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EBI 18 Is Around The Corner!!!

EBI 18 Is Around The Corner!!!


Exploring the stacked card!

EBI 18 is scheduled for December 9th at the Onnit Gym in Austin, Texas. In this submission only tournament, 16 women will compete for the straw weight title. Previous EBI champions include Jon Calestine, Beatriz Mesquita and Gordon Ryan. With such high level competitors and exciting rule set this is event is not to be missed.

EBI 18 competitors include Pati Fontes (@patifontes), Lila Smadja (@lilasmadja) Livia Gluchowska (@livjiujitsu) Danielle Kelly (@daniellekellybjj) Chelsi Garcia Aguayo (@litleoneofakind) Fiona Margaret Watson (@teamfionabjj) Rikako Yuasa (@rikako_bjj) Gabby Romero (@gabbyromeromma) Megan Parducho (@meganparducho) Jessa Khan (@jessa.khan) Tracey Goodell @traceygoodell Fabiana Jorge (@fajorgebjj) Mayssa Bastos (@mayssabastosjj) Rita Lynne Gribben (@ritalynne), and Analilya Calzada (@msvshis).

The ability to escape submissions and horrible positions gives you confidence to fight in any position no matter what. The master of escapes and defense is Dean Lister.


 Jessa Khan is one competitor to watch. She won a gold medal in the 2018 Asian games.  Additionally, she has seen gold at these events:  European Championship,   PAN American Championship, Las Vegas Open 2X, San Diego Open 2X,  World Championship 2X,   Long Beach 2X, Los Angeles Grand Slam,  No gi World Championship 2X and JIU JUTSU World League 2X.

Lila Smadja and Gabby Romero are two former EBI competitors to watch. Lila made it to the semifinals at EBI 12: The Flyweights, only to be defeated by the tournament winner Erin Blanchfield. Gabby Romero made it to the quarterfinals of EBI 12. She was tapped by Gabi McComb who made it to the finals.

Rikako Yuasa is another competitor to watch. The website BJJ Heroes says this about Rikako, “Rikako Yuasa, also known as “Lady Sasa”, is Japanese born, Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under the prestigious Yukinori Sasa, being also one of the most accomplished female competitors of her generation. Competing in the light featherweight division (53.5kg/118lbs) for the Paraestra (Shinagawa) academy, Yuasa won important titles, such as the World Championship, Asian Open as well as European Open.” She won the IBJJF World Champion in 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

With many talented competitors and exciting EBI ruleset it should prove to be an exciting night for grappling. Who is your favorite to win the tournament?

Dean Lister is the master of the foot lock and the master of not getting submitted. Before Josh Barnett at Metamoris, Dean has not been submitted in 16 years in competition. His defense and ability to escape "worry free" is legendary. Learn Worry Free Escapes with Dean Listers Escape DVD and On Demand Series.




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