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Johnni Dijulius: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Johnni Dijulius: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Johnni Dijulius?

Johnni DiJulius is a four-time NCAA qualifying wrestler who competed for Ohio State from 2011 until his senior year finished in 2016. He competed exclusively at 133 pounds and holds an impressive collegiate record of 115-47, with his highest single-season mark coming during his junior year with a record of 30-8. His efforts helped the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the Big Ten Championships but also the NCAA title. He won the 2013 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational at 133 pounds.

Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks by Johnni Dijulius

Before ever stepping on to a collegiate wrestling mat, Dijulius made waves as the Ohio High School State Champion at 130 pounds… three times! He used this incredible achievement to attract scouts from major schools and was invited to join the Buckeyes in 2011, where he went 19-15 in his first season. 

His sophomore year was much more dominant, with Dijulius wrestling to a 21-6 finish and was able to place second in several open tournaments at 133 pounds during that season. As a junior, he improved even further to hit his high of 80-8, while also qualifying for the NCAA Championships. That season, he also earned 4th place at the big ten championship, in which he had placed 6th the previous season. He looked to repeat his strong performance at the 2013 Cliff Keen Invitational, this time, coming in third at the prestigious tournament in Nevada.

Dijulius’ senior year started very strong, with a 6-0 record. Soon, however, the losses found their way onto the record and Johnni finished with an 18-9 performance in his final year at Ohio State. His highlight of that season was being named the Eastern Michigan Open Champion in his weight class with a 16-0 technical fall over Cord Coronado.

Since graduating from Ohio State, DiJulius has worked as a coach, first for Kent State and then for three seasons at Harvard. During that time, he helped Anthony Tutolo and Casey Sparkman achieve their dreams and reach the NCAA tournament.

Wrist Lock The World Volume 2: No Gi by Pete Letsos

How Old is Johnni Dijulius?

Johnni Dijulius is 28 years old as of 2021. He was born in 1994 to John and Stacey Dijulius. 

Johnni Dijulius Family

Johnni is the son of John and Stacey DiJulius, who were business owners in their community who instilled an intense sense of personal responsibility in their son. Johnni has two brothers, Bo and Cal. Their mother Stacey passed away suddenly from a car accident in 2009.

How Much is Johnni Dijulius Worth?

Johnni Dijulius’ net worth is not currently available.

How Tall is Johnni Dijulius?

Since wrestling is based on weight, Dijulius’ height is not listed. He does appear to be a long, lean grappler for his weight class.

How Much Does Johnni Dijulius Weigh? 

Johnni Dijulius weighs a little over 133 pounds, or 60 kg. He competed at 133 pounds during his whole college career after wrestling to multiple state championships as a 103-pound high school wrestler.

Johnni Dijulius Fight List

Wrestlers have hundreds of matches, with well over 100 usually occurring in high school, before they ever step on an intercollegiate wrestling mat. As such, it’s not reasonable to prepare a full list of his matchups here.

Johnni Dijulius's Best Fight of All Time

In November of 2015, Dijulius was matched up with ASU’s Cord Coronado at 133 pounds. The match was very lopsided, with Johnni winning 16-0 via technical fall. 

Who Did Johnni Dijulius Lose To?

Johnni DiJulius is known to obsess over his losses, including one that has haunted him for years. He claims to have replayed his 2008 state championship loss to Ty Mitch “400 times,". Although he has won multiple championships, the one he lost is the one that he remembers over a decade later. 

Ty Mitch of Aurora and Johnni had a long history together after being friends and teammates in youth wrestling. In the six years they spent traveling the country together, they never imagined that they’d be competing for the Ohio state championship. In that match for the D2 State Title at 103 pounds, Mitch came away with the 4-2 victory after Dijulius had a takedown taken away from him as time expired.

Johnni Dijulius Record

Johnni Dijulius had a 115-47 record in his time as an Ohio State Buckeye.

Johnni Dijulius Injuries

In 2020, Dijulius broke his internet silence with an update. He posted a video of himself counting down a base jump gone bad, in which he misjudges the angle of his parachute and breaks his ankle to avoid smashing into the face of an intimidating-looking rock wall. This injury appears to be severe and will require some rehab before he is able to return to the mats or film more content.

Is Johnni Dijulius Retired?

Johnni Dijulius is not officially retired from competition, as he still competes in freestyle masters tournaments occasionally. Since graduating, however, he has focused more heavily on coaching and on building his brand as an online daredevil. He’s posted drone footage of free climbing a 300 foot cell phone tower, taunted fellow wrestling standout Jordan Burroughs by double-legging another skydiver out of a plane, and even posted some base jumping footage.

When he’s not filming stunts or coaching wrestling in-person, Dijulius also slows himself down long enough to create thoughtful and well-organized instruction. His efforts in “Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks”, from BJJ Fanatics, are the perfect example. He puts his methodical, systematic way of thinking on full display as he walks us through the basics of attacking the wrist while hand fighting.

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