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Octavio Couto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Octavio Couto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Octavio Couto? 

Octavio Couto is a world renowned 6th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, who specialises in coaching and developing athletes. Octavio is also known as Ratinho (meaning little mouse) his Jiu Jitsu was aligned under the famous Romero Cavalcanti. Octavio was well on his way to becoming a successful world class competitor before personal reasons gave him a new direction in life. Octavio is one of the founding members along with his training partner Vinicios Campelo, of Alliance Barra Academy which was affiliated to Alliance. Nowadays Octavio serves as a Jiu Jitsu consultant to many academics across the United States of America and he is a part time coach through Octagon MMA in Dallas Texas, as he helps to develop the game plans of many Jiu Jitsu champions. 

Effortless Guard Passing by Octavio Couto

Octavio began his pathway into Jiu Jitsu in Rio De Janeiro, by finding the highly esteemed Romulo Cavalcanti. Jiu Jitsu became an obsession for Octavio, as he dedicated full time to studying the art of the Brazilian sport. Octavio would spend all day at the academy training in all the classes from morning to night. Romulo would offer Octavio a position helping him coach the kids and the beginners morning classes. Octavio found a great passion in teaching as this arrangement went on for five years. Octavio was still continuing to develop his own game through the watchful eyes of his professor Romulo Cavalcanti.

In 1993 and 1994 Octavio was competing as a Purple then Brown belt, as he defeated some exceptionally talented grapplers. Octavio was receiving some world wide recognition for his string of wins against tough opponents. In 93 as a Purple belt, Octavio won the Brazilian National Championship. The next year after being awarded his Brown belt, Octavio competed in the Copa Atlantico Sul as he took away the Gold medal. Octavio was on his way to becoming a seasoned competitor, as a twist of fate would push him in a different direction. Sadly Octavio's father passed away and Octavio knew he had to start making money to help support his family. Octavio and his training partner Vinicius Campelo decided to open their own academy called Alliance Barra Academy as they stayed affiliated to Romulo Cavalcanti.

Octavio and Vinicius experienced great success with their newly founded academy. Octavio then started designing self defense courses and with the acquisition of a contract with an airline company, they began running programs with airline personnel. Alliance Barra Academy were highly successful as they taught many different airline crews and other companies well executed and regimented self defense courses. Companies jumped on board like Varig and TAM, both successful airline companies, as Octavio's stocks rose exponentially. In 2002 Octavio along with six other Black belts formed Team Brasa, an academy that has significant notoriety throughout the BJJ world.

In 2007 Octavio entered the masters division at the International De Masters in Brazil, as he fought gallantly and earned the Bronze medal. That same year Octavio moved to the United States of America thus ending his partnership with Vinicius at Alliance Barra. Octavio became a full time consultant as he began to work vigilantly with a number of academics, helping their students develop their Jiu Jitsu game plans. Octavio's success in America has seen him become one of the most highly respected and sought after coaches in the US and the world.

Effortless Guard Retention & Pin Escapes by Octavio Couto

How Old Is Octavio Couto?

Octavio Couto was born in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil in 1975, he is currently 46 years of age and lives in the United States of America.

Octavio Couto's Early Life! 

Octavio Couto grew up in Brazil, and like many young kids in the South American country, learning to defend yourself was paramount. The streets of Brazil were extremely dangerous as many dangers and violence often surround the youth of Brazil. Octavio was heavily influenced by his father as he instilled in Octavio a sense of duty towards the family. Octavio seemed to get through his younger years without too much trouble. By the time he reached high school he did have to contend with some bullies, and as a result Octavio decided he needed some deeper self defense training. In 1988 his high school had a Judo curriculum which was headed by Marcus Vinicius de Lucia. Octavio began learning Judo as Marcus often taught newaza in his classes, which is a form of ground fighting. At the end of the school year as the beginning of the summer holidays started, Octavio wanted to continue his training and because he preferred the ground style as opposed to the stand up aspect in Judo, he searched for a Jiu Jitsu academy. Octavio found Romulo Cavalcanti's gym in Rio De Janeiro, so he joined up as he began to perfect his craft in grappling. 

