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Jared Jessup His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jared Jessup His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Jared Jessup?

Jared Jessup is a second degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the legendary Royce Gracie. Jared has travelled and studied the Brazilian art for decades alongside the Gracie family. Throughout Jared's journey into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was honoured to train periodically with the Grand Master Helio Gracie, as he sought personal instruction from the legend. Jared is the owner and president of IQ Athletics at the University of Kentucky in Benton, Illinois. Jared is extremely dedicated to providing all of his students with his expert knowledge in the self defense aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jared's classes have a main focus on street self defense with some references to sport Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Kimuras For The Street by Eli Knight & Jared Jessup

Jared began his journey into Martial Arts in April of 1995. He began to travel abroad as he was extremely interested in the Gracie family, so he started studying extensively with them. In 1996 Jared attended a seminar hosted by Royce Gracie and was extremely excited by what he learnt. As Jared continued to improve his Jiu Jitsu, it was in 1997 where the tide started to turn. Jared spent a week with Helio, Rorion and Royce Gracie training in the Poconos mountains of Pennsylvania. After learning from grappling royalty, Jared was in awe of the Gracie's foundations in Jiu Jitsu. For the next two years Jared spent a month out of each year living and training at the Gracie Academy in California. 

Training at the Gracie Academy came with its perks, as he was able to build relationships with Rixon, Rorion, Royce, Helio and many other Gracie legends. As Jared continued with his growth and development of the Brazilian art of Jiu Jitsu, he wanted to also learn the art of how to teach it. To Jared, learning Jiu Jitsu from Helio became almost like a degree in teaching. Jared wanted to understand the psychology behind how different people learnt such a complex Martial Art. Jared decided to attend the University of Kentucky where he began a Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology. In 2005 Jared obtained his degree as he looked to apply all his knowledge from University and from the Gracie family towards his own future academy.

In 2006 Jared founded his Academy called IQ Athletics, where he started teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the way it was meant to be taught, as a Self Defense mechanism. Jared built an amazing academy as he decided to learn more and more as a coach. Jared ventured past Jiu Jitsu and began procuring accreditations in various fields like; Kettlebell certification and Personal Training certification. Jared also earnt his Black belt from Royce Gracie and other accreditations like; Gracie Survival Tactics certification and a Gracie Law Enforcement Instructor certification. Jared was becoming the complete package as his knowledge and expertise became highly sought after in Kansas City. 

Jared has also obtained his Black belt (Shodan) in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Jared is a highly educated individual, and has a long list of credentials he has achieved throughout his prestigious career. Jared has been providing individual Private Defense Tactics training for US Federal Probation Officers since 2010, and he has been involved with MILO training which is the Use Of Force Simulations. After becoming certified by Royce Gracie in many fields of Self Defense mechanisms, he was asked to help teach the Gracie Survival Tactics Course in Torrance California in 2014. Jared was also on the Royce Gracie Black Belt Testing Council in Miami and Pensacola in Florida.

To this day Jared’s IQ Athletics Academy is extremely successful as many Americans have come from far and wide to seek his instruction. Jared has an amazing wealth of knowledge that he is dedicated to sharing globally. Jared is an old school technician that embodies the will and the drive that once spurred on the Great Helio Gracie. Jared is building his legacy for self defense combat, as he continues to drive Jiu Jitsu towards its true and correct form.  

Untangled: How To Disengage From Conflict by Eli Knight & Jared Jessup

Jared Jessup's Philosophy!

Jared Jessup has been training in Brazilian and Japanese Jiu Jitsu for 25 years. He has gathered an immense amount of experience through working with the best minds in self defense, and has a philosophy that embodies the Gracie spirit. Jared focuses his classes on the street self defense aspect with some underlying principles in sport Jiu Jitsu and MMA. Jiu Jitsu is more than just a series of techniques, it is a sense driven process that focuses all of our attributes on a targeted goal. Finding the balance between calmness and aggressiveness is a skill that can be mastered. Jared uses principles of human movement and learning how to pick the correct techniques. There are thousands of techniques in Jiu Jitsu and learning them all is next to impossible. In Jared’s philosophy, he essentially teaches the underlying principles which are the foundations to all Jiu Jitsu techniques and theories. Jared unpacks the techniques in a way that his students can understand so they learn the basic building blocks of Jiu Jitsu. 

Jared’s idea involves firstly understanding the simple aspects in a deeper manner, so his students are less confused or overwhelmed by the teachings. When a principle is correctly understood, it becomes extremely easy to achieve a correlating technique or to create a new pathway from the core principle. Having the ability to understand the principles is what allows Jiu Jitsu to become a creative flow of direction for any student. So rather than forcing a technique to work, Jared is essentially helping his students find their own way to connect the dots. It's like an old proverb “ You can catch a fish for your student every day, or you can teach them how to catch the fish” meaning: rather than teaching someone a direct technique Jared will teach them a principle where they can add their own direction to it. Jared is constantly striving to help develop his students into critical thinkers that are capable of learning on the go and evolving during a real life scenario.

How Old Is Jared Jessup?

Jared Jessup was born in Kentucky Illinois, USA on the 11th of January in 1982, he is currently 40 years of age.

Jared Jessup’s Online Content!

