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Alex Bryce His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alex Bryce His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Alex Bryce?

Alex Bryce is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt promoted by Andre Galvao at Atos BJJ. Alex is extremely well educated and highly regarded by his teammates in strength and conditioning. Alex is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who graduated with a high distinction through the (NSCA) National Strength and Conditioning Association. Alex is also a co-founder along with his training partner Alex Sterner and one of the head coaches at Electrum Performance, which is a premier institution in San Diego. Electrum Performance offers strength and conditioning workout programs, designed for athletes of many different shapes and sizes. Alex is a former trainer at Glute Lab which was owned by Brett Contreras.

Simplified Strength Training Templates For BJJ by Alex Sterner & Alex Bryce

Alex Bryce was an up and coming phenomenal grappler as he quickly became one of Andre Galvao's most technical students. Alex has a clinical approach to his Martial Arts, as his technical aptitude is extremely high. Alex was always the first guy on the mats and the last one to leave the gym, his quest for excellence turned him into one of the most dedicated students at Atos. Alex utilised his skills in body conditioning to enhance his abilities inside the gym. It didn't take Alex long before his coach Andre Galvao promoted him to the rank of Black belt. Through Alex's hard work and technical application he is extremely proud of his accomplishment. 

Alex is a highly regarded member of Atos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and he assists his longtime friend Alex Sterner in running Strength and Conditioning programs at Atos BJJ Headquarters. Alex uses his exemplary background in exercise techniques, program design and periodization for individuals and teams. Alex has been involved in many of Atos BJJ's winning tournaments, including back to back team World Championships. Alex has proven himself to be a master class amongst many of Andre Galvao's students. Alex is a huge part of how Atos Jiu Jitsu athletes condition their mind and their bodies. 

Alex has become a huge part of Atos BJJ, he is widely respected for his coaching abilities. Along with many of his achievements as a Black belt coach, Alex has succeeded with his strength and conditioning business. Alex is a co-founder along with his good friend and training partner Alex Sterner, of Electrum Performance. Together they have created a tremendous series of online regimented workout routines. They have also opened a brand new gym where they offer world class strength and conditioning training exercises. Alex is an exceptional teacher of Strength and Conditioning practices, as he continues to develop his understanding for bullet proofing the body for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other combative sports.

The Fundamentals of Power Lifting by Louie Simmons

Alex Bryce's Strength And Conditioning Company!

Alex Bryce is a consummate professional and world renowned for his strength and conditioning workouts. Alex is a co-founder along with Alex Sterner at Electrum Performance, a battle tested and amazing strength and conditioning concept. Their San Diego gym is a provider of some of the world's most prolific and cutting edge workout programs tailored specifically for every individual. Alex has a coaching approach that is friendly and professional that works for all types of athletes, from clients wanting to improve their overall fitness, to the more professional athlete aiming to achieve world class results at the pinnacle in their Martial Arts. Alex is a specialist in helping Martial Arts athletes, with his extensive programs aimed to cater for different types of combative athletes at their respective skill levels.

Electrum Performance has an online platform that allows customers to access workout programs that give them a wide range of options from Electrum Performance Custom to Electrum Performance in their homes. This exciting program allows clientele to train in the privacy of their own home or gym. Electrum Performance has designed programs to facilitate customers as they strive to reach their objectives. Alex's specially designed programs alternate between high and low intensity which transfers into successful results in the client's specific field of competitive sports. Electrum Performance's programs increase explosiveness for takedowns, improve isometric strength for guard retention, and focus on specialised elements of Jiu Jitsu conditioning. Alex has designed extensive programs that are tailored to help heighten a client's potential to achieve their objectives. Electrum Performance has proven results that have been tested in various competitions throughout the Martial Arts world. Alex has outstanding strength and conditioning training regimes that have given world class athletes the recipe for success. At Electrum Performance you can expect individualized programs, personal training, group training, guidance from the Electrum Performance app, glute and physique training and evidence based coaching. 

How Much Is Alex Bryce Worth?

Alex Bryce has profited extensively from his strength and conditioning gym, Electrum Performance has become extremely popular especially with its online platform. His business idea that was funded and co-founded with his good mate Alex Sterner has become a world class organisation. Alex also profited significantly through his former employment as a trainer at Glute Lab, where he worked for the world renowned "Glute Guy" Brett Contreras. Alex has secured a Net Worth of close to a million dollars, as his business successes are rising exponentially. Alex has begun working with BJJ Fanatics the famous worldwide instructional video platform for striking and grappling based arts. Alex has recently teamed up with Alex Sterner as they have filmed "Simplified Strength Training Templates For BJJ'' which is an in depth account detailing the foundations of strength and conditioning techniques. His video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Alex Bryce?

Alex Bryce stands at 5 feet and  10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Alex Bryce Weigh?

Alex Bryce weighs in at 96 kilograms which equates to 211 pounds.

Alex Bryce's Strength And Conditioning Regimes!

Alex Bryce has focused his career towards his passion for strength and conditioning training, he has proven world class experience in helping high level athletes reach their full potential. Alex has intense regimented training sessions that he shares with many world class athletes. The overall goal of strength and conditioning is loading up the body's muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. This is a process that makes the tissue much stronger and in most cases will result in a higher resilience for extreme intensity combative sports, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Often an athlete's workout equipment becomes unattainable, which is why Alex's specially designed courses are different variations of considerably basic body movements. Basic techniques are utilised in his programing like squatting, lunging, pushups, plyometrics and isometrics. Many of these simple exercises can be trained at a high pace or with more repetition, especially if the desired equipment is not available. At Electrum Performance Alex is all about developing resilience within the athletes repouture, as his team works extensively to enhance the experience for all customers involved at Electrum Performance. 

Alex Bryce's Instructional Video Content!

Alex Bryce has teamed up with the head coach for the Atos BJJ team in Alex Sterner. Together they have rewritten the books on Strength and Conditioning, as they have developed their own system for enhancing an athletes ability to get the best out of their sports. His 4 part series is titled "Simplified Strength Templates For BJJ" and is also available as an E-Book. His video is a simple to follow program which has been designed to help athletes reach their next level, with workout plans they can utilise in their time away from their sport. In his video Alex has designed sports based strength functionality that will help athletes become more versatile in their respective combative sports. Alex Bryce has designed a layout to help complete 4 day workout regimes, that builds strength and helps the athlete recover quickly. These techniques have a stronger foundation including hip and shoulder mobility practices that helps the athlete compete for longer.

Alex Bryce's Injuries!

Alex Bryce has dealt with his share of injuries during his athletic career. He has suffered from ongoing back issues during his younger years, his issues forced him to take a deeper look at how he trains. Alex would study hard and secure a distinction in his accreditation in Strength and Conditioning from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Alex is now extremely experienced at self preservation, as he has continued to train his body to better prepare for high intensity Martial Arts. Throughout his career Alex has showcased expert injury prevention and rehabilitation. Alex has tremendous knowledge about how to bullet proof his body and best service his body's systems in order to balance his work load, and correctly train his muscles. Alex is heavily invested in helping his fellow teammates at Atos BJJ and all his client's from all over the globe, to become powerful athletes and stay free from serious injury.

Is Alex Bryce Retired?

Alex Bryce works extensively with his clients, running personal training sessions and seminars. He also trains and offers his expertise and knowledge towards all of his Atos teammates. Alex is a professional and a gentleman, as he continues to extend his passion for training far beyond the normal limits of a Martial Arts practitioner. Alex is fast building his legacy as he is gaining significant notoriety for his accomplishments in the sport.

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