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Yoshiaki Fujiwara His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Yoshiaki Fujiwara His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Yoshiaki Fujiwara?

Yoshiaki Fujiwara is an iconic Japanese professional wrestler and a highly regarded Martial Arts trainer. Yoshiaki made a name for himself working for the famous New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Pro Wrestling Zero One promotions. Yoshiaki has also created his own wrestling promotion called Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi, where he developed his character with a Yakuza origin, he has also worked for the shooto style Universal Wrestling Federation. Yoshiaki has a background in Catch Wrestling, Judo, Kempo and Muay Thai Kickboxing, and he trained under the famous Karl Gotch. Yoshiaki has trained many aspiring Mixed Martial Artists and Professional Wrestlers throughout his decades in the Martial Arts game. Yoshiaki is also an actor as he has appeared in several Japanese movies.

Shoot Fighting Submission Systems by Yoshiaki Fujiwara

In 1972 Yoshiaki Fujiwara was the first graduate of the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo, as he trained alongside Gran Hamada and Tatsumi Fujinami. Being a former Judoka, Yoshiaki was highly adapted to the professional wrestling taught by Antonio Inoki and Karl Gotch. Yoshiaki became well versed in wrestling and was then hired by Antonio Inoki to be his bodyguard and sparring partner. After three years of training Yoshiaki entered the Karl Gotch Cup, a tournament held with all the Rookie talent in the organisation. In a Grand Prix style of event Yoshiaki won the cup as he became a frequent fighter on the undercard shows.

In the late 1970's Yoshiaki became involved in a quarrel with a fellow teammate Allen Coage, over who had the harder head. Yoshiaki used to rip the padding off of the corner ring post and bang his head on it. Former Olympic Bronze medalist Allen Coage would often warn Yoshiaki of the imminent brain damage if he kept up the fiasco. Yoshiaki was still only prominent on the undercard shows, as he wanted a bigger role. On February 2nd in 1984 Yoshiaki attacked one of the main villains Riki Choshu and left him battered and bloody. Yoshiaki became instantly famous as many Japanese fans adored the baby faced wrestler. Yoshiaki became a prominent figure in the rivalry between Riki Croshu and his Ishim Gunden Faction.

Yoshiaki and many other wrestlers defected from the NJPW and created their own stable called the Japanese Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF). Yoshiaki and Akira Maeda were focused on defeating Inoki for the IWGP Heavyweight title, as they took him to the limit, they could never quite get it done. Maeda teamed up with Nobuhiko Takada as they took the IWGP Tag Team titles. Yoshiaki and Kazuo Yamazaki feuded with them as they split from the UWF over their title win before defeating them and taking the title for themselves. Many wrestlers broke away from the UWF as they headed back to the NJPW, severely damaging the UWF stable. Yoshiaki teamed up with Antonio Inoki as they secured the NJPW Tag League Tournament. 1987 after Akira Maeda was fired from the NJPW for an unauthorised attack on Choshu, most of the old UWF members got together and reformed the Ultimate Wrestling Federation. Yoshiaki began training rookies Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki, and after some backstage politics from Riki Choshu the three left the organisation and moved back to the UWF.

Catch Wrestling Submissions by Jake Shannon

In 1990 after the collapse of the newly born UWF, Yoshiaki, Funaki, Suzuki and new rookie Yusuke Fuke formed the new Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi. The organisation was a shooto style wrestling promotion with an organised crime element to it, Yoshiaki made himself the Yakuza gang leader as he looked to excite Japanese fans abroad. Yoshiaki had agreements in place with several other organisations including Universal Lucha Libre, where he would send his talented wrestlers to compete in. Things were looking good in business, until the Japanese economy started collapsing. In 1993 Yoshiaki was forced to cut back some of his wrestlers and due to his direction of business, several of his wrestlers formed their own competition called Pankrase.

Yoshiaki was lucky he had other Rookie wrestlers just waiting for a chance to make a name for themselves. Yoshiaki was low on funds so he partnered with the NJPW organisation as they began challenging each other. But due to the lack of high end talent the organisation slowly fizzled out. At the end of 1995 most of Yoshiaki's guys had issues with Yoshiaki's management and so they abandoned the show and formed their own promotion called BattlARTS. Yoshiaki has since competed in several promotions including; All Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero One and War. Yoshiaki had an exuberant career inside the ring as he became a cult hero to many Japanese fans.

How Old Is Yoshiaki Fujiwara?

Yoshiaki Fujiwara was born on April 27th in 1949 in the Waga District in Iwate Japan. Yoshiaki is currently 72 years of age. 

Yoshiaki Fujiwara's Movie Career!

Yoshiaki Fujiwara has been cast into Japanese movies, most of his parts were between 1995 to 2005. His first role on the Big screens was in 1978, a movie called "The Bad News Bears Go To Japan" which was an American sporting comedy film where Yoshiaki played a wrestler. 1995 Yoshiaki played two minor parts in "Toryu-Den" where played a trainer and "Zero Women: The Hunted" where he played a character named Yamamoto. He also played a major role in the film "Roppongi  Soldier", In this film Yoshiaki played an eccentric kickboxer named Sabu. In 1999 Yoshiaki played a Samurai in the film "Gohatto" and had a minor role in A! Ikkenya Puroresu". In 2005 Yoshiaki played an inmate in the film "Koshu Prison" and he also had another minor role in "Muhito" as he played a wrestler. Yoshiaki has had a successful movie career alongside his Pro Wrestling appearances.

