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Nick Heflin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nick Heflin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nick Heflin?

Nick Heflin is a world class wrestler who has been an assistant coach at Oklahoma University for 5 years. Nick has helped guide the Sooners to their first Big 12 Championship since 2002, he has also sent numerous athletes to the NCAA Championships and to All American selection. Nick is also a former collegiate wrestler who competed out of Ohio State University. Nick is a three time All American and NCAA qualifier including a second place finish in 2014. He is also the 2014 Big Ten Champion and a Ohio State Champion fighting for Massillon Perry High School. Nick has also competed well internationally, as he placed third at the 2017 US World Team Trials and third at the US Open.

Chess Mat Match Wrestling by Nick Heflin

Nick began his wrestling career at Massillon Perry high school in Ohio, USA. Nick was starting to build a reputation for being a bull on the wrestling mats. In 2008 he placed second in the Ohio State Championships and the following year he became the Ohio State Champion. After graduating from high school Nick joined (OSU) Ohio State University, where he started to develop as a 174 pounder, before eventually stepping up to become a 197 pound athlete. In 2011 Nick came extremely close to a Big Ten Conference Championship, as he secured second place taking home the Silver medal. Nick also competed well as he finished 5th at the University Nationals. In 2012 Nick had another great year as he qualified for his first NCAA Championship. During the tournament Nick was a tough opponent as he managed to finish in 5th spot and earnt himself an All American selection.

In 2013 as a Junior, Nick continued with his ferocious execution on the mats, setting himself up for another NCAA berth. Another great tournament under his belt saw him finish in 5th place yet again, and secured another All American selection. Nick was happy with his achievements but was still disappointed as he wanted to win the coveted championship. In 2014 as a Senior Nick was on a mission to win an NCAA title, knowing this was his last chance he trained extensively. Nick was elated as he won the Big Ten Conference Championship and now was heading into the NCAA Championships with supreme confidence. Nick entered the Championships with a 24 - 4 record, as he won his first 4 matches including a 2 points to 1 thriller against Scott Schiller from Minnesota. Nick was in the Championship match as he had an tremendously close fight against the number #1 seed J'den Cox. With seconds left on the clock, and J'den leading 2 points to 1, Nick secured a takedown as the buzzer went and the referee discounted the points, leading to a heartbreaking loss for Nick. Nick earnt his third consecutive All American selection as he graduated from college with a bachelor degree in human nutrition.

ABC's Of Finishing Takedowns by Nick Heflin

Straight after college Nick jumped into coaching roles with the wrestling and football teams at Ohio State University, as a strength coach, Nick also worked with the Ohio State Regional Training Centre. Nick then headed to Princeton University where he was added as an assistant coach, working there for two years. Nick helped guide the Tigers to their seventh top 25 finish in program history, he also helped send seven athletes to the NCAA Championships. Among their achievements was Brett Harner who won the EIWA Championship and placed in the top three at the NCAA tournament. In the 2016 - 2017 season Nick also wrestled as he finished third at events like; The Last Chance Olympic Trials Qualifier, The US World Team Trials and The US Open.

In 2017 Nick was appointed as the assistant coach for the Oklahoma University wrestling program. In his first season Nick sent 5 athletes to the NCAA Championships, he also was prominent in recruiting 4 top 100 athletes heading into 2018. In his second year at Oklahoma Nick once again sent 5 wrestlers to the NCAA Championships, where they finished 10 - 6 in an overall win loss record. As a third year coach, Nick sent 6 athletes to the NCAA titles and played pivotal roles in helping up and comers, Jake Woodley and Darrien Roberts, who both competed well at the Big 12 Conference Championships. More recently in 2021 Nick sent Josh Heindselmen and Jake Woodley to the NCAA titles, where Jake became the lowest seeded wrestler to ever make it into a semi final in history, as he became the 276th All American in Oklahoma history. Nick also helped his team to win the Big 12 Championship as it was their first win since 2002. Nick has become an asset to Oklahoma as he enters his fifth season in a coaching role.

How Old Is Nick Heflin?

Nick Heflin grew up in Ohio State in the United States of America. He was born on the 12th of February in 1990, he is currently 31 years of age. 

How Much Is Nick Heflin Worth?

Nick Heflin has dedicated his life to wrestling, first as an up and coming athlete and now in a coaching aspect. Nick has spent his life building his net worth and making extremely good choices financially. Although he has no reported net worth, it is safe to say he has built a wealth of somewhere between 400 and 800 thousand dollars. Nick has also started accumulating extra income through his Instructional videos he has filmed through the world wide popular online platform of BJJ Fanatics. Nick has filmed videos titled; "ABC's Of Finishing Takedowns", "Hit Them With The Earth" and "Chess Match Mat Wrestling" all his videos are available for purchase exclusively on

How Tall Is Nick Heflin?

