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Thomas Loubersanes: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Thomas Loubersanes: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Thomas Loubersanes?

Thomas Loubersanes is a highly accomplished martial artist, best known for his expertise in Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Born and raised in France, Thomas developed a passion for combat sports at a young age. His journey in martial arts began with various disciplines, but it was Luta Livre that truly captured his heart.

What this article covers:

Under the guidance of renowned coaches and trainers, Thomas dedicated himself to mastering Luta Livre, a Brazilian submission grappling style known for its emphasis on ground fighting and effective techniques. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to earn his black belt in Luta Livre, marking a significant milestone in his martial arts career.

Luta Livre Guard Passing by Thomas Loubersanes

Thomas Loubersanes

Luta Livre is often said to be the “lesser-known” sister to BJJ. In reality, Esportiva just didn’t have a single lineage, like the Gracies, rise to international fame to aid in promoting the art. Luta Livre developed alongside jiu jitsu, which was enjoyed in the relatively “rich” coastal towns of Brazil. High in the mountain favelas, generations of grapplers have quietly become some of the best grapplers on earth. Loubersanes 2018 No. 1 IBJJF ranking over Gordon Ryan shows that Luta Livre is best taken seriously.

Alongside his Luta Livre accomplishments, Thomas also ventured into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and became an IBJJF competitor. Representing the esteemed Atos gym, Thomas showcased his skills and competed at various prestigious tournaments. His technical prowess, strategic mindset, and determination propelled him to success on the BJJ circuit, earning him recognition among the top competitors in his weight class.

Thomas's commitment to continuous growth and development as a martial artist extends beyond his own training. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, serving as a respected instructor and coach at Atos gym. Thomas's teaching style emphasizes the fundamental principles of Luta Livre and BJJ, empowering his students to improve their skills and achieve their goals on and off the mat.

Throughout his career, Thomas Loubersanes has demonstrated his dedication, resilience, and competitive spirit in the realm of martial arts. His achievements in Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, combined with his role as an influential instructor, have solidified his status as a highly respected figure in the martial arts community. With a bright future ahead, Thomas continues to inspire and leave a lasting impact on the world of grappling.

In addition to his administrative contributions to judo through his new position in Canada, Thomas has also filmed online content to spread his love and knowledge of the sport to others. He’s created “Luta Livre Guard Passing” as an offering through our BJJ Fanatics storefront. Inside, you'll learn the fundamentals to compliment and adapt your own passes into harder to stop sequences that combine attacks and passes into one fluid system.

Thomas doesn’t just talk a good game; he lives it. These Luta Livre passes are from the same system that took Loubersanes to the European Championships, World Championships, and ADCC. Check out what this former IBJJF No. 1 ranked competitor has put together in “Luta Livre Guard Passing”, and start improving your game right now. Check it out in the BJJ Fanatics storefront today.

Luta Livre Concepts: Basic Submissions by Nicolas Renier

How Old Is Thomas Loubersanes? 

We don’t have a precise age for Thomas Loubersanes. He’s likely in his early 30s, as he’s still challenging the adult black belt divisions of the biggest IBJJF tournaments, as well as ADCC. We expect the eventual move up to the Masters I age bracket as Loubersanes pushes towards 40 in the coming years.

Thomas Loubersanes Family

Not much has been published about Thomas Loubersanes’s family. When he’s interviewed, he keeps his answers focused on the sport. He’s dedicated to making sure that Luta Livre Esportiva gets as much airtime as possible while he represents the lesser-known style in major tournaments across the globe.

How Much is Thomas Loubersanes Worth?

Thomas Loubersanes’s net worth is not public information, but he is a a lifelong martial artist and coach. He’s competed internationally in the IBJJF’s events like the European Championships and the World Championships, and now has begun to increase his focus on coaching as well.

How Tall is Thomas Loubersanes?

Thomas Loubersanes’s height isn’t on record. Most grapplers keep their size and reach to themselves instead of giving free scouting information to their opponents.

How Much Does Thomas Loubersanes Weigh? 

