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Ryan Hall: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Ryan Hall: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Ryan Hall?

Ryan “The Wizard” Hall is an American black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an IBJJF World Champion, and, most impressively, a UFC fighter since 2016. Hall is a featherweight black belt and MMA fighter who earned his rank from Felipe Costa. He first rose to prominence through his impressive IBJJF World Championship and ADCC Trial victories as a purple and brown belt, but found national fame when he won The Ultimate Fighter 22 and earned his UFC contract. 

What this article covers

Ryan Hall was born in the 1980s in Virginia. Initially, he didn't have any interest in combat sports and was a huge fan of baseball, basketball and football. He competed in all three traditional Sports as a young child. It wasn't until 2004, when he was almost 20 years old, that Ryan Hall began practicing Jiu Jitsu at Ronin Athletics in New York.

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When he first showed up to the MMA gym, grappling wasn't very interesting to Hall. Instead, he focuses the majority of his training on Muay thai. Since this was an MMA gym, the young striker still found himself mixing it up with Grapplers from time to time. Before long, he realized that he was helpless on the ground and decided to dedicate more of his time to learning grappling as well. Almost as soon as he started training, Ryan began to compete. Although he is a laid-back, funny person, his competitive drive is absurdly intense. In 2004, immediately after he started training, he also began competing. Before long, Hall fully committed to a life dedicated to combat sports and martial arts, and dropped out of college in order to focus on training.

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Ryan Hall is a cerebral fighter, and has always been a smart person. He realized that he didn't stand a chance as a professional MMA fighter without going to a bigger gym. He first sought out legendary trainer Lloyd Irvin in maryland. Lloyd had earned a name for himself both for his results as a coach with athletes such as Brandon Vera, and also with his incredibly aggressive advertising on social media and through other outlets.

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At Team Lloyd Irvin Ryan Hall found what he was looking for, at least initially. The black belt coach quickly taught Hall to take better advantage of his unusual flexibility, length, and intelligence. The pair soon realized that Hall's understanding and innate comprehension of grappling mechanics made him an excellent guard player. Competing out of Lloyd Irvin's squad, Ryan Hall became a well-known name in the BJJ community. He began to enter and win tournaments across the country and even across the world. After roughly 5 years spent at Team Lloyd Irvin, Ryan Hall left the team in 2009. The split was quite public and messy due to actions on the part of Irvin and others.

After leaving team Lloyd Irvin in Maryland, Ryan Hall joined Club Brasa and opened his own affiliate school under their banner in Washington, D.C. Hall named his new academy after his favorite position in the game: 50/50 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After opening his own academy and making a name for himself as a back-to-back two time IBJJF World Champion at purple belt, Hall was finally awarded his black belt in 2010 from his coach and mentor, Felipe Costa.

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Ryan Hall continued to Grapple for years, but in 2012 he fully committed to mixed martial arts as a new Direction in the Combat Sports world. He decided once again to seek out some of the best training available, moving to Montreal to train with Firas Zahabi at TriStar Gym. He started competing right away, the same as he had done in Jiu Jitsu.  In November of 2012, Ryan Hall won by TKO in the first round of his first professional MMA fight.

Around this time, Ryan Hall also went viral on YouTube for using Jiu Jitsu to neutralize a public attack. The video shows Ryan and a team of his friends being accosted by a visibly drunk and aggressive patron of the place where they were eating. Despite Ryan's attempt to calm the situation, and despite the loud and clear warnings of Ryan's friends to the unwitting attacker, the man chose to get physical with Ryan Hall outside the establishment. With very little effort, he launched the attacker to the concrete, mounted him in an instant, and choked him unconscious as police arrived on the scene and watched it happen. The entire thing was caught on video, and was definitely part of the popularization of mixed martial arts and Jiu Jitsu that was taking place at that time.

In 2015, after only 3 years of competing in MMA, Hall earned a spot on Dana White's reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter. He competed as a lightweight representing Team USA and stormed his way through the competition to eventually face a dangerous striker in Artem Lobov. Although Ryan Hall is now mostly known for Jiu Jitsu, it's important to remember that his first love was striking. He proved to the world that he could stand with a pure striker by defeating Lobov in a unanimous decision and earning his ticket to the  UFC.

After Ryan Hall got into the UFC it was off to the races. Almost every name that he's competed against is a well-known one. His first few matches were against Gray Maynard, Darren Elkins, and BJ penn. Amazingly, Ryan Hall submitted BJ Penn via heel hook in one of the craziest Jiu Jitsu and MMA upsets that's ever been seen. 

Hall continued to display his grappling skills throughout his early UFC years, but by 2018 injuries were starting to pile up. Several of his fights were proposed or remade due to injuries on his side. He made his first official comeback in 2021 and is 1-1 since that time. Unfortunately, in June 2022 Ryan Hall tore his ACL completely which sidelined him until 2023, when he is expected to make his return to the UFC octagon.

In addition to his work as a professional grappler, a professional Mixed Martial Artist, and a gym owner, Ryan Hall is also an online instructor. He is very articulate and excellent at explaining not only the movements related to Jiu Jitsu, but also the philosophy and strategy that accompany those moves. He's produced a whopping six instructionals for BJJ Fanatics that cover everything from sweeps, to take downs, to guard play, and even submissions. If you're looking to improve an area of your game, Ryan Hall has got something for you.

