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Elio Verde His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Elio Verde His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Elio Verde?

Elio Verde is an Italian Judoka who became an international superstar, the Black belt has showcased his exceptional skills on the tatami mats for over a decade. Elio has had over 250 fights and has won a multitude of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Throughout his prestigious career Elio has won three World Cup Championships, six Italian National Championships, a European Open Championship and a Mediterranean Games Championship. Elio placed fifth in 2012 at the London Olympics, as he was tremendously close to a podium finish. Elio is also a coach as he is teaching the Italian Police Force and has aspirations of becoming a senior coach for the Italian National Team.

The Drop Seionage Blueprint by Elio Verde 

In 2003 Elio was 16 years old as he began competing in National tournaments. At the beginning of May he won the Gold medal at the Italian Cadet Championships. After such a promising start to his career, Elio suffered an extensive knee injury which kept him out of competition for the next 18 months. Elio jumped back into competition in 2005 with a Gold medal in Castellanza at the Under 20 Italian Championship. Elio finished off 2005 with a Bronze medal at the Under 20 A Tournament in Jicin and a fifth place at the Under 20 European Championships in Zagreb.

For the next couple of years Elio secured two Silver medals and two Bronze medals at events like the Italian National Championships, the Tre Torri Tournament and the A Tournament German Open. Elio began his assault on the World stage as he secured a Bronze medal at the World Cup in Rome. At the end of 2007 Elio won the Italian National Championships in Monza and placed second at the Jigoro Kano Cup in Tokyo Japan. In 2008 Elio began building momentum as he medalled at a multitude of events including the German Open, the European Championships and secured Gold medals at the Italian Championships in Genoa and his first ever World Cup event in Rotterdam. 

In 2009 and 2010 Elio would have his best years competing on the world stage. He secured 5 Bronze medals and 2 Silver medals including events like the European Championships, the Grand Slam in Rio and Moscow and the World Cup in Tallinn. Elio also won 5 Gold medals including two World Cup Championships in Warsaw and Prague, the Tournoi PACA in Marseille, the Mediterranean Games in Pescara and the Italian National Championships in Ravenna. Elio started gearing up for Olympic qualifications as he secured more podium finishes at the Rio Grand Slam, the Italian National Championships in Verona and the IJF Grand Slam in Moscow.

In 2012 Elio would attempt to fulfill his dreams as he qualified for the London Olympics. Elio won his first four matches against athletes like Hovhannes Davtyan and Nabor Castillo. Reaching the semi final Elio was faced with the Japanese sensation Hiroaki Hiraoka, as he lost the match forcing him to attempt to win the Bronze. Elio would come extremely close to the podium as he lost his final match against Felipe Kitadai, relegating Elio into 5th place in the tournament. Elio was still extremely proud of his achievements, as just to be an Olympian let alone win four matches he was tremendously proud. 

Elio spent the next few years winning more and more tournaments like the European Championships and the Italian National Championships. As Elio neared his 30's he began to feel the pressure of competing against younger opponents, as he started falling back in the pack, Elio was placing 5th and 7th at National and International events. After failing to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016, and after another injury following events in 2016, Elio decided to retire from professional Judo. After a brief time away, Elio began studying IJF Level 1 Coaching as he has ambition to become a coach for the Italian National Team. Elio started working with the Italian Police Force as he was developing officers with their Martial Arts. Elio has had a tremendous career with multiple accolades to hang under his belt, as he looks to continue his legacy. 

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How Old Is Elio Verde?

Elio Verde grew up in Trentola Ducenta which is a province of Caserta in Italy. Elio was born on the 10th of September in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age. 

Elio Verde's Early Life! 

Elio Verde grew up in the Trentola Ducenta province in Italy. Elio started his journey into Martial Arts when he was only 8 years old. He was an extremely hyperactive child, so his mother and father signed him up to participate in a high intensity sport. After choosing Judo for their son, his parents found a small dojo really close to their house. Elio's parents were friends with the Judo instructor, which made for an easy transition. Elio would find the focus he needed to direct his hyperactivity, and before long he was hooked into the sport of Judo. Elio was training all through school and by early 2005 he was awarded his Black belt, as he began to compete on a National and International level. Elio would change his academy and begin training at Fiamme Oro, where he never looked back. Elio was on a path to becoming an Olympian and a World Champion.

How Much Is Elio Verde Worth?

Elio Verde has become an international superstar and a National sporting legend in Italy. Elio has become a multiple World Cup Champion and secured other title wins like European Champion, Italian National Champion and other prestigious event wins. Elio was close to the podium in 2012 when he competed at the London Olympics as he continued to accumulate significant wealth. Elio has also secured remuneration through the Italian Police force as he trains many officers in the art of Judo. Over the course of his career he has amassed a net worth of 1 .5 million dollars. Elio has also begun working with the premier distributor of Martial Arts instructionals in BJJ Fanatics. Elio has filmed his first video titled "The Drop Seoinage Blueprint" which is a simple Judo throw that Elio has mastered. Elio goes into extreme detail showing how to execute this throw using many different grips. Elio's instructional video is available exclusively for purchase on

How Tall Is Elio Verde?

Elio Verde stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall which equates to 165 centimetres.

How Much Does Elio Verde Weigh?

Elio Verde competes in the 66 kilogram division which is the equivalent of 146 pounds. Elio has also competed in the 60 kilogram division or (132 pounds)

Elio Verde's Fight List!

