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Garry Tonon Dominates at One FC

Garry Tonon Dominates at One FC


Grappling superstar Garry Tonon is quickly creating the need for a new moniker, "MMA Superstar" as he dominated his opponent today in his second MMA fight for the One Fighting Championship.  This Tom DeBlass jiu jitsu black belt and founding member of John Danaher's Death Squad has parlayed his rockstar status on the submission only mats to the cage with this second victory in Manila.

 In typical Garry Tonon style, he appeared to want to entertain the fans with the showcasing of his new striking skills and his submission prowess.  Despite Garry's repeated take downs and numerous submission attempts, credit must be given to his opponent for being able to work out of multiple leg entanglements and other submission attempts.

Before Garry became such a prominent leg lock expert under the guidance of John Danaher, his favorite submission was the rear naked choke, from which he earned his nickname "The Lion Killer."  In this match, he was able to perfectly mix his love of the RNC with the back control garnered from years under DeBlass and Danaher to finish the choke and secure that second win in the One FC cage.

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