How Much Is Yoshiaki Fujiwara Worth?

Yoshiaki has had an esteemed career in Japanese Pro Wrestling. Over the course of his long career he has earned significant money. A lot of his finances have come from his wrestling career, he has also made money from his acting career. Yoshiaki has made a lot of money through his business Yeezy Sneakers, a shoe company that has made him notable income. Yoshiaki has accumulated a net worth of close to 10 million dollars. Yoshiaki has also filmed an instructional video called "Shoot Fighting Submission Systems" which is available for purchase exclusively through the famous online platform

How Tall Is Yoshiaki Fujiwara?

Yoshiaki stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent to 185 centimetres.

How Much Does Yoshiaki Fujiwara Weigh?

Yoshiaki Fujiwara weighs in at 102 kilograms which is the equivalent of 225 pounds. 

Who Did Yoshiaki Fujiwara Lose To?

In 1976 when Antonio Inoki had his famous fight against Willem Ruska, both of their cornermen had plenty to say to each other. As a result they ended up having a sparring fight at the NJPW Dojo. Yoshiaki Fujiwara fought against Dutch born Chris Dolman. The pair fought in a reported match that lasted 30 minutes of striking and grappling, the beating Yoshiaki coped was tremendous as his Judo Gi was said to be dyed completely red. Chris Dolman won the fight but was astonished as Yoshiaki never flinched the whole fight. After the match Dolman gained an extreme amount of respect for Yoshiaki, as the two became friends.

Who Has Yoshiaki Fujiwara Trained?

Yoshiaki Fujiwara has been well known as a badass teacher. He has been teaching many of the PWFG (Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi) for many years. He has trained legends that have gone on to fight in the UFC and various other combat sports events. Yoshiaki has worked with competitive beasts like; Ken Shamrock, Minoru Suzuki, Masakatsu Funaki, Josh Barnett and Bart Vale. Yoshiaki is an incredibly tough guy, even in his old age he has managed to be a force to be reckoned with.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara’s Signature Moves?

Yoshiaki Fujiwara was known for his acting and his exciting wrestling moves. Yoshiaki would excite many Japanese fans with his death defying moves inside the ring. Yoshiaki’s signature moves were; the Crucifix Armbar, the Head Butt, The Heel Hook, the Gory Special, the Over the Shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver, the Superplex, the Sunset Flip Powerbomb and the Swinging Neckbreaker. Yoshiaki would also have a crowd favourite finishing move called the Fujiwara Armbar that he would often pull out in the dying stages of his matches. It has been said by guys like Ken Shamrock, that Yoshiaki was a master of leg locks and that nobody could get near him while he was in his element.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara’s Record!

Yoshiaki Fujiwara has been prolific in Japan with his wrestling ferocity, he has received many praises for his coaching from the likes of Josh Barnett and Kevin Shamrock. Yoshiaki is one of the old school Japanese wrestlers that has lit up the stage in so many Japanese arenas. Yoshiaki has a list of accomplishments that include;

Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling - Brass Knuckles Tag Team Champions - with Daisuke Ikeda.

New Japan Pro Wrestling - IWGP Tag Team Champions - with Kazuo Yamzaki, NJPW Karl Gotch Cup Winner (1975) NJPW Japan Cup Tag League Winner in 1986 - with Antonio Inoki.

Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi - Fujiwara Gumi Heavyweight Champion.

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 - NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions - with Shinya Hashimoto.

Dramatic Dream Team - Ironman Heavyweight Championship.

Universal Wrestling Federation - Kakuto Prospect Tournament (1985) 

Tokyo Sports - Effort Award (1975, 1982) Fighting Spirit Award (1987) Technique Award (1989) 

Yoshiaki Fujiwara's Injuries!

Yoshiaki Fujiwara has been on the receiving end of many injuries during his career. He has endured through broken bones including hands and ribs, he has received multiple muscle strains due to the high demand of his Pro Wrestling days. Yoshiaki was a heavy drinker as it was said that he could drink a lot of sake and still be standing. As a result of his drinking, Yoshiaki was diagnosed with gastric cancer in 2007, but despite the odds Yoshiaki beat the cancer. Yoshiaki has not slowed down as it is reported he still likes to drink heavily and smoke cigars, I guess at the age of 72 anything goes. 

Is Yoshiaki Fujiwara Retired?

At the age of 72 Yoshiaki Fujiwara is still trudging around the wrestling ring as he competes in shows like War, All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Zero One. Yoshiaki has the heart of a Lion as he is still full of sweat, blood and vigor. Yoshiaki has built a legacy that he is extremely proud of, as he attempts to keep on going until his ultimate end.

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