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Isaac Doederlein His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Isaac Doederlein His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Isaac Doederlein?

Isaac Doederlein is an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who under that honor from Rubens Charles, also known as “Cobrinha”. When Isaac Doederlein was 11 years old, his mother enrolled him in a church group’s Judo program. 

Who is Isaac Doederlein?

Isaac Doederlein is an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who under that honor from Rubens Charles, also known as “Cobrinha”. When Isaac Doederlein was 11 years old, his mother enrolled him in a church group’s Judo program. 

Collar & Sleeve Guard a Systematic Approach by Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein trained in Judo with that group until he was 14 years old when his parents moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Arizona. When he arrived in Arizona, Isaac Doederlein wanted to continue training in grappling, but now he would opt to join a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. Isaac Doederlein then began training under Wellington Dias at the Gracie Humaitá academy. Isaac Doederlein then started to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even from the beginning, Isaac Doederlein found success. 

Eventually, this string of good results is what won Isaac Doederlein a world title in 2010 just two years after starting the art, all while still a blue belt. When he turned 18, Isaac Doederlein made the decision to move to Los Angeles after a trip there to train at Rubens Charles‘ academy. After the move to LA, Isaac Doederlein began to train at Rubens Charles‘ academy full time and become a professional athlete. 

At Rubens Charles‘ academy, Isaac Doederlein started as a purple belt and then would climb his way up to the rank of black belt under the tutelage of Cobrinha. 

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How Old is Isaac Doederlein?

Isaac Doederlein was born on November 12, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia. This makes Isaac Doederlein 29 years old at the time of writing. 

Isaac Doederlein’s Family

There is little information available about Isaac Doederlein’s family. However it is known that he is married and he is a father. 

How Much is Isaac Doederlein Worth?

Isaac Doederlein’s estimated net worth in 2021 is currently unavailable. 

How Tall is Isaac Doederlein?

Isaac Doederlein stands at 5 foot nine or 175 centimeters 

What is Isaac Doederlein’s Reach? 

Isaac Doederlein’s reach is currently unknown 

How Much Does Isaac Doederlein Weigh?

Isaac Doederlein competes at Peso Pena which is 70 kilograms or 154.5 pounds. 

What Is Isaac Doederlein’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lineage? 

Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Alexandre Paiva >Fernando Tererê > Rubens Charles > Isaac Doederlein

Isaac Doederlein Fight List

Isaac Doederlein’s official competition list starts in 2016 at that year’s European open. At that event, Isaac Doederlein won his first match but lost in his second round. At the 2016 Pan Americans, Isaac Doederlein would have a similar performance, defeating his first opponent and losing to his second. 

Isaac Doederlein’s next big appearance would be at the 2016 New York Spring Open. At this event, Isaac Doederlein won both his first two matches but then lose his third. Once again, Isaac Doederlein would have the same performance at his next event, that being the 2016 World Championships.

Finally, Isaac Doederlein would cap off his 2016 competitive year at the 2016 Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation Worlds in the absolute division. Isaac Doederlein won all three of his matches at that event. 

In 2017, Isaac Doederlein would first compete at the European Open and unfortunately be eliminated in the first round. After that misstep, Isaac Doederlein would make a big comeback at his next event, the 2017 LA National Pro. At this event, Isaac Doederlein would win all of his matches across two separate divisions. 

Isaac Doederlein would go on to have big success at that year’s World Pro event, taking home third, and taking home first palace in his appearance at that years Las Vegas Open. 

Isaac Doederlein would cap off his 2017 by making a few more appearances at big tournaments. 

Isaac Doederlein then went on to start his 2018 competitive season at that year’s European open. Isaac Doederlein went 2 and 1 at this event, winning his first two matches and losing his third. 

Isaac Doederlein then had successful performances at both the 2018s San Fransico Open and at two separate ACBJJ events. 

Isaac Doederlein then capped off his overall fairly short 2018 season at that year’s World Championships, winning in his first two matches before finally losing in his third. 

Isaac Doederlein then started off 2019 with a bang, winning all of his matches at both the European Open and the OC Open. 

The next big show that Isaac Doederlein competed at was the Grand Slam London event where he defeated his first two opponents and then lost to the third. 

Then Isaac Doederlein made an appearance at 2019’s King Of The Mat Round Robin Tournament where he would defeat 4 out of his 6 opponents. Isaac Doederlein Then made respectable appearances at 2019’s Pan Americans and World Pro events before defeating 6 opponents at the Brasilierio event to win in his division. 

Isaac Doederlein then competed at several other tournaments before ending off 2019, first with a perfect appearance at another King Of The Mats event. This time Isaac Doederlein went on to beat all 5 of his opponents, 4 of those wins coming by finish. 

Isaac Doederlein then ended the year with another perfect performance at that year’s SJJIF Worlds by beating all three of his opponents.  

In 2020, Isaac Doederlein won all his matches at his first two tournaments, those being the European Open and the Austin Open. Isaac Doederlein then indeed his year at the 2020 American Nationals winning two out of his three matches. 

In 2021, the biggest tournament that Isaac Doederlein competed at was that year’s Pan Americans where he won his first 3 matches and then lost in his fourth. 

Who Did Isaac Doederlein Lose to?

Isaac Doederlein has lost to a few big-name competitors like Marcio Andre, Paulo Miyao, Hiago George, Gilson Nunes, Joao Miyao, Leo Saggioro and Samuel Nagai. 

What is Isaac Doederlein Record

Isaac Doederlein has a total of 116 recorded Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches. Out of those 116 matches, Isaac Doederlein has won 86 and 30 losses, with 50 of those wins coming by way of submission. 

This gives Isaac Doederlein a total win percentage of 74 percent. 

What Titles Has Isaac Doederlein Held? 

Isaac Doederlein has won several big-name tournaments as both a black belt and during his time as a coloured belt. 

These titles include:

  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (2019)
  • 1st Place IBJJF European Open (2020)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Las Vegas Open (2017)
  • 1st Place IBJJF San Francisco Open (2018)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF King Of Mats, TYO (2019)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF US National Pro, LA (2017)

Has Isaac Doederlein Had Any Serious Injuries?

Isaac Doederlein hasn’t had any big injuries worth noting. 

Is Isaac Doederlein Retired?

Isaac Doederlein has not announced his retirement at the time of writing and the last time he competed was at the 2021 Pan Americans.

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