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Rodolfo is Back!

Rodolfo is Back!


This weekend, in Las Vegas, the inaugural Black Belt CBD Invitational was held.  This event was hosted by Black Belt Performance CBD- a company offering preworkout, protein, and recovery products, created for the jiu jitsu competitor featuring their "ultra premium cannabinoids" ingredients. 

Cash Prize and Equal Pay

This was a unique tournament as there was a no gi middleweight tournament, a gi heavyweight tournament, and a women's gi tournament.    Not only did this tournament offer great prize money ($30k for each winner of the tournament), it also offered an equal prize for the women's tournament winner as well.

There was also a superfight grappling match between former heavyweight champion Frank Mir and UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin.

The competitors for the no gi tournament were Gilbert Burns, DJ Jackson, Marcelo Mafra, and Rafael Domingos.  For the Gi portion, the competitors were Rodolfo Viera, Mahamed Aly, Kit Dale, and Tarsis Humphreys.

For the women, Ana Vieira (Rodolfo's sister), Catherine Perret, Gabrielle Lima, and Luiza Monteiro competed against each other.


Middleweight bracket (No-gi):

DJ Jackson def Rafael Domingos via points. 

Gilbert Burns def Marcelo Lapela Mafra via points. .

Middleweight Final:

Gilbert Burns def DJ Jackson via points. 

 Women’s bracket (Gi):

Ana Vieira def Gabrielle McComb Lima via points.

Luiza Monterio def Catherine Perret via armbar. 

 Women’s final:

Ana Vieira def Luiza Monterio via points. 

Heavyweight bracket (Gi):

Rodolfo Vieira def Kit Dale via points.

Mahamed Aly def Taris Humphreys via pointsHeavyweight final:
Rodolfo Vieira def Mahamed Aly via points. 

Super Fight (No-gi):

Frank Mir def Forrest Griffin via points. 

Rodolfo is Back!

The biggest highlight of the tournament was seeing Rodolfo Veira win his division, including defeating the current 2018 IBJJF Champion, Muhamed Aly in the process.

Rodolfo Viera is one of the most dominant BJJ competitors of all time, winning the IBJJF Black Belt Super Heavyweight division in 2011 (and Absolute), 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Despite his numerous grappling accomplishments, this was the first time since 2014 that Rodolfo competed in the Gi (he competed and won ADCC in 2015), as he has been largely focusing on his MMA career.

Roger Gracie's Comeback in 2017

His exciting win was similar to Roger Gracie's win over Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida in July 2017 during their Super Fight match in the Gracie Pro Jiu Jitsu Event in Rio de Janeiro.  Similar to Rodolfo's achievement, Roger came off a 2 year grappling lay off (He beat Rodrigo Medeiros in a Super Fight in 2015- but had not competed since 2012 prior to that match- where he coincidentally drew with Buchecha in the Metamoris event), to submit Buchecha with a back choke.

Check out Rodolfo Vieira's excellent video series, Jiu Jitsu Domination- Smash, Pass, Finish.  You will learn Rodolfo's methods of smashing through any guard and dominating your opponents until the tap out.  

You will learn:

Disk 1

  • Opening the closed guard
  • Knee cut half guard pass
  • Knee cut pass
  • Double under hook pass to mount
  • Back step pass
  • Shoulder pressure on the head guard pass
  • Lapel half guard pass
  • Underhook pass on lapel half guard
  • 7 point pass on lapel half guard

Disc 2

  • Flattening butterfly guard pass
  • Cart wheel butterfly guard pass
  • Hip switch pass on butterfly guard
  • Leg drag pass from butterfly
  • Weave pass
  • Baseball choke
  • Bread cutter choke
  • Choke from knee on belly
  • Mount choke 

Disc 3

  • 50/50 to leg drag
  • Cross choke
  • Cross choke to straight arm lock
  • Guard pass
  • Spider guard to arm lock
  • Lapel lasso pass
  • Take down
  • Single leg take down
  • Back take from turtle
  • De La Riva arm bar

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