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Bekzod Abdurakhmonov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Bekzod Abdurakhmonov? 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov is an exceptional wrestler who hails from the nation of Uzbekistan. He has achieved international stardom through Olympic Wrestling, winning Bronze at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Bekzod has won multiple medals including Asian Games and Asian Championship Golds, he has also medalled at the NCAA division 1 championships, securing an All American selection. Along with Bekzod's outstanding wrestling career he is also undefeated inside the Mixed Martial Arts cage. He has fought seven times in promotions like; Victory Combat Sports, World Ertaymash Federation, Sherman Cage Rage, CES MMA and CFFC. 


Bekzod is an Uzbekistan national who moved to Boston USA as a teenager. He attended Kansas Junior college before transferring to Clarion University in Pennsylvania, where he became a prolific wrestler competing in all of the prestigious events throughout college. Bekzod placed third at the 2012 NCAA division 1 championships, earning himself an All American selection. Bekzod also became the EWL Champion in 2012 and secured a number of podium medals at events like; the Dave Schultz Memorial, the Bill Farrell International and the Senior World Championship. Bekzod graduated college with a degree in Sports Management, and after college he became a volunteer coach at Harvard University as he continued his international career.

As a part of the Uzbekistan national team, Bekzod was showcasing his excellence in wrestling as he notched up Gold medals at the Asian Games and the Asian Championships. Bekzod would represent Uzbekistan at the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, where he came within two points of a Bronze medal, losing 7 - 9 to Jabrayil Hasanov. In 2017 Bekzod continued to impress by winning another Asian Championship and the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Gold medal. Bekzod also finished in third place at the Islamic Solidarity Games, where he took home the Bronze medal.

In 2018 Bekzod finished third at the World Championships in Budapest. He also took home the Gold medal at the Asian games in Jakarta. Bekzod was dominating the competition as he prepared for the 2020 Olympic games. After the Tokyo Olympics was postponed due to Covid 19 restrictions, Bekzod stayed focused as he continued his extensive training in preparation for the inevitable 2021 Tokyo Olympics. In 2021 Bekzod would fly the flag for Uzbekistan as he suited up as an Olympic wrestler. After an amazing campaign, Bekzod would earn himself a Bronze medal.

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Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Mixed Martial Arts Career!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov is world renowned for his outstanding wrestling abilities. Over the course of his career he has stepped into the cage 9 times, showcasing his fearless fighting attributes. After two amatuer wins, Bekzod made his professional Mixed Martial Arts debut at Gladiators of the Cage in 2013. Fighting Eric Calderon, Bekzod secured a Rear Naked Choke 1 minute and 46 seconds into the first round. One month later he stepped back into the cage against Stephen Singleton, where he landed a savage head kick 1 minute and 54 seconds into the first round. Bekzod's third fight ended with another first round stoppage, as he secured a TKO victory 4 minutes and 31 seconds into the first round against Phil Parrish. 

In November of 2013 Bekzod took his 4th fight in 5 months at CFFC 29. Fighting against Christian Leonard, Bekzod was taken deep into the third round but still managed to pull off an Arm Triangle submission win. In January of 2014 Bekzod would fight at CES 21, as he secured another first round submission against Andrew Osborne. Bekzod would go on to win his next two fights against Marcel Goncalves and Beksultan Kaipnazaro. Bekzod has an MMA record of 9 - 0 including a professional record of 7 - 0. After a successful Mixed Martial Arts career Bekzod has vowed to focus his career on Olympic Wrestling as he endeavors to become an Olympic Gold medalist.

How Old Is Bekzod Abdurakhmonov? 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov was born in Tashkent in Uzbekistan on the 15th of March in 1990, he is currently 31 years of age. He later moved to the United States of America as a teenager. 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Early Career!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov grew up in Tashkent in Uzbekistan which was a place where young men are taught to wrestle. Growing up, Bekzod was heavily influenced by his father to wrestle and as he entered school he was fast becoming a highly capable wrestler. In 2008, when he was a junior wrestler Bekzod was trying to earn significant notoriety in Uzbekistan. He faced an opponent at the Junior National Championships that engaged in unsportsmanlike behaviour. His opponent slapped Bekzod in the face once and then twice. Bekzod managed to stay calm but told his opponent if you slap me once more, I'm gonna hit you. His opponent slapped him one more time so Bekzod swung an uppercut and knocked him out. Bekzod was hit with an immediate ban by the Uzbekistan Wrestling Federation. 

Bekzod was out of options as his wrestling career hung in the balance. Bekzod’s older brother, who was living in the United States of America, encouraged him to join an American college. The only school that Bekzod could get into was a community college in Kansas. He wasn't planning on moving to the US mainly because he could not speak any English. So Bekzod had to work extremely hard on his education and his language barrier. When he wasn't wrestling, he was studying full time, he had help from his teachers who would sit with him and guide him through the education process. Bekzod's grades began to pick up and he was able to transfer to a better school, Pennsylvania's Clarion University. Bekzod quickly found out that he had to study hard if he wanted to wrestle any further.

