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Michael Sergi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Michael Sergi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Michael Sergi?

Michael Sergi is a second degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, he was graded by the world renowned three time World Champion and UFC veteran Marcio “Pe De Pano” Cruz. Michael was the first American to achieve the rank under Professor Cruz. Michael competed extensively in Jiu Jitsu tournaments across the United States. He has achieved notoriety through winning the IBJJF Pan American NoGi Championship and the IBJJF American Nationals. Along with Michael's achievements he has racked up 34 IBJJF medals including 12 Gold. 

Mobility Fundamentals: Grapplers Guide To Warm Up & Cool Down by Michael Sergi

Michael began his journey into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the year 2000 while attending Georgia Southern University. Michael was already heavily interested in Martial Arts as he practised Muay Thai Kickboxing. One of Michael's friends convinced him to try a Jiu Jitsu class and he was instantly hooked. The problem for Michael was that in Savannah there were very few training partners to drill with, Michael would visit various high level practitioners in order to try and improve his grappling skills. By 2008 Michael decided to open his own club called "Serg BJJ and Fitness" where he began building a team of extremely reputable athletes. 

In 2012 Michael met the famous Marcio Cruz, who was a 5th degree Black belt and a three time World Champion. Marcio Cruz became Michael’s mentor, as he helped him develop his pathway in Jiu Jitsu. Michael spent numerous hours on the phone to Marcio as they problem solved the Rubik's Cube that is Jiu Jitsu. Over the next couple of years Michael competed extensively on the American circuit of grappling, conquering many tournaments like the New York, Miami and Orlando Open events. In 2014 Michael competed at the Boca Raton Open in the Master 2 Brown belt division. Michael won the Gold medal and as he was on the podium his mentor Marcio Cruz came bustling through the crowd and awarded Michael with a Black belt, one of Michael’s most fondest moments.

Competing as a Black belt over the next few years gave Michael considerable inspiration, as he conquered many IBJJF tournaments including; New York Pro, Atlanta Spring Open, Miami Spring Open and 3 consecutive Atlanta Winter Opens. Michael would also achieve his greatest moments as he won both the IBJJF Pan American Championships and the IBJJF American Nationals. Michael was extremely proud of his achievements as he still can't believe he became the Champion.

Movement for Grappling by Scott Georgaklis with Travis Stevens

How Old Is Michael Sergi?

Michael Sergi was born in the coastal city of Savannah in Georgia, USA. He is currently 44 years of age, and born in 1977. 

Michael Sergi’s Career Outside Of Jiu Jitsu!

Michael Sergi has achieved a level two certification in Modern Army Combatives through the United States Army. Michael Sergi has become a prolific instructor for Army personnel, and has prepared many soldiers for combative missions with campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael has also provided many instructional seminars for the Army and the Marine Corp Personnel.

Michael Sergi is also extremely proud of his in-depth knowledge in coaching, as not only does he possess Martial Arts experience he has a knack for other professional sports. Michael was the head coach for the Men’s and Women’s cross country running team at Savannah College of Art and Design. For 5 seasons Michael served as Head Coach and for the last three seasons he directed his team to the Sun Conference second place finish in the Men’s and the Women's divisions. Michael also helped 6 runners qualify for the NAIA National Championships in both of his last two seasons. Michael has been recently appointed the new Head Coach of the Men's Cross Country team at Armstrong Atlantic State University. The director of AASU Lisa Sweany has reported that Michael Sergi is bringing a level of knowledge, experience and proven success that she knows will get the Pirates to the next level.  

How Much Is Michael Sergi Worth?

