2018) Central American Games Third Place (2018) Cerro Pelado Competition Third Place (2018) World Championship 10th Place (2017) 

Nestor Taffur’s Injuries!

Nestor Taffur has had no significant injuries to report, he has always been a professional in the way he prepares his mind and his body for competition. Nestor is all about strength and conditioning as he firmly believes that a strong mind with a correct formula will result in a strong body. 

Is Nestor Taffur Retired?

Nestor Taffur is still active in competitive wrestling as he now focuses on winning at the highest level along with his career in coaching. Nestor is involved with multiple seminars across America in wrestling, where he shares the mats with several other high profile wrestlers. Nestor is the owner and head instructor at Team Taffur Training, where through personal and group sessions Nestor aims to improve technique and create well rounded athletes that specialise in grappling and strength and conditioning.

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