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More High Precision Half Guard With Jake Mackenzie

More High Precision Half Guard With Jake Mackenzie


We talk alot about half guard here at BJJ Fanatics. And this is for good reason.  Half guard works against BJJ athletes of all skill levels and most importantly can be implemented by practitioners of all levels.  With a stable of athletes like Bernardo Faria, often referred to as the Michael Jordan of half guard and Tom DeBlass who has been grinding away at perfecting his half guard since he was a young blue belt training daily with Ricardo Almeida and Renzo Gracie, the half guard position is held in high regards here at BJJ Fanatics.

Jake Mackenzie happens to be one of the best and most accomplished Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts in the world.  He is the most accomplished Canadian BJJ athlete and as a Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu black belt and longtime competitor for the highly talented GF Team, he has conquered ground that no other non-Brazilian competitor has done.  His innovative and varied half guard game helps make him one of the most feared middleweights on the mats.

As a young competitor, he found himself drawn to Brazil to learn and also to compete.  His dedication to studying, teaching, and competing in the homeland of BJJ has made him a legend amongst other athletes, but sadly, not as recognized as he should be by jiu jitsu media.

In this first release from BJJ Fanatics, High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Half Guard, Jake all of the secrets that have made his prowess in half guard both revered and feared.  With the release of High Precision Half Guard Volume 2, Jake looks to continue sharing with viewers all of the advanced secrets that have made him such a formidable opponent.

In the preview video below, Jake shows us the key details of his advanced half guard instruction.  Check it out below.

 Unlike many half guard proponents, Jake does not prefer to use the knee shield as predominantly.  Instead, he is looking to control the opponent by gripping the belt and working to prevent them from disengaging.  He still makes use of the knee but instead of a shield, he utilizes it more as a way to steer or direct the opponent to the side to create "negative space" that can be filled when he shoots threw to control the shin and/or secure the low under hook.

The way Jake transforms the use of the bottom arm as both a "catcher's mitt" to control the cross face and as the foundation of his base once he dives in for the low underhook is masterful and should be absorbed and reviewed.  The bonus detail of focusing his grip on the middle and ring finger is gold.

If you have not gotten your copy of Volume One of Jake Mackenzie's High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Guard, it's far from being too late.  Why not make the best decision of your day and secure both Volume One and the latest High Precision Half Guard Vol Two where he shares even more of his diverse and deadly half guard game.


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