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JT Torres Defends His Championship At Fight 2 Win

JT Torres Defends His Championship At Fight 2 Win


This past weekend, the sub-only grappling juggernaut Fight 2 Win brought us the 90th installment of their super fight extravaganzas, this time showcasing some of the best grappling talents in Philadelphia, PA. The card was three dozen deep with great fights, ranging from teens to purple belts to brown belts, before the black belts took the stage and stole the show. All eyes were on the main event, as IBJJF, ADCC, and F2W champion JT Torres (Essential BJJ) defeated hometown favorite and 6-0 FTW veteran Dylan Royce (Precision Jiu-Jitsu) in an energized and dynamic main event.

With the crowd rocking from the beginning, and JT was able to pull to his closed guard and use an omoplata to sweep to top position. From there, Royce fought hard, reguarding and working his way out of bad positions and submission threats, but JT kept his positioning solid and his pressure just kept increasing. After a few tense minutes of hunting, Torres was finally able to turn a deep half pass into a far-side armbar, getting the tap at 6:20 into the bout and retaining his title.

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If you get a chance to watch this fight, you can see a great example of how to keep passing position, even while your opponent does a good job of bucking and creating space on bottom. JT was able to keep his opponent flat with his pressure, limiting his movement, and was tactical about reacting to the guard recoveries. Whenever there was too much space he was able to compromise his control, giving up quarter guard instead of a more dangerous guard he would have to work through again. The pressure never stops, it just changes, and over time that creates a lot of problems for the bottom fighter; either stay in this position, accepting the pressure and pain (and watching the clock run out), or move to accommodate it, and risk even worse problems. Even still, Royce did a great job from these bad positions and made this main event an electric one.

Still curious about some of the ways JT Torres was able to defend his Fight 2 Win Welterweight Championship? Well, then you are in luck. You can see JT in his 5-volume set, Passing, Back Takes, and Finishes, where he shows the exact omoplata, knee slide, and armbar that he used to great effect in this fight, broken down in step-by-step detail. These moves are competition-proven, and are really a can’t miss when it comes to the top game. Get it here!

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure yet, go out of your way to find some clips of the Fight 2 Win organization’s matches, they are a new and very exciting submission only league that focuses on super fights, brought to you with all the production and investment that these hard-working athletes deserve. Founder Seth Daniels is a wild man, one of the hardest working guys in the game, and a friend of BJJ Fanatics. You can find his own instructional video set here, and I guarantee you’ve never seen one quite like this.




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