Michael Sergi has built quite an impressive net worth as he has continued his surge up the ranks of the business mountain. He has an extremely profitable and popular BJJ Academy called Serg BJJ where he trains many up and coming athletes. Michael has also made significant wealth through training Army personnel and Marine Corp personnel through his training programs and the vast many seminars he has hosted. Michael has also contributed to the growth of Martial Arts through his published articles for BJJ Legends Magazine, Michael has interviewed some of the biggest names in the Martial Arts world. Michael’s works have been featured in both Gracie Magazine and Gladiator Magazine. Michael has also profited immensely through his top tier cross country running coaching roles over the years. Michael has a net worth reported to be over 3 million dollars and with all of his business avenues his stocks are rising exponentially. Along with all of his personal and business accomplishments, Michael is also working with BJJ Fanatics to provide expert instructional videos like; Mobility Fundamentals: Grapplers Guide To Warm Up And Cool Down! Which is available exclusively at 

How Tall Is Michael Sergi?

Michael Sergi stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 170 cm. 

How Much Does Michael Sergi Weigh?

Michael Sergi weighs in at 195 pounds which is the equivalent of 88 kilograms.

Michael Sergi's Best Fight Of All Time

At the age of 44 Michael Sergi decided to enter the IBJJF Pan American championship. Usually he would receive notifications about these kinds of events, but due to the Covid 19 Pandemic he did not receive the correspondence he needed. Michael decided to email the event coordinators to try and get a spot in the event, when he finally received the information he realised that the event was at 99.7% capacity. Michael had only just made his way into the NoGi event. Michael was predominantly a Gi fighter and had not done a lot of NoGi training, but he thought he would give it a go anyway. On the day of the event Michael looked at the bracket and saw that he was the lowest ranked fighter in the group and that his first match was against the top ranked fighter. Michael went into the match with nothing to lose and after some hand fighting he could feel he had the upper hand. Michael also felt his opponents nerves and by the end of the fight Michael was victorious. In his second fight he fought a familiar opponent and he cut right through him, submitting his opponent inside of a couple minutes. Michael had his sights set on winning Gold and as he entered into the final he put all fear aside as he embraced the moment. Michael got the takedown that landed out of bounds, and by half way through the match the score was 0 - 0, but Michael knew he was going to win. By the end of the match Michael prevailed as the winner by points and was crowned the IBJJF Pan American Champion.

Michael Sergi’s Record And Accomplishments!

Michael Sergi has become a formidable opponent in the middle of the competition arena. Michael has won an incredible 34 IBJJF medals including 12 IBJJF Gold medals. Some of Michael’s accomplishments have been; 

IBJJF Pan American NoGi Champion, IBJJF American National NoGi Champion, IBJJF New York Pro Champion, 3 x IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open Champion, IBJJF Atlanta Spring Open, IBJJF Orlando Open Champion, IBJJF Miami Spring Open Champion, IBJJF New York Summer Open Champion.

Along with all of his BJJ achievements Michael has also made significant achievements through coaching. Many of Michael’s runners have accomplished high results including NCAA and NAIA qualifiers and All Region and All American Running selections.

Michael has also achieved Level 2 Modern Army Combatives certification, 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Master of Science in Sports Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, Bachelor of Science in Sports Psychology.

Michael Sergi’s Injuries!

Michael Sergi has endured through many injuries in his career as a Martial Artist. With over 20 years of competition Jiu Jitsu Michael has suffered from; hamstring strains, back strains, cracked ribs and fractured bones. Throughout his career Michael has always had a positive mindset, something that comes with experience as Michael is an entrepreneur of the Martial Arts world. Michael has always been huge on developing his conditioning and his mental preparation which has its elements of injury prevention and rehabilitation. Michael has excelled in these fields, which is what makes him one of the premier coaches of Martial Arts, Fitness and Combative Techniques in the world.

Is Michael Sergi Retired?

Michael Sergi at the age of 44 is still an active competitor in BJJ competitions as he enters into various Masters divisions. Michael is also heavily invested in his BJJ academy Serg BJJ which is an affiliate of Marcio Cruz’s lineage. Michael still coaches running at Armstrong Atlantic State University and continues to serve the United States Army with numerous seminars and soldier training. Michael is an inspiring American who endeavours to continue to help the growth of Sports, Martial Arts and Combative Training in the US and the World. 

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