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Andy Hung His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Andy Hung His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Andy Hung?

Andy Hung is a dedicated Martial Arts coach who has a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields of fighting. Andy holds a 1st Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a 3rd Degree Black belt in Judo. Andy has endeavoured to open up Martial Arts academies with his expertise in business and Martial Arts. Andy is the owner of Dojo Outfitters where he sells his own brands of Martial Arts apparel and gear through his online store. Andy also runs academies in BJJ and Judo called PDXBJJ and Portland Judo. 

Who Is Andy Hung?

Andy Hung is a dedicated Martial Arts coach who has a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields of fighting. Andy holds a 1st Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a 3rd Degree Black belt in Judo. Andy has endeavoured to open up Martial Arts academies with his expertise in business and Martial Arts. Andy is the owner of Dojo Outfitters where he sells his own brands of Martial Arts apparel and gear through his online store. Andy also runs academies in BJJ and Judo called PDXBJJ and Portland Judo. 

Tai Otoshi by Andy Hung

Andy Hung is a phenomenal business man with a keen sense for operating successful businesses. Andy has always maintained that it was not about having the largest gym but having the coolest one. Andy has created his legacy of Martial Arts academies that all the students want to hang around and socialise in. An academy to Andy means having a community of people that love and adore each other, a place where they can feel accepted. Living in Portland, Andy has made quite a name for himself as he pours his heart and soul into his brands and his academies. 

Along with his successful Martial Arts organisations Andy has successfully launched an online apparel company called Dojo Outfitters. Andy has created his own brand of MMA, Judo and BJJ gear, including items like: hats, Gi’s, rash guards, belts, t-shirts, hoodies, bags, water bottles and other nostalgic products like soaps and skateboards. Andy is a professional in the field of E-Commerce and his exceptional business prowess has enabled him long jeverdy in the field of operating successful business ventures. 

Throughout Andy’s sporting career he has competed as a Judoka and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Andy has achieved feats like medaling at the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials for Judo. Andy has also secured Bronze medals at numerous events like; The US Miami Nationals, the NCJA Florida Championships, NCJA Illinois Championships and the USA Fall Classic in Harlingen. Andy also competed well at the NCJA San Jose Championships where he finished in second place securing a Silver medal.

After having a short break due to Andy’s failure to make the Beijing Olympics, he began training cross fit. Andy found a gym and started conditioning his body, within his gym he found One World Jiu Jitsu so he began taking classes. Andy fell in love with Jiu Jitsu so he made it a huge part of his life as he kept them as his affiliate until the present. Andy would eventually go on to receive his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Andy became an amazing business man as he graduated from San Jose with a Business Management Degree. Upon moving to Portland right after College Andy teamed up with his brother Louie and his Judo coach Roy Kawaji. Together all three Martial Artists opened Portland Judo which later they added Portland BJJ or PDXBJJ as an extension of their Judo club. Together the three built a successful brand of Martial Arts that would last for over a decade. 

The KTO Blueprint by Andy Hung

How Old Is Andy Hung?

Andy Hung grew up in Portland in the United States of America and was born on the 5th of June in 1985, he is currently 36 years of age.

Andy Hung’s Early Martial Arts!

Andy Hung was born and raised in Hawaii and as a young man he started Judo at high school. In Hawaii Judo is a part of the mainstream school programs. Andy was persuaded by his 16 year old brother to give Judo a try, Andy told his brother he would try it out but he wasn't keen on competing. After doing a few lessons Andy was hooked into Martial Arts and its competitive nature. Growing up in a mountainous region in Hawaii forced Andy every day to walk up hills to school, which translated into his body conditioning. By the time Andy was 16 he had won a few championships and in his head he was pretty good due to training with grown men. Luckily for Andy he was born and raised in the right area as he just fell into the Judo system through his club that housed multiple Olympians, World Champions and many other high level athletes. After graduating high school in 2003, Andy jumped straight into College as an 18 year old right in the peak of Olympic season. Andy was humbled as he got worked over by many collegiate Judoka as they strived for the Athens Olympics. Entering into San Jose’s college system of Olympic training was incredibly tough for Andy as he got checked by guys like Chuck Jefferson and Travis Stevens. 

