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Daniel DeShazer His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Daniel DeShazer His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Daniel DeShazer?

Daniel DeShazer is a three time All American wrestler fighting out of the University of Oklahoma. Daniel became a three time Regional Champion and a two time National champion. Daniel also achieved two MIAA Conference Championship titles as he secured 23 falls throughout his career. Daniel DeShazer is an extremely talented wrestler who has competed extensively as a high level athlete.

Who Is Daniel DeShazer?

Daniel DeShazer is a three time All American wrestler fighting out of the University of Oklahoma. Daniel became a three time Regional Champion and a two time National champion. Daniel also achieved two MIAA Conference Championship titles as he secured 23 falls throughout his career. Daniel DeShazer is an extremely talented wrestler who has competed extensively as a high level athlete.

The Takedown Playbook by Daniel DeShazer

Daniel attended Wichita Heights high school where he became a two time state champion. Competing for the Falcons he helped his team to a Class 6A State title in 2011. Daniel was an outstanding wrestler as he went undefeated as a Junior and was ranked the 19th overall recruit in the 130 pound division. By the end of high school he was ranked 7th as a 130 pounder, Daniel also spent his high school years competing in track and field and was a member of the high school football team.

After graduating high school Daniel DeShazer took a red shirt year in 2012 prior to joining UNK (University of Nebraska - Kearney) In 2013 he became the National champion at 133 pounds, Daniel had an outstanding first year in college with multiple wins and titles. Daniel became the Regional champion and secured a second place at the (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association) MIAA Conference Championship. Daniel also won the UNK Loper Open and compiled another second place at the UNK Holiday Inn Open. Daniel finished his season on an 8 match win streak and secured 11 falls, as he powered his way to an season overall record of 31 - 8 including 21 - 1 against division 2 opponents. 

The following year Daniel achieved many honours throughout his year at UNK as he balanced wrestling and playing football. Daniel suffered from some injuries as a result of playing football which kept him sidelined for half the season. Daniel finished second at the Nationals and the MIAA Conference Championships, he also placed 5th at the University Nationals in Akron. Daniel did win the Regionals with an unbeaten run of wins as he finished his season with an overall record of 17 - 3. Daniel was also named in the MIAA Academic Honour Roll and Wrestling Coaches Association All Academic First Team.

Daniel had an outstanding year in the 2014 - 2015 season as he secured first place at the Nationals, Regionals and the MIAA Conference Championships. Daniel also finished 5th at the Cliff Keen Invitational in Las Vegas. Daniel finished his year with an incredible 24 - 0 record against division 2 opponents. In Daniel’s senior year he battled through a tough roster as he slumped to a season record of 12 - 9 and finished college with an overall record of 99 - 25 including an amazing 73 - 12 record against division 2 opponents. 

Currently Daniel DeShazer competes as a part of USA Wrestling as he aspires to become an Olympian. Daniel worked as an Olympic sports strength and conditioning intern, and he talked about how it helped him further his knowledge within the industry. Daniel also coaches the Kansas National Wrestling team, as he gives his knowledge and insights to help the younger generations develop their wrestling careers. 

How Old Is Daniel DeShazer?

Daniel DeShazer was born in Wichita, Kansas in the United States in 1996, he is currently 25 years of age.

No Gi Takedowns Made Easy by Rick Hawn

Daniel DeShazer’s Family!

Daniel DeShazer grew up not far from Kansas City in a place called Wichita. He lived with his father Danny and his mother Tanisha, together they lived a happy and fulfilling life. Daniel was raised to have good work ethics, as his father expected Daniel to study hard and work at his dreams equally as hard. Daniel lived about 50 kilometres away from Romero Cotton who became a future MMA fighter for Bellator. Daniel and Romero grew up together and entered high school with aspirations to become Olympians. As the pair grew they won National titles and remained close friends, even after Romero took a different path into MMA. Daniel attributes his success to his fathers constant guidance and integral work ethics.     

How Tall Is Daniel DeShazer?

Daniel DeShazer stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is the equivalent to 170 centimetres. 

How Much Does Daniel DeShazer Weigh?

Daniel DeShazer weighs in at 133 lbs which is the equivalent to 60 kilograms. Daniel is a small wrestler but what he lacks in terms of weight he makes up for with considerable explosiveness. 

