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Add Finishing Power to The Cloverleaf Submission with Charles Harriot

Add Finishing Power to The Cloverleaf Submission with Charles Harriot


Power Up Your Leg Lock Game!

Inside sankaku or the inside triangle leg configuration, has emerged as the most dangerous leg entanglement in the game. When done properly, this particular structure is not easily unraveled. With a myriad of submissions available from the IS, your opponent is sure to succumb to the position if you’re patient and willing to learn the most controlling aspects of this dominating leg trap.

When we’re first learning to tie up the legs in IS, consider starting with the cloverleaf submission. This particular submission is less dangerous than many of the other ones we’ll learn from IS. Often times we hear that the clover leaf is not a high percentage submission, and that it won’t produce taps like the other options from IS. Is that the case? Or are we doing it wrong? Take a look at this quick instructional segment on the IS position and cloverleaf finish from Charles Harriot.

Harriot begins by expressing his belief in the absolute controlling nature of the IS.  He goes on to explain that even a white belt can make life difficult for a black belt if they’ve acquired a basic understanding of the position. This is reason enough to dig deeper.

Harriot prefers to apply the figure 4 style gripping method to control the top leg. He plants his foot on the backside of his partners body, and projects his front side knee to the mat, to keep his partners hips from finding any movement that would lead to escape.

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Harriot then weaves his top arm between the legs and secures a gable grip. Now, here’s where many of us may be going wrong with our finish. Harriot expresses the importance of returning to our side, and not remaining on our back during the completion of the submission. He stays firmly planted on his side, drives his hips into the submission and looks over his left shoulder, for an easy finish.

When we secure IS position, the cloverleaf is one of the most readily available submissions. It can be attacked without much transitioning, making it an easy option. Add these details and see if you can get more finishing power out of the IS position, and your cloverleaf submission. Get to work!

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