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Dustin Schlatter His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Dustin Schlatter His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Dustin Schlatter?

Dustin Schlatter is a competitive champion in wrestling, he has won numerous titles at many different weight classes. Dustin became the 2006 NCAA Division 1 Champion and a three time NCAA All American. Dustin has had an outstanding career in wrestling all throughout high school and college. Dustin was a USA Wrestling champion in cadet and junior divisions, he also was a four time state champion for Graham and Perry high schools in Ohio.

Who Is Dustin Schlatter?

Dustin Schlatter is a competitive champion in wrestling, he has won numerous titles at many different weight classes. Dustin became the 2006 NCAA Division 1 Champion and a three time NCAA All American. Dustin has had an outstanding career in wrestling all throughout high school and college. Dustin was a USA Wrestling champion in cadet and junior divisions, he also was a four time state champion for Graham and Perry high schools in Ohio.

Collar Tie Attacks and Fundamental Takedowns by Dustin Schlatter

Dustin Schlatter attended Graham high school in St Paris Ohio from 2001 to 2003, and Perry high school in the township of Perry in Ohio from 2003 to 2005. Dustin became one of the best wrestlers in Ohio as he formed an incredible record of 154 wins with only 4 losses. Dustin won 4 OHSAA State Championships, two of them were division 1 while the other two were division 2 championships. Dustin won the Beast of the East tournament twice, and in 2003 he went undefeated at the USA Wrestling National Championships in Fargo North Dakota, where he won the Junior National Freestyle Championships. Dustin was also crowned the NHSCA Senior National Wrestling Champion after defeating #2 Brent Metcalf (4 - 3) in a rematch of his earlier loss to Brent at the Medina Invitational. After their bout at the Nationals, Dustin claimed the number #1 ranking spot.

Dustin graduated high school and headed to the University of Minnesota, as a true freshman he set an incredible win record of 42 wins with 1 loss. Dustin became the Big 10 Conference Champion with a win over Troy Tirapelle of Illinois State. Dustin defeated the defending NCAA Division 1 Champion Zack Esposito twice in his freshman year. Dustin also became the 2006 NCAA Division 1 Champion with a 4 nil defeat over Tyler Eustice of the University of Iowa. After his NCAA title win, Dustin was honoured with an All American selection.

Dustin went into his Sophomore year on an amazing win streak and by his first loss in 2007 he had accumulated 65 wins in a row. Dustin finished his year with another incredible season by securing 37 wins and only 1 loss. Dustin won his second straight Big 10 Conference title and finished third at the NCAA Division 1 Championships after his sole loss for the year against Gregor Gillespie from Edinboro.

As a Junior, Dustin had an interrupted year as injuries plagued the young athlete. Dustin would finish his year with a 21 and 5 win loss record, including a third All American finish at the NCAA titles. After coming back from injury Dustin made the final of the Big 10 Conference Championship, although he suffered a loss to arch nemesis Brent Metcalf 5 - 3. The following year Dustin decided to take a redshirt year so he could rest up his injuries. That year while training in freestyle he was selected for his first world team, after defeating top seed Travis Paulson. Dustin competed at the World Championships and lost to the eventual Bronze medalist Ramash Kumar of India.

In Dustin’s Senior year he had more interruptions as injuries plagued the superstar again. Dustin was asked by Minnesota to drop down a weight category, Dustin happily obliged and quoted “I will do whatever I have to for my team”. Dustin dropped down to #4 seed with some losses but redeemed himself with a win at the Southern Scuffle. Dustin was sidelined with a leg injury for most of the year and later that year he made a comeback at the NCAA titles. Competing in his first match Dustin injured his leg again after a first round sprawl. Dustin finished off his disappointing year with a 14 - 3 win loss record. 

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How Old Is Dustin Schlatter?

Dustin Schlatter was born in Westerville Ohio on the 15th of May in 1986, he is currently 35 years of age.

Dustin Schlatter’s Family!

Dustin Schlatter grew up in Westerville in Ohio, in a highly functional sporting family. His parents Pat and Joyce were extremely supportive and offered Dustin and his brother pathways to success. Dustin’s brother C.P Schlatter was also an outstanding wrestler who holds the best 4 year high school win record in Ohio’s history with an astonishing 165 wins with 1 loss. The brothers were exceptional at wrestling, and as young boys they had a healthy rivalry which led them both to becoming wrestlers of high distinction.

How Much Is Dustin Schlatter Worth?

Dustin Schlatter has had an amazing career as a formidable wrestler, as he has won multiple titles and defeated some of the best guys of his generation. Dustin has also worked tirelessly as an assistant and head coach in the state of Minnesota, as he helps develop many talented athletes. Dustin has a net worth that is reported to be higher than 1.5 million dollars.

How Tall Is Dustin Schlatter?