Elio Verde has had a long and illustrious career, with over 250 fights under his belt. Elio has fought against talented athletes like; Andraz Jereb, Charles Chibana, Vazha Margvelashvili, Dostonjon Holikulov, Nijat Shikhalizada, Ganbold Munkhtur, Dimitri Dragin, Pawel Zagrodnik, Nabor Castillo, Sasha Mehmedovic, James Millar, Sergio Pessoa, Tobias Englmaier, Breno Alves, Aaron Kunihiro, David Asumbani, Amiran Papinashvili, Bradford Bolen, Jeroen Mooren and Nestor Khergiani. 

Elio Verde's Best Fight Of All Time!

Elio Verde has had some significant wins throughout his career. He has amassed an incredible medal tally, winning 12 Gold medals at events like; multiple Italian National Championships, Mediterranean Games and European Opens. Elio has won three separate World Cups, his first was in 2008 at the Super World Cup Dutch Open in Rotterdam, where he defeated the talented Leon Borgsteede from the Netherlands. Elio would take home his second title in 2009 as he competed in Warsaw. Elio defeated the Armenian Champion Hovhannes Davtyan. Elio won his third World Cup in 2010 in Prague. Elio defeated five opponents before winning his sixth match to clinch the World title against the Korean dynamo Gwang Hyeon Choi.

Who Did Elio Verde Lose To?

Elio Verde has had an accomplished career as an Italian Judoka. Although he has won multiple titles he has had over 100 losses in his career. Some of his worst losses were; in 2011 Elio lost the final match of the Rio De Janeiro Grand Slam against Hirofumi Yamamoto, he also lost the same event in the previous year against the Russian Alim Gadanov. In 2009 Elio made it through to the final of the World Cup in Tallinn, where he was beaten by Pavel Petrikov of the Czech Republic. Elio also lost in the final to Pavel Petrikov at the Under 23 European Championships in Zagreb. Elio also finished 5th at the London Olympics with losses against Hiroaki Hiraoka from Japan and Felipe Kitadai from Brazil. Elio has lost to other Judokas like; Fabio Basile, Mikhail Puliaev, Kengo Takaichi, Sergiu Oleinic, Rishod Sobirov and Adrian Gomboc.

Elio Verde's Record!

Elio Verde has become a prolific Judoka throughout his career. He has won a multitude of National and International medals. Elio has an overall career record of 149 wins with 110 losses, which is a win percentage of 57.5%. One of Elio's best seasons was in 2009 when he secured a win percentage of 71.4% with a 15 - 6 win loss record. Elio has an incredible list of accomplishments that includes;

Olympic Competitor Fifth Place - London (2012) European Open Champion - Prague (2014) World Cup Champion - Prague (2010) World Cup Champion - Warsaw (2009) Super World Cup Dutch Open Champion - Rotterdam (2008) Tournoi PACA Champion - Marseille (2009) Italian National Champion - Catania (2013) Italian National Champion - Ravenna (2010) Italian National Champion - Genoa (2008) Italian National Champion - Monza (2007) Italian National Under 20 Champion - Castellanza (2005) Italian Cadet Champion (2003) Mediterranean Games Champion - Pescara (2009) 

Grand Slam Runner Up - Rio De Janeiro (2010, 2011) World Cup Runner Up - Tallinn (2009) European Championships Under 23 Runner Up - Zagreb (2008) A - Tournament Under 20 German Open Runner Up - Berlin (2006) Jigoro Kano Cup Runner Up - Tokyo (2007) Tre Torri Tournament Runner Up - Corridonia (2006) Italian National Championship Runner Up - Asti (2014) Italian National Championship Runner Up - Verona (2012) 

World Championship Third Place - Rotterdam (2009) European Championship Third Place - Istanbul (2011) European Championship Third Place - Vienna (2010) Grand Prix Third Place - Havana (2016) Grand Prix Third Place - Dusseldorf (2011) Grand Prix Third Place - Rotterdam (2010) IJF Grand Slam Third Place - Moscow (2010) Asian Open Third Place - Taipei (2015) World Cup Third Place - Rome (2007) German Open Third Place - Braunschweig (2008) A - Tournament Under 20 Third Place - Jicin (2005, 2006) Italian National Championship Third Place - Palamilone (2009) Italian National Championship Under 20 Third Place - Catania (2006) 

Elio Verde's Injuries!

Elio Verde has suffered through some extensive injuries throughout his career. His worst injury was in his Junior year in college, as he tore his ACL which is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The ACL connects the Femur (thighbone) to the Tibia (shinbone) Elio suffered some serious damage and was forced into a surgery. This was a huge setback for Elio, but even in the face of adversity he never broke stride through his rehabilitation. After healing through his injury, Elio strengthened the muscles surrounding his knee and began back on his pathway towards Olympic stardom. 

Is Elio Verde Retired?

Elio Verde has enjoyed a successful career, with a few minor bumps in the road. He will always look back on his 2012 Olympic campaign in London with regret. Elio decided to call it quits on his professional competitive career in 2017 after losing in the Italian National Championships. Elio spoke about his reasons for retirement and said he was mainly concerned with the younger generation during his competitions. The level of Judo has risen exponentially as the next generation of Judoka is taking the world scene by storm. Elio was mentally tired and also realised that he didn't want to put himself under the rigorous pressure of high level competition any longer. Elio is currently studying an IJF Level 1 coaching course and is aiming for a position as a coach for the National Italian team. Elio is also in the Italian Police team, where he is coaching officers and helping them develop into more effective members of the force.

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