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Kurt Osiander Armbar from Closed Guard

Kurt Osiander Armbar from Closed Guard

In this edition of Kurt Osiander's wildly popular "Move of the Week" series, he comes to us from Gracie Barra Cheshunt UK where he was doing a seminar for the team there.  In this move, he shows a simple arm attack from the closed guard when an opponent begins to initialize their attempts to open the closed guard by controlling the hips.  Check out the technique below.

In this technique, Kurt reminds us of the simple effectiveness of the closed guard.  By using his legs and hips he is able to pull the opponent closer with ease.  With a slight hip adjustment to the side, he creates the necessary space to slip his arm in to secure the shoulder control which creates the control that makes the rest of the move possible.

Once he controls that shoulder, he is able to hip away, bringing the opponent towards the mat, with his captured arm growing more exposed by the minute.  The opportunity to for a kimura is there on the way to the straight armbar.  Ideally, Kurt is looking for the straight armbar with the hand captured near his head an ear, but should the opponent be able to wind his arm out of that position, the omoplata is a viable third option.

The fundamental positions like closed guard and these simple arm attacks are crucial for BJJ practitioners of every level.  The longer you train, the more often you will return to these positions, constantly refining them.  For more from Kurt Osiander, check out "Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade" from BJJ Fanatics!  You can get it here.