Nick Heflin stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres. 

How Much Does Nick Heflin Weigh?

Nick Heflin weighs in at 89 kilograms which is the equivalent to 197 pounds. Nick used to wrestle at 174 pounds before he made the jump to 197. 

Nick Heflin's Fight List!

Nick Heflin has competed against some of the world's highest ranked wrestlers. He fought comprehensively as a collegiate athlete, winning multiple titles and defeating some talented combatants. Nick has fought against wrestlers like; Scott Schiller, Dan Scherer, Morgan McIntosh, Travis Rutt, Braden Atwood, Cole Baxter, Brandon Johnson, Nick Bonaccorsi, Cody Dixon, Alex Polizzi, Caleb Kolb, Paul Rands, J'den Cox, Cody Reed, Nick McDiarmid, Chris Heald, Timmy McCall, Reuben Franklin, Sammy Brooks, Ed Ruth, Ethan Lofthouse, Pat Downey, Bo Nickal, Richard Perry, Jake Waste and Todd Porter.

Nick Heflin's Best Fight Of All Time!

Nick Heflin has been an imposing wrestling figure all throughout his high school and college years. He has fought exceptionally well on both the national and international level. Nick has won titles and come close to so many others during college and beyond. Nick would have his best event in 2014, competing at the Big Ten Conference Championships. Nick secured a fall victory over Alex Polizzi, before defeating the number #5 ranked Scott Schiller of Minnesota by a decision 3 - 2. Nick would then take on the number #6 ranked wrestler in the country, Morgan McIntosh from the powerhouse Penn State. After a painstakingly close match, Nick Hefin triumphed 5 - 3 in a thriller as he was crowned the 2014 Big Ten Conference Champion.

Who Did Nick Heflin Lose To?

Nick Heflin has had his fair share of losses throughout his illustrious career in wrestling. Fighting at the higher echelon of collegiate wrestling has always had its close calls, and for Nick this would happen to him in 2014. Nick had an amazing year in 2014 winning 28 matches out of 33, he lost to guys like; Travis Rutt, Cody Dixon, Chris Penny and Timmy McCall. Nick would suffer his most heartbreaking loss at the NCAA Championships. After defeating Paul Rands, Dan Scherer, Scott Schiller and Cody Reed in previous rounds, Nick made his way into the Championship match. Nick would fight J'den Cox the number #1 ranked wrestler out of Missouri. The pair had an extremely close match, with the score 2 - 1 in favour of Cox in the dying moments of the fight. Nick executed a takedown as the buzzer went and the referee did not count the points, resulting in a disappointing and heartbreaking loss, as J'den Cox was crowned the NCAA Champion.

Nick Helfin's Record!

Nick Heflin has competed consistently throughout his career. He has become a formidable force within the collegiate and world circuit of wrestling. Nick has racked up over a 100 wins in his career, including an impressive 28 - 5 in his Senior college year. Nick has compiled a list of accomplishments that includes; 

Big Ten Conference Champion (2014) Three Time All American (2012, 2013, 2014) Ohio State Champion (2009) Division 1 District Champion (2009) NCAA Championship Runner up (2014) Big Ten Conference Runner Up (2011) Ohio State Championship Runner Up (2008) NCAA Championship Fifth Place (2012, 2013) University Nationals Fifth Place (2013) Last Chance Olympic Trials Qualifier Third Place (2016) US World Team Trials Third Place (2017) US Open Third Place (2017) 

Nick Heflin's Injuries!

Nick Heflin has not suffered from any major injuries, he has been extremely vigilant about the way he conditions his body and prepares his mind. Although going through the collegiate system he has compiled many minor injuries, nothing that has sidelined him but strains and bruises are all a part of competitive wrestling. Nick is a professional when it comes to body conditioning, as he worked exclusively as a strength coach straight after college. Nick now passes on his expertise in the field of conditioning to many of the Oklahoma natives that compete and train within his program. 

Is Nick Heflin Retired?

Nick Heflin has been a formidable competitor throughout his journey in wrestling. Since graduating from college he has stepped straight into coaching roles at Princeton and Oklahoma University. Nick did compete in 2017 at the US Worlds and the US Open, but has since moved away from competing, as he focuses all of his time into coaching the Buckeyes. Nick has achieved greatness as a coach, sending numerous athletes to the NCAA Championships. Nick is continuing to impose his creativity as a coach and help guide many more athletes to becoming world class champions.

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