Andy had his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) under Dave Camarillo, a gym that housed some of the world’s best and future prominent fighters like; Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez, BJ Penn and Daniel Cormier. Dave Camarillo would love to have Judo guys in his training sessions, and for Andy this was a great way to get involved with Jiu Jitsu competitors. Andy was a broke college kid and he would sneak into the lessons with his friend Jake before the lady at the front desk would start so they could avoid paying the drop in fees. Andy was still competing heavily in Judo in places like London, Germany and Canada, and over 5 years of training and competing and missing out on the Beijing Olympics Andy was burnt out, so he took a break. After a short while Andy found a cross fit gym and began training and it was here that he found “One World Jiu Jitsu” where he began training under a different mindset. Andy would attend classes in his Judo Gi with his Judo Black belt on, which he would later come to regret as he matured he realised the error of his judgements. Andy was hooked on BJJ because of its similarities to Newaza in Judo. The way it worked out was Andy and his brother graduated from San Jose College in the same year and then moved to Portland. The brothers teamed up with their Hawaiian Judo coach Roy Kawaji as they opened up a Judo dojo that would become extremely popular and well known as Portland Judo, one of the biggest clubs in Portland.  

How Much Is Andy Hung Worth?

Andy Hung has built himself an impressive mountain of wealth, through his multiple businesses like Portland Judo and his online Dojo Outfitters. His Online shop has contributed to his successful wealth exponentially, along with his recent popularity through BJJ Fanatics instructional videos. Andy Hung has a net worth of over a couple million dollars, although he was set back by the covid 19 pandemic. Andy is an extremely smart businessman who is confident in his ability to re-open his dojo’s in order to service his fellow athletes and civilians in Portland. Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jistu has significant meaning to Andy, so working towards a better future in Martial Arts is extremely high on Andy’s list. 

How Tall Is Andy Hung?

Andy Hung stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is equivalent to 170 centimetres. 

How Much Does Andy Hung Weigh?

Andy Hung weighs in at 81 kilograms which is the equivalent to 178 pounds, most of Andy’s competitive career has been in the under 81kg division. 

Any Hung’s Instructional History!

Andy Hung has worked extensively with BJJ Fanatics to film and develop multiple instructional videos. Andy is huge on helping other athletes reach their full potential so working alongside an organisation like BJJ Fanatics has become passionate for Andy. Andy has many videos like; (Judo Strangles) (Judo Strangles 2.0) (The KTO Blueprint) (Tai Otoshi) (Osoto Gari) Andy has technical Judo ability that he has harnessed into instructional footage, the popularity of his videos are apparent with the sales figures through 

Andy Hung’s Record!

Andy Hung has achieved multiple feats as a Martial Artist, balancing Judo, BJJ and his business ventures have been a challenging career. Andy has accomplished some accolades in Judo like;

Bronze Medal - US Olympic Trials - For Beijing (2008) Bronze Medal - US National Miami Championships (2007) Bronze Medal - NCJA Florida Championships (2007) Bronze Medal - USA Fall Classic Harlingen (2006) Bronze Medal - NCJA Illinois Championships (2006) Silver Medal - NCJA San Jose Championships (2005)

Andy Hung has also achieved a Business Management Degree from San Jose College.

Andy Hung’s Injuries!

Andy Hung has no significant injuries to report, throughout his career he has been exceptional at conditioning and mental preparation. Even though Judo is a sport that is heavy on the body Andy has always kept himself in top shelf condition.

Is Andy Hung Retired?

Andy Hung has retired from professional Martial Arts competition as he focuses more on his businesses. After 11 amazing years of running Portland Judo and PDX BJJ, the doors have officially closed due to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic. Andy thanks everyone for their love and support over the last decade as he turns his attention to his online business. Andy may have been forced to officially close his doors but he knows that once businesses can re-open he will hit the ground running. Over the last decade of running his dojo Andy has built a community of students that love the club, so soon Portland Judo will be back up and running. Currently Andy spends his time now concentrating on his online Martial Arts store and his online coaching presence through instructional videos with BJJ Fanatics.

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