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The Journey of Jake MacKenzie

The Journey of Jake MacKenzie


Jake MacKenzie is a Canadian-born black belt under Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu who has spent the majority of his formative years training and competing in Brazil.  Beginning in 2003, at around 16 years of age, having just earned his blue belt in BJJ, he made his first trip to Brazil.  BJJ did not have the foothold around the world that it continues to enjoy and expand as it does today.

Recently, he sat down with 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria to discuss those early years of training in Brazil as a young, non-Brazilian and what it was like to compete back then.  Check out the video below.

Jake is most well-known as a high level half guard player as well as an expert in reverse half guard.  Check out his "High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Half Guard" instructionals available at BJJ Fanatics!  He now has both volume 1 and volume 2 available for your viewing pleasure.



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