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EBI 12:  This Time the Ladies Own the Stage

EBI 12: This Time the Ladies Own the Stage


Grappling innovator Eddie Bravo is set to continue to push the submission grappling competitive envelope even further this coming weekend with his next iteration of the Eddie Bravo Invitational sub only tournament.  Already well known as one of the most well run and exciting of the current crop of submission only tournaments, this round will feature an entire crew of some of the most accomplished and fierce female competitors.

The event itself has only been around for three years having recently celebrated its anniversary, but in that short time, it has led the way as one of the premiere stages that has seen competitors like Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan dominate.  EBI has also been exposed to a much broader audience through the inclusion of the event on UFC Fight Pass.

If you'd like to learn more about the impact that the Eddie Bravo Invitational has had in the world of submission only grappling, check out this article on the topic here at BJJ Fanatics.  EBI leads the pack of current sub only tournaments with a very innovative rule set that attempts to take the subjectivity of a ref's decision out of the event and put the fate of the match in the hands of the competitors themselves.  

The event will be chock full of story lines, as many of the competitors, have competed a number of times.  This dramatic element will serve as the perfect backdrop as these 16 flyweights take the stage and bring female submission only to center stage where it deserves to be.

For a more in-depth look at the influence of Eddie Bravo's influence on submission grappling, check out this article at BJJ Fanatics.

In the video below, Eddie Bravo has his competitors set the stage for this weekend's event.  The depth of competitor is clear from the outset of the video, as Talita Alencar leads the group as the current reigning IBJJF gold medalist.  

In addition to the 16 woman tournament, there will also be a four woman combat jiu jitsu tournament that allows for open handed strikes to be used during the matches.

These ladies have the grappling pedigree to guarantee some extremely high level match ups.  The fact that many of these women have met on different stages and different competition styles in the past, will make for some very interesting intrigue that will make the matches all the more exciting.  The classic rivalries of gi practioners versus primarily non-gi competitors is there.  The rivalries between schools and affiliations is also there.

Check out the fireworks this coming Sunday, as Eddie Bravo and his highly innovative submission only tournament hits Los Angeles and the world via UFC Fight Pass to showcase some of the top female grappling competitors currently in the game.  You will not want to miss this event!

Before Eddie Bravo was revolutionizing the submission grappling competition scene, he was a competitor and teacher who has influenced legions of 10th Planet students across the world.  Check out Bravo's "Mastering the Twister" DVD available here at BJJ Fanatics!







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