Thomas Loubersanes has competed at multiple weights in the IJF. He has moved from a medium heavyweight (195 pounds), to a heavyweight (208 pounds), and finally to a super heavyweight in his most recent showings (220 pounds). He’s a stocky, strong grappler who was number one on the IBJJF’s rankings over Gordon Ryan in 2018.

Thomas Loubersanes Fight List

Thomas Loubersanes has competed in many international competitions for the IBJJF and for other organizations. Luta Livre doesn’t have its own international circuit, so Loubersanes is forced to represent his art in grappling tournaments designed for all styles. He’s excelled at major events, including the IBJJF Pan American Games, The European Championships, and Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC).

  • 2017 IBJJF Pan American Champion
  • 2018 IBJJF No. 1 Ranked No Gi Grappler - Adult Black Belt
  • 3x European Champion (IBJJF & FILA)
  • 2019 IBJJF No. 1 Ranked No Gi Grappler - Adult Black Belt
  • Grapplers Quest World Champion
  • 2020 IBJJF No. 1 Ranked No Gi Grappler - Adult Black Belt

Thomas Loubersanes's Best Fight of All Time

It’s always hard to choose one moment as the best fight of all time, and the records of Loubersanes’s matches are vast. Still, we think that his 2018 showing at the IBJJF European Championships was one of his finest moments. That day, Loubersanes was signed up to challenge the super heavyweight division of the tournament. 

He stormed through the early rounds to find himself in the finals against Perttu Tepponen, a Pedro Duarte black belt from Finland. Although Tepponen is widely regarded as one of the best super heavyweights on the international scene, he wasn’t able to hang with Thomas Loubersanes Luta Livre based assault that day. Louberasanes came out with the gold medal and proved to all that Luta Livre Esportiva is as legitimate as a grappling art that exists

Who Did Thomas Loubersanes Lose To?

Thomas Loubersanes has competed so many times that he’s definitely had some tough losses along the way. In 2015, at the IBJJF No Gi Pan American Games, Loubersanes found himself against a modern legend of the sport, the buzzsaw and Marcello Garcia black belt Matheus Diniz. If there was any shame in the loss, it was erased when Diniz went on to win the silver medal in that tournament. Despite this setback, Thomas Loubersanes continues to show up to major international tournaments and compete at the highest levels.

Thomas Loubersanes Record

Thomas Loubersanes has a lengthy competition record, with an insane number of matches as a professional. He has been on the international circuit for around a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Still, we don’t have an overall match record for Loubersanes, who has been forced to represent his sport of Luta Livre in competitions designed for other grappling styles.

Thomas Loubersanes Injuries

Judo is brutal on the body and so it’s likely that Thomas has experienced many small injuries, even as he approaches his 40s. He has competed extensively, with the peak of his IBJJF career coming around 2017 or 2018, when he claimed multiple medals at major tournaments. Though that time, he wasn’t public with any major injuries or time off, so we’re guessing that Loubersanes has an intense physical routine to accompany his training on the mats.

Is Thomas Loubersanes Retired?

Thomas Loubersanes is nowhere near retired. He’s still an annual participant at the IBJJF European Open, the IBJJF Worlds, and the ADCC trials. As recently as 2019, only four years ago, he was the no. 1 ranked no gi black belt in the adult divisions for his sheer dominance over the division.

Although he’s still competing actively, Thomas doesn’t mind sharing some of his best sequences with audiences around the world. Thomas’ mind is as sharp as ever and on full display in “Luta Livre Guard Passing”, where he breaks down this unique style of passing the guard and shows you how to incorporate esportiva fundamentals into your jiu jitsu game. 

Loubersanes breaks down various guard passing techniques specific to Luta Livre, offering a fresh perspective and unique strategies to overcome your opponent's guard. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this instructional video provides step-by-step instructions, detailed demonstrations, and practical tips to help you improve your guard passing game.

From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and techniques that can significantly enhance your BJJ skills. Whether you're looking to refine your existing guard passing game or explore new approaches, this instructional resource is a valuable addition to your training library. Don’t miss a chance to learn from one of Atos most feared competitors, Thomas Loubersanes.

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