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Steven Keith: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Steven Keith: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Steven Keith?

Steven Keith is an All-American wrestler who competed for Harvard from 2009 to 2013. He was a four time qualifier for NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, capping it off with All-American honors in 2012. After graduating, Steven Keith made it his mission to share the power of wrestling with others by joining the coaching staff at several prestigious schools, including Brown, Stanford, NYU, and Johnson & Wales University. He is the former executive director of Beat the Streets Providence and current training center coordinator of Beat the Streets NYC.

BJJ Submissions

Keith’s career started strong in High school, where he was a Junior National All-American and named three separate times as an All-State honoree. He won state titles as both a sophomore and a senior in high school, and was a three-time section XI champion. He left his senior year with a bang, wrestling to an impressive 46-0.

Steven Keith entered Harvard in 2009, where he earned a hard-fought 20-12 record and qualified for the NCAA Division I Championships. That year, he also finished third at the EIWA Championships. His sophomore year was very similar to his first: he qualified for the NCAA tournament, came in fourth place at the EIWA Championships, and had an overall record of 23-17. He also competed in the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.

His Junior year was a standout in his college career, as he finally placed at the NCAA championships, coming in 8th. He again won 3rd at the EIWA Championships, this time turning in a season long record of 34-11, which ranked 6th on Harvard’s all time single-season win list. To crown this amazing season, Steven Keith was finally awarded All-American honors during his third year at Harvard.

Keith’s fourth and final year as a Harvard wrestler saw him take down several ranked opponents and cross the 100-win mark. Although he was not able to place in the NCAA Championship that year, going 2-2, he again placed fourth at the EIWA Championships.

After he graduated in 2013, Steven became an assistant coach for Stanford University’s wrestling program and a head coach for a local youth wrestling mentorship program, the Cardinal Wrestling Club. Continuing his career as a coach, Keith was an assistant coach at both Johnson & Wales University and Brown University between 2016 and 1018.

It was during this time at Brown that Keith became the Executive Director of a youth outreach program called Beat the Streets Providence. In the Beat the Street program, student-athletes from underprivileged areas are given the resources, tools, and mentorship to achieve success, both on the mats and in life. After years of serving the Providence initiative, Keith eventually moved to New York City to take over as the training center coordinator for that chapter of the program.

In 2019, after years of coaching adults and youth, he also signed on with NYU to coach the lighter weight classes and to manage practice time with the team.

BJJ Fundamentals

How Old is Steven Keith?

Steven Keith is 30 years old as of 2021.

Steven Keith Family

Details about Steven Keith’s family have not been made public.

How Much is Steven Keith Worth?

Steven Keith’s net worth has not been publicly estimated.

How Tall is Steven Keith?

Steven Keith’s height is unavailable.

How Much Does Steven Keith Weigh? 

Steven Keith began his collegiate career in the 125 to 133 pound weight class (55.5 kg to 60kg).

Steven Keith Fight List

Steven Keith was a high school and college wrestler, meaning he has hundreds of matches under his belt. A match-by-match list is too long to place here.

Steven Keith's Best Fight of All Time

Keith qualified for the NCAA Championships four times, but only placed once. Due to this, one of his standout bouts was his 8-6 decision victory in the quarterfinals of the 2012 Division I tournament over Devin Carter. This would be his first and only time placing in the NCAA Championship.

Who Did Steven Keith Lose To?

Steven Keith lost a hard-fought and high-scoring 11-13 decision against Michigan’s Zac Stevens to come in 8th place at the 2012 NCAA Championships. He went on to earn All-American honors that year.

Steven Keith Record

Steven Keith’s overall Collegiate record was 107-51. His high school record was 186-15.

Steven Keith Injuries

Steven Keith has been largely injury free, missing little-to-no time in his collegiate wrestling career.

Is Steven Keith Retired?

Steven Keith has not retired from coaching, although it looks as if his days as a competitor are now behind him. After graduating, he worked as an assistant college wrestling coach before joining the organization for which he now works, Beat the Street NYC. 

This program is an urban outreach centered around creating opportunities for impoverished and at-risk youth to overcome their surroundings by spending time on the mat. While open to anyone, BTS currently serves a population which is 82% student-athletes of color. It boasts a 100% graduation rate. Beat the Street is a true testament to the power of combat sports to change lives, and Steven Keith’s contributions have been vital.

Steven Keith has also teamed up with Fanatic Wrestling, an affiliate of BJJ Fanatics, to share some of his knowledge and experience from top positions. His extremely thorough instruction in “The Crab Ride Curriculum” will give you a wrestler's perspective of this type of back control, as well as showing you how to use it strategically for scoring. Don’t sleep on these top-specific wrestling details straight from an All-American.

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