Jared Jessup has become a legend in the United States of America as he has delivered hands-on survival tactics to many practitioners and service men and women. Jared has also teamed up with his student and good friend Eli Knight to create the Bladed Grappler series. The first volume of the Bladed Grappler tackles the scenario of being confronted with a knife in a ground fight, but with the limited scope of personal protection and escape. The video shows details for different people from children to law enforcement. The second volume is a discussion about control considerations, positions, transitions, and disarms. This discussion is the culmination of decades of research and training from Jared Jessup and Eli Knight. Jared also offers online courses for various scenarios for Jiu Jitsu like escaping the mount, transitioning between positions, survival tactics and submission attacks and escapes. Jared is an extremely intelligent and ingenuitive Martial Artist that has built an incredible legacy that will last for decades. 

How Much is Jared Jessup Worth?

Jared Jessup has dedicated his life to the growth of Martial Arts, particularly the self defense aspect. Jared is a prolific trainer that has taught a multitude of agencies across the United States of America. Jared has done significant work with US Army, Marines and Air Force personnel as well as multiple Police departments including State, Federal and Sheriff’s departments. Jared has worked with the FBI and Border Forces and many other high profile organisations throughout his illustrious career. Jared is the owner of IQ Athletics which is a highly successful Jiu Jitsu and self defense academy in Benton Illinois. Jared has also worked exclusively with Royce Gracie and helped him with many aspects, including teaching Gracie Survival Tactics and has been a part of his review team when grading students to Black belt. Jared has built an incredible net wealth of over two million dollars as he continues to raise his stocks annually. Jared was also a co-creator with Eli Knight in the Bladed Grappler series, which was a detailed discussion into control positions, transitions and disarms. Jared has created other avenues like online courses where students can buy expert pathways into different scenarios. He has also been involved with hosting seminars across the United States of America. Jared has also began filming for BJJ Fanatics, the premier distributor of exceptional Martial Arts Instructionals. Jared has teamed up again with Eli Knight and filmed “Kimura’s For The Street” and “Untangled: How To Disengage From Conflict” both of his videos are a must see and are available exclusively through

How Tall Is Jared Jessup?

Jared Jessup stands at just under 6 feet and 1 inches tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres.

How Much Does Jared Jessup Weigh?

Jared Jessup weighs in at approximately 95 kilograms which equates to 209 pounds. 

Who Has Jared Jessup Trained With?

Jared Jessup has had a tremendous career training amongst some of the world's most dynamic Martial Artists, Jared has always been extremely privileged to have Royce Gracie as his professor and his friend since the mid 90's. Jared has had an exemplary standard of training set by so many amazing grapplers. Jared has trained with high calibre athletes like Rickson Gracie, Reylson Gracie, Rorion Gracie, Royler Gracie, Ryron Gracie, Rener Gracie, Ralek Gracie, Rodrigo Gracie, Pedro Sauer, Pedro Valenti Senior, Pedro Valenti, Gui Valenti, Carlos Elias, Carlson Gracie Jr, Carlos Machado, Matt Hughes, Mike Pyle, Greg Thompson, Dan Inosanto and many more throughout his prestigious career.

Who Has Jared Jessup Taught?

Jared Jessup has been an amazing teacher of self defense principles for over 15 years. He was lucky enough to form relationships with prolific legends of the Martial Arts world like Helio, Royce, Rixon and Rorion Gracie, where he learnt Gracie survival tactics. Jared has evolved his learning and added other combative training and a degree in social psychology to make himself an expert in his field. Jared has taught over 20 different Police Departments across the United States of America. He has also been involved with other agencies like: the FBI, the US Army, the US Marines, the US Air Force, the US Federal Probation, the US Border Patrol, the US Army Core of Engineers, Federal Park Rangers, the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the LAPD, the Kentucky State Police, the Tennessee State Police, the Illinois State Police, the Oregon Judicial Department, the Department of Justice Task Force, the National Geospatial Intelligence, the Israli International Security Agency and the Cincinnati International Airport Police. Jared has a commendable list of achievements as he is clearly the premier teacher in the United States of America for defensive tactics and self defense practices. Jared has also been teaching Jiu Jitsu Self Defense through his academy IQ Athletics since 2006.

Jared Jessup's Credentials!

Jared Jessup has dedicated his life to the growth of Martial Arts. He has spent a long time training and learning from the best in the business. Jared has gone from strength to strength with his capabilities and his professionalism. Jared has procured a list of credentials that includes; A Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology from the University of Kentucky, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Royce Gracie, Gracie Certified Law Enforcement Instructor since 2007, Gracie Survival Tactics Certification and assisted teaching the course in 2014, Two Time Gracie National Jiu Jitsu Champion Black Belt, Shodan (Black belt) in Japanese Jiu Jitsu,  Founder of IQ Athletics, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, Extreme Exigency Personal Pistol Protection Pedagogy Graduate in 2013, Jared also served on the council for Black Belt promotions for Royce Gracie and the Valente Brothers. Jared has provided Private Defense Tactics Training for US Probation Officers since 2010 and has helped them with scenarios and live judgement training.

Jared Jessup’s Injuries!

Jared Jessup has been able to distance himself from any significant injuries, mainly due to the fact he spends the majority of his time teaching rather than heavily training. Although during his rise to Black belt he did suffer from minor injuries like muscle strains and tears. Over his years training with the likes of Helio, Rickson and Royce he has learnt the secrets to injury prevention, which is bullet proofing your body and connecting your physical, mental and spiritual self together in harmony. Jared’s expertise is now being passed on to many of his students at IQ Athletics.

Is Jared Jessup Retired?

Jared Jessup is extremely active with his teaching career, he has core values that align with many of the Gracie families foundational beliefs. Jared is a representative of Gracie Jiu Jitsu as he carries on the torch from his professor Royce Gracie. Jared has become the pioneer for self defense in the United States of America for the last 15 years as he looks to continue his legacy for years to come.

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