How Old is Ryan Hall? 

Brian Hall was born in February of 1985 near Arlington, Virginia. That makes him 38 years old as of 2023.

Ryan Hall Family

Ryan Hall is married and has a son who was born in 2018. He often mentions his family when speaking publicly, and she even comes with him (off-mic) for support during podcasts and interviews. It's clear that Ryan Hall is a family man with a close relationship to those he loves. 

How Much is Ryan Hall Worth?

Ryan Hall’s net worth is not public information,But he has a successful Jiu Jitsu academy, and is a 9-year veteran of the UFC. Although those things don't guarantee financial success, they're good indications that Ryan Hall has done pretty well for himself and his family.

How Tall is Ryan Hall?

Ryan Hall is 5 ft 10 in tall, making him long and lanky for the featherweight and lightweight divisions in which he's competed.

How Much Does Ryan Hall Weigh? 

Ryan Hall has competed most frequently at 145 pounds in MMA, which is considered a featherweight. He’s also competed as a lightweight fighter at 155 pounds. In grappling he also competes at 145, although he’s won some open weight tournaments as well, which is super impressive for a smaller fighter.

Ryan Hall Fight List

Ryan Hall has competed in many different leagues and combat sports, and there’s no running list of every match he’s ever fought. Instead of a match by match breakdown, we can take a look at his overall pedigree across combat sports.:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • 2006 Gracie World Champion - Purple Belt
  • 2008 ADCC North American Champion - 66kg
  • 2008 IBJJF World Champion - Purple Belt
  • 2008 NoGi World Champion - Purple Belt
  • 2008 Brazilian National Champion - Purple Belt
  • 2008 European Open Champion - Purple Belt
  • 2009 ADCC West Coast Trials Winner - 66kg
  • 16-8 as a black belt competitor at the highest level


  • Winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 22 Finale vs. Artem Lobov
  • Performance of the night (and upset of a lifetime) against B.J. Penn
  • 2018 Submission of the Year
  • 9-year veteran of the UFC roster

Ryan Hall's Best Fight of All Time

With some Fighters, almost all of them in fact, it's very difficult to isolate one fight that stands out as their very best moment. With Ryan Hall, it seems Easy by comparison. When Ryan Hall squared off with BJ Penn in 2018 it was impressive to many that he had earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in only 6 years. However, B.J. Penn had already set that record by accomplishing the feat in just three years! When these two Jiu Jitsu prodigies faced off, most people expected BJ Penn to come out on top. The fact that Ryan Hall locked in a devastating heel hook that tore apart BJ's knee shocked the MMA community and the Jiu Jitsu world at the same time. This moment, as well as Hall’s viral self-defense street fight, easily stand out as two of his most memorable moments.

Who Did Ryan Hall Lose To?

Ryan Hall has a massive belief in grappling, and a massive belief in himself. When he returned to the octagon after a period of injury in 2021 to face up and comer Ilia Topuria on UFC 264, he wanted to put on a grappling clinic. As a leg lock specialist, Ryan Hall had Supreme confidence in his ability to take down and control Ilia early in the fight. to do so, he attempted an inversion along the lines of a berimbolo instead of a traditional takedown. When he didn't connect with Ilia, Ryan Hall stayed inverted and chased his opponent across the ring on his shoulders from the inverted position! While Jiu Jitsu fans around the world were cheering for a brief moment, unfortunately this wild tactic got him knocked out in short order. This was a high risk, high reward moment that didn't work out very well for Ryan hall.

Ryan Hall Record

As a professional Grappler Ryan Hall's record is 16 and 8. As a professional mixed martial artist his record is even more dominant with nine wins and two losses. Six of those fights took place inThe UFC.

Ryan Hall Injuries

Ryan Hall has had a long and public struggle with injury throughout much of his mixed martial arts career. Chalk it up to cumulative damage taken in the training room through years of grappling and Muay Thai before ever becoming a professional Mixed Martial artist, but Ryan Hall has definitely struggled to stay healthy in the UFC. Several of his fights have been delayed, remade, or canceled due to injury. Most recently, Ryan Hall suffered a complete tear of his ACL in  mid 2022 that will keep him sidelined until his eventual UFC return in 2023. 

Is Ryan Hall Retired?

Ryan Hall is not retired from professional Mixed Martial arts, and it's likely that when he's done in the UFC he'll return to professional grappling as well. Although he achieved an IBJJF World title as a purple belt, he hasn't done that as a black belt yet. We imagine that might be something that's still on Ryan Hall's agenda. Ryan is due to return to the UFC in 2023 after tearing his ACL completely in the summer of 2022.

In that time he's been able to add to his growing and impressive collection of BJJ fanatics instructionals which now include six offerings: “The Modern Defensive Guard”, “The Hip Bump” , “The Waiter Sweep”, “Dragging the Fight Down: for MMA & Grappling”, “Flip em’ For Real: Overhead Sweeps”, and finally “The Omoplata”.As you can see from the titles, Hall’s focus is on all parts of the game. whether it's standing, defense, transitions, or finishes Ryan Hall has something locked and loaded for you to learn from.

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