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BJJ Summer Training Tips

BJJ Summer Training Tips


Summer is here! The sun is shining, the days are longer, our injuries feel a little better, and we’re enjoying those slip and slide training sessions at the academy. It’s a great time to train, but it’s also a time to take your hygiene game to the next level. Here are a few tips to make sure your BJJ hygiene is on point for the hottest months of training:

BJJ Summer Tip #1

Rash guards. Wear a rash guard under your gi. We have enough sweat dripping from our brow, we don’t need to add to it. And besides, chest sweat is not an adequate defense for the arm bar. Tank top rash guards are available to eliminate having more material than necessary under your gi top. This is a great year-round hygienic practice anyway, but especially imperative in the summer months!

BJJ Summer Tip #2

A towel. If you’re sweat glands are black belt level, consider bringing a towel to class. No one will be mad if you take a moment to spot treat. Your courtesy will be appreciated.

BJJ Summer Tip #3

Wipes. If your academy doesn’t have showers, pick up some body wipes. Specifically, ones formulated for post workout that are anti-fungal, anti-microbial, etc. like Defense Wipes. Experts say if you can’t get to a shower within 2 hours of training you should wipe yourself down to ensure you don’t pick up any undesirables from the mat, even if you just hit the body parts that were exposed to the training floor.

BJJ Summer Tip #4

Your gi. Make sure it’s clean. Don’t leave it in the back of your car or balled up in your gym bag after a hot training session. If it sits long enough you will not be able to remove the odor. One of the Professors at my school refers to this as “breaking your gi.” Make sure it gets washed ASAP after training. You have to be extra diligent this time of year. No amount of Febreze or Axe can save you.

Incorporate these 4 tips into your summertime training routine, your team mates and professors will appreciate you.

In the summer, it's sometimes good to polish up your No Gi skills to allow you to cool down slightly.  Check out Olympic judoka Rick Hawn's No Gi Takedowns Made Easy instructional at BJJ Fanatics!




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