Daniel DeShazer’s Fight List!

Daniel DeShazer has a reputation for being an incredible wrestler and athlete. Daniel spent his high school and college years balancing wrestling, football and track and field. Even after college Daniel continued his wrestling assaults as he aspires to become an Olympic medalist. Daniel has fought wrestlers like; Mack McGuire, Zach Synon, Angelo Amenta, Brance Simms, John Twomey, Aaron Hansen, Michael Hayes, Ben Gillette, PT Garcia, John Erneste and Cole Baumgartner. 

Daniel DeShazer’s Best Fight Of All Time!

During college Daniel DeShazer secured a 24 match win streak, where he fought some exceptionally tough opponents. Daniel has won multiple titles at National and Regional level, he has also won the MIAA Conference title on 2 separate occasions. Some of Daniel’s best wins came in the NCAA Championships where he did not place, but he won his first two bouts in close matchups. Daniel competed for the National Title in 2015, in the semi final he defeated Nate Rodrigez of Ouachita Baptist 2 - 1 in an extremely close tussle. Moving on into the final Daniel took on Ashland’s Michael Abry, Daniel secured another win 7 - 6 in a close battle as he was crowned the National Champion.  

Who Did Daniel DeShazer Lose To?

Daniel DeShazer has had his fair share of losses throughout his career, he has lost to guys like; Cody Brewer, George DiCamillo, Josh Alber, Josh Martinez, Nick Soto, Grim Gonzalez, Rossi Bruno, Earl Hall and Matt Manley. Daniel has always been in search of an Olympic dream so one of his worst losses came in 2017 at the World Team Trials Last Chance Qualifier. Daniel fought Thomas Gilman and had him shocked early with a 6 - 0 start, however Thomas Gilman stormed back to win the match and went on to secure a silver medal at the World Championships. Daniel was extremely disappointed as he went back to the drawing board to resurrect his Olympic aspirations. Daniel also lost to Zach Sanders and Nathan Tomasello at the 2019 Senior Nationals keeping Daniel off of the podium once again.

Daniel DeShazer’s Record!

Daniel DeShazer finished college with a record of 99 wins and 25 losses, including a division 2 record of 73 and 12. Daniel won 24 consecutive wins in his college years and headed into coaching as a highly sought out wrestler. Daniel has compiled a list of accolades that consist of;

2 x Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Conference Champion (2015, 2016) 3 x Regional Champion (2013, 2014, 2015) 2 x National Champion (2013, 2015) UNK Loper Open Winner (2013) UNK Holiday Inn Open Runner Up (2013) 3 x All American, MIAA Academic Honour Roll, Wrestling Coaches Association All Academic First team, 2 x MIAA Runner Up (2013, 2014) National Championship Runner Up (2014) 2 x State High School Champion, Helped the Falcons win a Class 6A State Title (2011) Daniel was also undefeated as a Junior in high school, and was ranked the 7th best high school wrestler by Amatuer Wrestling News.

Daniel DeShazer’s Injuries!

Daniel DeShazer has spent his high school and college years balancing three sports, Daniel wrestled, played football and was a track and field star. As Daniel tried to play many sports his years were hampered by injuries as he found himself sidelined on a number of occasions. As a Sophomore he sat out at least 10 matches during the regular season with hamstring and calf complaints. Daniel spent some time rehabbing his injuries and easily put himself back in contention for Olympic selections. Daniel has an extremely great reputation for his ability to condition himself in an expert manner.

Is Daniel DeShazer Retired?

Daniel DeShazer is currently still in pursuit of his Olympic dream as he endeavours to be selected in the USA Olympic teams. Daniel has been coaching for the Kansas Wrestling team and is adamant about helping many athletes achieve their dreams. Daniel has also worked extensively in strength and conditioning at the University of Minnesota. Daniel DeShazer has become an extremely professional coach and still aspires to wrestle at the Olympic level, as he prepares for possible selection at the Paris games in 2024.Daniel DeShazer has also filmed an instructional video with the ever popular brand BJJ Fanatics called “The Takedown Playbook”. Daniel has proven himself to be a formidable athlete and an exceptional wrestler with expert knowledge in coaching.

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