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The Rise of the Danaher Death Squad

The Rise of the Danaher Death Squad


If you sit back and think about the rise of the Danaher Death Squad, it almost reads like a Hollywood superhero screenplay.  A philosophy instructor and BJJ black belt, named John Danaher from New Zealand has a chance meeting with a legendary grappler named Dean Lister and after that encounter, he creates a laboratory in the basement of Renzo Gracie's Academy and brings together a rag-tag group of talented grapplers with whom he shares his mad recipes for jiu jitsu dominance.  In a very short time, this group would go on to dominate the world of submission grappling and to find themselves at the top of the podium at the most illustrious grappling event in the world with Gordon Ryan's gold medal at the ADCC world champtionships.

With the release of "Leglocks:  Enter the System", John Danaher wishes to share this system with the rest of the world.  Not since Royce Gracie stepped inside the Octagon in Denver so many years ago at UFC 1, has the landscape of martial arts been so greatly impacted.  You can get your copy of Danaher's opus here at BJJ Fanatics! 



If this amazing video showcasing the system doesn't get you pumped to get on the mats and wreck tendons and ligaments, we're not really sure what will.

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