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Will You Get Hurt Training BJJ?

Will You Get Hurt Training BJJ?


The Gentle Art? Yes, But Train Smart!

I often times hear the excuse, “I can’t train BJJ, because I can’t get hurt”. While being injured is certainly a detriment to daily living, the fear of being injured should not close the door to what could be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life.

I have been training for a little over a decade, and in that time, I have sustained several minor injuries that have affected my daily life very little. I’ve also racked up between 3-5 major injuries, that were setbacks, but not career ending.

Can accidents happen? Of course. But an accident can happen anywhere. You can fall in the shower or slip on the ice. There is risk every in any endeavor, but that stop us from living our lives.

My point here is this. YOUR approach to training BJJ will have a great deal to do with your risk of injury. 90% of injuries that I see are ego-related, and happen early on in the journey. Joining the right academy, asking questions, and having the right training partners are paramount in your quest to be injury free.

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It’s a valid concern for any professional looking to train BJJ to be anxious about their welfare. It should also be part of the academy’s responsibility. You’ll need to meet the instructors, scope the environment, assess the vibe, and voice your concerns. Anything you may be unsure about, should be addressed and taken into consideration by your Professor and your team. You’ll know if it feels right.

Don’t forget that you’re the number one factor in your safety. Do not sabotage your training by letting your ego run wild. Train with the intentions of learning, not winning, and you’ll dramatically decrease your chances of ending up on the sidelines.

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If you’ve been mulling it over, stop. Find the right academy and get started on your BJJ journey today. Don’t let the risk of injury keep you away. The Great Renzo Gracie once said, “Fighting is the best thing a man can have in his soul”. That’s pretty powerful. He’s 100% correct, but you’ll never know unless you step on to the mat.

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