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Mario Delgado His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mario Delgado His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Mario Delgado?

Mario Delgado is a 3rd degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he was the first Mexican to be graded to that rank by Renzo Gracie. Mario has over 30 affiliates in Mexico and is the head instructor and owner of Renzo Gracie Mexico. Mario is a former NoGi competitor who has competed at World Championship Mundials, European Championships and ADCC Championships. Mario is also a UFC commentator and UFC analyst for the Latin America community. 

Who Is Mario Delgado?

Mario Delgado is a 3rd degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he was the first Mexican to be graded to that rank by Renzo Gracie. Mario has over 30 affiliates in Mexico and is the head instructor and owner of Renzo Gracie Mexico. Mario is a former NoGi competitor who has competed at World Championship Mundials, European Championships and ADCC Championships. Mario is also a UFC commentator and UFC analyst for the Latin America community. 

The No Gi Formula: For Masters Competitors by Mario Delgado

Mario Delgado is an extremely experienced professor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, his instruction is world renowned and highly sought after. Mario is famous for his flying attacks like the flying armbar and the flying triangle, which he has executed proficiently in Black belt World Championships. Mario has taught many high level Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters like; Kenny Florian, Alexis Alduncin and Cain Velasquez. Mario has also done some high level commentary for the UFC as the brand has hired him to speak to the Spanish community throughout many fights inside the Octagon. 

Mario has had a wealth of experience with teaching Jiu Jitsu and self defense. Over the course of his career he has worked diligently with the Federal Police, Army Special Forces, the High Command Special Forces and the Federal Investigation Agency, teaching superior hand to hand combat techniques. The value Mario Delgado brings to the table is exceptional as many of his techniques are battle tested and learnt straight from the source, Renzo Gracie.

Mario has paved the way for Mexico in terms of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. He has been involved in helping to set up a platform for many Mexican Nationals to be able to compete in the sport they love. Mario is the President of the Federation Nacional de Jiu Jitsu Brasileno (FNJJB) and with the formation of this new organisation, Mexico was rewarded with their first NoGi National Championship in 2010. Nowadays the UAEJJF holds a Mexican National Pro which is run as a part of the Abu Dhabi sanctioned events.

Mexico is now playing catch up to the rest of the world with it’s competition status in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The IBJJF has sanctioned a bunch of referee courses run by high level Black belt Muzio De Angelis and overseen by Mario Delgado. Mario has been the pioneer for Mexico as he enjoys a wealth of competition success. Nine team trophies has put Mario’s academy square on top of the ledger as the premier club in Mexico. His students are winning a plethora of individual medals and dominating competition, highly due to the outstanding coaching abilities from Mario Delgado.

The No Gi Road Map For Masters Competitors by Fabiano Scherner

How Old Is Mario Delgado?

Mario Delgado was born a Mexican National in 1980 and is currently 41 years of age. 

Mario Delgado's Ringside Duties!

Mario Delgado has had an extensive career in commentating Mixed Martial Arts events. Mario has a great understanding of English and Espanol, so he has worked on many UFC events commentating in Spanish. Mario has an exemplary understanding of Mixed Martial Artistry as he has called many fights throughout his career. Mario has also become one of the top level MMA analysts, with his breakdowns on many notable fights. Many famous fighters like Cain Velasquez and Kenny Florian have spoken about Mario's professionalism within the Mixed Martial Arts community. Mario has gone from strength to strength over his career as a sports personality and a Martial Arts coach, and he endeavors to keep it going for some time to come. 

How Much Is Mario Delgado Worth?

Mario Delgado has dedicated his life to the betterment of Mexican Martial Arts. He is a pioneer for competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as he played a pivotal role in helping to start competitions in Mexico. Mario has also shown his experience as he became the President of the (FNJJB) Federation Nacional de Jiu Jitsu Brasileno. Mario has built a highly successful academy called Renzo Gracie Mexico and for obvious reasons he is affiliated to Renzo Gracie. Mario also works extensively with many organisations like the Police and the Army, as he teaches impeccable self defense techniques. Another avenue for income is the vast array of seminars that Mario organises on behalf of many talented grapplers and Mixed Martial Artists. Mario has also netted some significant remuneration through becoming a UFC commentator,  as he offers Spanish commentary to the world's Espanol community. Over the course of Mario’s career he has built a net worth of well over five million dollars and his stocks are rising annually. Mario has also begun filming instructional videos with the famous online platform BJJ Fanatics. His video is titled “The NoGi Formula: For Masters Competitors” his brand new video is available exclusively for purchase on 

How Tall Is Mario Delgado?

