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Grappling innovator Eddie Bravo is set to continue to push the submission grappling competitive envelope even further this coming weekend with his next iteration of the Eddie Bravo Invitational sub only tournament.  Already well known as one of the most well run and exciting of the current crop of submission only tournaments, this round will feature an entire crew of some of the most accomplished and fierce female competitors. The event itself has only been around for three years having recently celebrated its anniversary, but in that short time, it has led the way as one of the premiere stages...

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Developing a submission game is very important for your progression in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Submissions are one of the biggest parts of bjj.  You need to develop a good guard, good passing, and good submissions to be well-rounded.  We recently wrote an article “The Fastest way to Progress in BJJ” if you’d like to check out some training strategies give it a read. Today, we discuss how to improve your submissions at a faster rate.  The quickest way to improve your submissions is to find a few submissions you like and work those.  Try to implement the Bruce Lee quote...

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Leg locks are quickly becoming the most popular choice of submissions in both the gi and in nogi, they are even becoming more prevalent in MMA.  What makes the leg lock such a popular choice of submission?  Why is it becoming a necessity to understand them? Leg locks are simply becoming so popular because they are effective, efficient, and present themselves more often than any other submission.  They are an extremely versatile submission because they work in gi, nogi and MMA.  There are also several different Leg attacks available, and you can connect one to another very well. Leg Locks...

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Though everyone has a different opinion when it comes to competing in BJJ, I truly believe that you understand the whole art, you have to compete at least a few times in your life. While BJJ will work against almost anyone in a self defense situation, it is truly intriguing how the art works against […]

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On July 17th, the seventh edition of the Eddie Bravo Invitational returns to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California for another night of submission only action! Eddie Bravo has made this tournament for the featherweights this time around and will have some of the best featherweights in the world competing. Here is the full […]

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