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Rick Lundell: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Rick Lundell: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Rick Lundell?

Rick “The Chimera” Lundell is one of the most sought after MMA coaches in the entire world. He has spent years working professionally with some of the best UFC fighters on the planet including early pioneer Frank Mir, journeymen like Travis Brown and Dan Hardy, and even the man who some considered to be the greatest of all time, Jon “Bones” Jones. 

What this articles covers:

Rick Lundell took a unique path through the grappling world, discovering jiu-jitsu as a child and becoming a black belt under the legendary Pedro Sauer by the age of only 19 years old. according to many, Lundell is the youngest North American person to ever receive a black belt in the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Given his age and superior grappling skill, two legends from the wrestling world, brothers Cael and Cody Sanderson, took interest in Lindell and recruited him to become a college wrestler. He competed successfully for a period of time in Division 1 of the NCAA, lettering in the sport. 

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After college, Rick won the USA World Team trials, during which time he was recognized as “most outstanding grappler”. To complete his wrestling pedigree, he won the FILA Grappling World Championship as well. Keep in mind that all of these achievements were after Pedro Saur tied a black bell on him almost four years earlier.

With BJJ mastered at 19, and wrestling mastered by age 23, Rick now turned his sights on to a new form of competition, Pancrase submission wrestling. While competing at 149 lb in Pancrase, Rick Lundell won gold medals in both 2008 and 2010.Impressively, in his  2010 run, londell also won a third gold medal - this time in absolute division! This made him the lightest person to ever win an absolute division of Pancrase by over 20 pounds.

On his way to this impressive victory, Rick overcame 265 pound, max-weight heavyweight Brandon Ruiz to claim the gold. Londell has notable wins over many world champions including Nicholas Renier, Jeff Glover, Tom Lecuyer, Alberto Crane, and Brandon Ruiz.

Around the time of his gold medals in pancreas Mission grappling, Rick also turned his attention to working as a coach. Since 2008, Lundell has worked as a strategy coach and a head trainer for MMA in Lindon Utah at the University of grappling. It is here that he worked many UFC fighters, including Champions Miesha Tate, Carlos Condit, and Jon Jones.

With a pedigree from both Cael Sanderson and Pedro Sauer, Rick Lundell is truly one of the most knowledgeable and fearsome grapplers on the planet.

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How Old is Rick Lundell?

Rick Lundell was born in April of 1986. That makes him 36 years old in 2023.

Rick Lundell Family

Not much has been published about Rick Lundell’s family. He trained aggressively from a young age and has built lifelong relationships with his adopted mat family, no doubt.

How Much is Rick Lundell Worth?

Rick Lundell has done well for himself as a UFC trainer, where he commands a hefty fee for his time. He also produces video content, and unlike most of those who film with BJJ Fanatics,  Rick has even published a book called “The 1% Better Everyday Strength Building System”

How Tall is Rick Lundell?

Rick Lundell’s height was recorded in college when he wrestled; he's 5 ft 11 in tall.

How Much Does Rick Lundell Weigh? 

Rick Lundell Has competed in a variety of weight classes ranging from 147 lb to 154 lb. He also gained notoriety for being the lightest competitor to ever win absolutes in Pancrase by a significant margin.

Rick Lundell Fight List

Rick Lundell has fought many of the best grapplers on planet Earth, and trained some of the deadliest fighters in the game. Because his journey has taken him through the highest levels of multiple sports - including NCAA Division I wrestling, the professional Jiu Jitsu circuit, and Pancrase submission grappling, a total list of his matches doesn't exist. Instead, refer to his bio above which references his multiple world titles and his achievements in his time as a wrestler. Let's not forget: all of this takes place after receiving his black belt and Brazilian jiu-jitsu from one of the best instructors of all time, Pedro Sauer.

Rick Lundell's Best Fight of All Time

Rick Lundell’s best Tournament of all time came in 2010. In addition to winning the tournament and achieving a gold medal and paying craze in his own 67 kg division, Lundell chose to take on the absolute division. That day, he set the record for the youngest Grappler to ever win a pain crazy absolute division by over 20 pounds! We've got to imagine that this stacks up to one of the finest moments in his amazing career.

Who Did Rick Lundell Lose To?

Along with the amazing highlights come the darker moments that drive a true competitor to even greater success. Rick Lundell wasn’t available for comment on his toughest loss.

Rick Lundell Record

Rick Lundell has competed all over the world and in many professional grappling organizations. His total record doesn’t exist because it hasn’t been compiled. We know that he won multiple world championships both in his weight class and in the absolutes. On top of that, after switching to wrestling around 2004, he eventually found himself holding a gold medal atop the podium for the US World Team Trials. So… what was Rick Lundell’s record? It was good.

Rick Lundell Injuries

Rick Lundell was not public with any major injuries, but he is a major proponent of maintaining an active lifestyle in order to prevent injuries as much as possible.

Is Rick Lundell Retired?

Rick is retired from professional competition in both Jujitsu and in wrestling, but he continues to coach professionally as he has for the last 15 or so years. He'll continue to impart knowledge as a head strategy coach for MMA as long as the game continues to evolve.

When he's not training Fighters for the ufc, rick is writing books and recording videos with BJJ Fanatics to help spread his love of the sport to others. he's published his book”1% Better Every Day Strength Building System”, Which also comes with a video version to help drive home the concepts that are harder to catch from reading.

In this rare combination instructional & e-book, you'll learn the keys to improving strength on an incremental basis so that you can see sustained gains over longer periods of time. These tips are tried and true and they've worked for athletes at the very highest level in the UFC. If you were looking for a good way to integrate strength training into your grappling routine, look no further! Check out this four-part volume from grappling wizard Ricky Lundell.

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