Mario Delgado stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is the equivalent of 167 centimetres.

How Much Does Mario Delgado Weigh?

Mario Delgado weighs in at 69 kilograms or (152 pounds) he has also competed at 61 kilograms or (134 pounds)

Who Has Mario Delgado Trained With?

It is no secret that Mario Delgado has trained extensively with Renzo Gracie. Mario has spent many days soaking in the knowledge of one of the best grapplers to ever roam the planet. Mario has trained exclusively with many other exceptional talents, guys like; Cain Velasquez always comes into Renzo Gracie Mexico’s academy from time to time, Kenny Florian is another outstanding talent that often seeks the tutelage of Mario Delgado. Another top level athlete that trains under Mario is the Mexican born Alexis Alduncin who became a Black belt under Mario in 2016. Gilbert Burns the UFC veteran is another world class athlete who has come to train with Mario and Cain, as Mario has invited Gilbert to come to seminars run by himself and Cain Velasquez. Mario Delgado is a formidable grappler who has a strength like very few others in the world. His exceptional teaching abilities make him the premier coach in all of Mexico and one of the best in the world.

What Organisations Has Mario Delgado Trained With?

Mario Delgado is a born leader, and through his Martial Arts he is helping to mold many organisations into tough and successful units. Mario is highly prominent in the development of the Mexican Police force and the Mexican Army. Mario teaches specialised techniques to special forces within the Mexican government and the federal Police. Mario visited the (FIA) Federal Investigation Agency which is the equivalent to the FBI in America. He has also taught Army special forces and the high command special forces which is like a quick response swat team. After passing on his knowledge to all of these organisations, it was reported that many of his techniques were used in real life operations. Mario is a proven expert in the field of hand to hand combat in a tactical response like situation. Mexico is extremely lucky to have an experienced combatant like Mario paving the way for the many organisations that Police the nation. 

Mario Delgado's Team Triumphs?

Mario Delgado has built an impressive academy at Renzo Gracie Mexico, his team is united in their quest to win team championships. In 2010 Team Renzo Gracie dominated the podium at the first ever NoGi National Championships in Mexico. Renzo Gracie Mexico has become the premier academy to train with in Mexico due to their excellence in competition Jiu Jitsu. Mario’s team has won 9 First place trophies including 7 in the Gi and 2 NoGi Championships. Mario has reported how proud he is of all of his students, as they execute the exemplary qualities he has instilled within them.

Mario Delgado's Record!

Mario Delgado has competed in multiple tournaments throughout his competitive career. He has won IBJJF events like the European Championships and the Pan Pacific Championships. He has also won the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals and various other national and international open tournaments. Mario has also competed at World Championships and Abu Dhabi Pro events, as he is a well travelled athlete. Mario has recorded flying armbars and flying triangles in competition, which has given him significant notoriety from the Martial Arts world. He has also recorded multiple Championship wins as a coach, through his academy his students have racked up 9 Mexican National Championships including an abundance of individual Gold.

Mario Delgado's Injuries

Mario Delgado has had a long and successful career as a coach and as a former competitor. Throughout his years training in Martial Arts he has suffered from many injuries including; strains, bruises, broken fingers and broken ribs. Mario has endured through many discomforts over his career on the mats, but his professionalism in how he conducts his training has left him in good shape as enters his 40's. Mario professes to pass on his knowledge and expertise to many of his academy students.

Is Mario Delgado Retired?

Mario Delgado has spent decades teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to many students in Mexico. He has long since retired from competing himself, but as a coach he is highly active in helping his students pursue Championship Gold. Mario has built a legacy through his academy, Renzo Gracie Mexico. Many famous Mixed Martial Artists and Professional grapplers alike have sought the expertise of the Mexican National. Mario is a pillar of integrity who has become one of the most reputable and knowledgeable Black belts in the world.

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