After the completion of his ban, Bekzod became a vital part of the Uzbek national team. In his first senior competition for Uzbekistan, he won a bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships. He continued his assault on the world stage with a Gold medal at the Asian Games, and then two consecutive Gold medals at the Asian championships. Bekzod narrowly missed a medal at the Rio Olympics, but eventually fulfilled his dream of reaching the Olympic podium with a Bronze medal in Tokyo.

How Much Is Bekzod Abdurakhmonov Worth?

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has become an international hero to the people of Uzbekistan. He has fought with pride and honour for his country in two Olympic campaigns, and in many world level events. Bekzod has an unreported net worth, but he is accumulating some considerable wealth through his personal accomplishments. His net worth is an estimation that sits close to a million dollars. Bekzod has also begun working with BJJ Fanatics, as he has filmed "The Takedown Passport" an instructional video that details Bekzod's professional experience with taking down opponents. His video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Bekzod Abdurakhmonov? 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 178 centimetres. Bekzod has a 70 inch reach which equates to 178 centimetres. 

How Much Does Bekzod Abdurakhmonov Weigh?

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov fights in the Lightweight division, he weighs in at 74 kilograms or 163 pounds. Bekzod has also competed as a Welterweight inside the MMA cage.

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Fight List

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has fought extensively as a Wrestler and a Mixed Martial Artist. His ferocity on the mats has earnt himself the nickname the Uzbeck Assassin. Bekzod has competed against many world class athletes like; Louis Rocco, Bryan Medina, Miroslav Kirov, Christian Flores, Roman Dermenji, Ruslan Dibirgadzhiyev, Dan Vallimont, Adam Hall, Vadyslav, Dombrovskiy, Nestor Taffur, Hirok Kayamor, Anthony Valencia, Robert Kokesh, Jordan Burroughs, Matt Brown, Gurinder Chotra, Muslim Evlaev, Chongyao Zhang, Livan Lopez Azcuy, Ming Liang Wang, Soner Demirtas, Franklin Matos and John Dupont. 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Best Fight Of All Time!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has had many exciting and challenging fights throughout his career. Defeating Jordan Burroughs at the Rio Olympic Games 11 - 1 in a technical fall has been one of his best fights. Bekzod has also had amazing tournaments at the Asian Championships and the Asian Games securing 4 Gold medals in total. Bekzod had his best fight in 2021 as he became an Olympic Bronze medalist. Bekzod fought against the Kazakhstan national Daniyar Kaisanov, winning the elusive Bronze medal. Bekzod is extremely proud of his achievements, representing his nation of Uzbekistan is most definitely his finest moment.

Who Did Bekzod Abdurakhmonov Lose To?

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has had an amazing career as he remains undefeated in Mixed Martial Arts. In Wrestling he has been extremely dominant, but has lost fights to athletes like; Georgi Ivanov, Jason Welch, Azamat Nurykau, Aniuar Geduev, Alex Dieringer, Jordan Burroughs, Kevin LeValley, Ali Shabanau, Mostafa Hosseinkhani, Yakup Gor and Khadzhimurad Gadzhiyev. Bekzod faced his most frustrating loss at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics, after dominating Jordan Burroughs 11 - 1 winning by tech fall he fought in the Bronze medal fight. Striving to reach the Olympic podium, Bekzod fought Jabrayil Hasanov and in a fight filled with takedowns and reversals, Bekzod came extremely close to a win as he was narrowly upstaged 9 points to 7 by his opponent.

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Record!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has an outstanding record as a Wrestler and an MMA fighter. He has paved the way for many of his countrymen in the field of Martial Arts. Bekzod has compiled an extensive list of accomplishments that includes;

Tokyo Olympics Third Place (2021) Rio De Janeiro Olympics Fifth Place (2016) Asian Senior Champion (2015, 2017) Asian Games Champion (2014, 2018) Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Champion (2017) EWL Champion (2012) Bill Farrell International Champion (2015) Adult Executive Gi Champion (2013) Senior World Championship Fifth Place (2017) Senior World Championship Third Place (2014, 2018) EWL Championship Third Place (2011) NCAA Division 1 Championship Third Place (2012) Islamic Solidarity Games Third Place (2017) Dave Schultz Memorial International Runner Up (2014, 2016) Tbilisi Grand Prix Runner Up (2018) 

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov's Injuries!

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has had a good run with injuries. He has managed to stay relatively free from any significant injury. Although he has had plenty of minor muscle strains, wrestling at the high intensity that Bekzod does, he was always bound to have minor impingements. Bekzod has proven his ability to condition his body and prepare for intensity as he has become a prolific competitor and an international assassin.

Is Bekzod Abdurakhmonov Retired?

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov has become an international superstar, through his high profile wrestling. Bekzod has retired from Mixed Martial Arts after an undefeated professional career. He has decided on staying focused with his ambition to become an Olympic Gold medalist. Bekzod turned down a coaching job at Harvard University so he could focus exclusively on his personal career. Bekzod has become a pillar of strength to the people of Uzbekistan as he continues his prolific career as a Wrestler.

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