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Renzo Gracie: A Legend's Return

Renzo Gracie: A Legend's Return


Today marked the return after 7 long years of Renzo Gracie to the Mixed Martial Arts stage in the Philippines for the One Fighting Championship organization.  Renzo Gracie is arguably one of the most influential jiu jitsu practitioners on the planet today.  As an athlete, competitor, instructor, coach, mentor and entrepreneur his impact on BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts cannot be measured.  As a fighter, he has appeared in some of the earliest MMA incarnations, stepped on the largest stages in the world in Pride and the UFC, and today stepped back on the mats to fight Yuki Kondo in Manila.

Check out the full fight below.  

 Beyond his impact as an MMA fighter, Renzo's legacy probably lies in the hands of his students and their students.  One of his most influential students right now is John Danaher, who has long been an instructor at Renzo's main academy in New York City.  If you want to explore Danaher's back take system (influenced by the one and only Renzo Gracie) check out Back Attacks:  Enter the System, the latest release from BJJ Fanatics!




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