Dustin Schlatter stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall, which is equivalent to 173 centimetres.

How Much Does Dustin Schlatter Weigh?

Dustin Schlatter weighs in at 165 lbs or (74 kg) Dustin has also competed at 157 lbs (71 kg), 135 lbs (61 kg) and 149 lbs (67 kg) where he won his NCAA title.

Dustin Schlatter’s Fight List!

Dustin Schlatter has had a formidable assault on the wrestling community, with multiple dominations on many wrestlers throughout high school and college. Dustin has fought athletes like; James Green, Brent Metcalf, Travis Paulson, Ramash Kumar, Ricky Schmulyen, John Reader, Alex Meade, Gregor Gillespie, Troy Tirapelle, Zack Esposito, Tyler Eustice, Massillon Perry, JD Hawkins, Ryan Lang, Joe Johnston, Moza Fay and Tony Piva.

Dustin Schlatter's Best Fight Of All Time!

Dustin Schlatter has had many exceptional fights throughout his extensive wrestling career. He spent most of high school undefeated and if it wasn’t for injuries he would have repeated the dose through college. Dustin has had some amazing wins including two wins over the defending NCAA Division 1 Champion Zack Esposito in his freshman year. Dustin also defeated Troy Tirapelle in the final of the Big 10 Conference Championship. Dustin’s best win would come in his first year of college competing as a true freshman in 2006. In the 149 lbs division Dustin defeated Tyler Eustice (4 - 0) to become the NCAA Division 1 Champion, winning this title also had him selected as an All American. Becoming the NCAA Champion was the highlight of Dustin’s career, as he went on to talk about how proud he was of his achievements. 

Who Did Dustin Schlatter Lose To?

Dustin is one of those wrestlers that always knew how to win, even when the chips were down in a fight he would always find a way to come back and upstage his opponent. Throughout high school and college, Dustin only lost 14 matches which is an incredible achievement. Some of his most notable losses were to Brent Metcalf who beat him at the Medina Invitational, but later Dustin avenged the loss at the National Championships. Dustin only lost 1 match in his first year and that was to Mark DiSalvo, but Dustin went on to avenge that loss too. Dustin would also suffer a loss to Gregor Gillespie who defeated him in the semi final of the NCAA Championships, Dustin bounced back with two wins after that to take out third place at the tournament. The loss to Gregor was the only one for the season and it broke a 65 fight win streak.  

Dustin Schlatter’s Record!

Dustin Schlatter has compiled an outstanding career record with 268 wins with 14 losses throughout high school and college. Dustin’s high school record of 154 - 4 included 2 undefeated  seasons of 33 - 0 and 34 - 0. In college his record was 114 - 10 including his first two seasons of 42 - 1 and 37 - 1. Dustin also achieved an outstanding win streak of 65 wins in a row in his first two years at college. Dustin showcased his exceptional skills as a wrestler all throughout his schooling years, as he became an inspiration to the community.

Dustin has a list of accolades that includes: 

NCAA Division 1 Champion (2006) Big 10 Conference Champion (2006, 2007) Big 10 Conference Runner Up (2008) 3 time NCAA All American, Southern Scuffle Champion (2010) 4 time OHSAA State Champion (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) 2 time Beast of the East Champion (2002, 2003) Junior National Freestyle Champion (2003) Junior National Greco Roman Champion (2003) NHSCA Senior National Champion (2005) Cadet National Freestyle Champion (2001) Cadet National Greco Roman Champion (2001)  Throughout high school Dustin also achieved;

OHSWCA Academic All Ohio, 4 time Asics All American, Asics High School Wrestler of the Year, NHSCA Academic All American, NHSCA Wrestler of the Year.   

Dustin Schlatter’s Injuries!

Dustin Schlatter suffered many injuries during his career, in his Junior year he spent considerable time on the sidelines. Dustin suffered from sprained knees, ankles and hamstrings which ultimately led to Dustin having a Red Shirt year before his Senior season. Dustin spoke about the need to rest his body before tackling his Senior year at college. Dustin would again suffer more injury during his Senior year which kept him out of most of the wrestling program. Dustin only fought 17 times and when he came back from injury to compete at the NCAA Championships, he suffered the same leg injury after sprawling in the first round of the event. 

Is Dustin Schlatter Retired?

After an extensive period away from competitive wrestling to help heal his body, Dustin came back to compete in 2015. Dustin won Gold at the 2015 Pan American Freestyle Championships and seeing him back on the mats was a treat for many of his fans. After graduating college Dustin became a graduate assistant coach at Minnesota from 2010 to 2015, then he became a volunteer assistant coach from 2015 to 2016. Dustin spent the next two years as an assistant coach for the Gophers from 2017 to 2018. Dustin now is the head coach at the Minnesota Regional Olympic training centre, where he coaches athletes like; Kyle Snyder and Gable Stevenson. 

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