How Much Is Octavio Couto Worth?

Octavio Couto has spent decades training and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. From starting Alliance Barra Academy in Brazil to help his family all the way to becoming a significant consultant for numerous Martial Arts academies. Octavio has hosted a plethora of seminars and self defense courses including working with the Italian Police force. Octavio has built himself a nice slice of wealth over his years as a maestre. His net worth is unreported, but you could imagine a man of his calibre and expertise has a wealth of somewhere into the millions. Octavio has also jumped on board with the premier distributor of Martial Arts instructionals, BJJ Fanatics. Octavio has filmed videos titled "Effortless Guard Passing" and "Effortless Guard Retention And Pin Escapes" both instructionals are available exclusively for purchase through the online platform

How Tall Is Octavio Couto?

Octavio Couto stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is the equivalent of 172 centimetres.

How Much Does Octavio Couto Weigh?

Octavio Couto weighs in at 84 kilograms which equates to 185 pounds. Octavio has fought as low as 75 kilograms and as high as 90 kilograms in his prestigious career. 

Octavio Couto's Fight List!

Octavio Couto has become a world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach. He has worked extensively with many of the world's greatest fighters. Octavio has trained guys like; Felipe Mota, Fernando Terere, Felipe Costa, Leonardo Vieira and Ricardo Vieira. Octavio has worked exclusively with many UFC and Strikeforce Mixed Martial Artists, and helped them hone their grappling skills inside the cage.

Octavio Couto's Best Fight Of All Time!

Octavio Couto has become a master of Jiu Jitsu over the course of his outstanding career. The 6th degree Black belt made a name for himself in 1994. Octavio would fight the great Carlson Gracie Black belt, Francisco "Toco" Albuquerque. In 1994 Toco had become the Brazilian National Champion and the Estadual Champion, and after Octavio defeated him, he became a legend. Octavio received world wide recognition, as his fight was revered as one of the best Jiu Jitsu fights of 1994. The notoriety Octavio received paved the way for his ascension into the fame of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Why Did Octavio Couto Choose Jiu Jitsu?

Octavio Couto grew up in Rio De Janeiro, always going to the beach, surfing and playing soccer. One day he was playing in a soccer tournament on the beach, when one of the guys started a fight with one of Octavio's friends. This guy was a known trouble maker and a big guy, but what he didn't realise was he picked a fight with the future famous Fabio Gurgel. At the time Fabio was a Purple belt and as he was attacked, Fabio made short work of the man choking him unconscious. After the altercation, Octavio knew he wanted to be able to defend himself like that so it ultimately led him down the path of Jiu Jitsu.

Octavio Couto's Record!

Octavio Couto has a small list of accomplishments in competitive grappling. He retired extremely early from competing so he could help his family survive. He has spent most of his career helping others become top tier professionals in BJJ. Octavio does has a few competition wins under his belt like; 

CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (1993) Copa Atlantico Sul Champion (1994) International De Masters Seniors Third Place (2007) 

Octavio Couto's Injuries!

Octavio Couto has been able to avoid many injuries throughout his career. This is mainly a result of leaving competition behind when was younger to chase aspirations of becoming a full time coach. Octavio has still had his share of injuries during his career, as the sport of BJJ is at times relentless and hard on the body. Octavio has always had a successful formula to follow, this is why many students seek his guidance worldwide. 

Is Octavio Couto Retired?

Octavio Couto will most likely never retire, as he travels the world teaching seminars and self defense courses. He has even helped teach the Italian Carabinieri (police force) self defense techniques. Octavio is a full time consultant as he roams from gym to gym helping many students tighten their games. Octavio is still one of the coaches at Octagon MMA in Dallas, Texas, where he teaches classes and seminars once a month. Octavio is one of the most highly revered BJJ coaches in the world as his professionalism and passion for the sport is tremendous.

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