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Andre Zeitoun His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Andre Zeitoun His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Andre Zeitoun?

Andre Zeitoun is a French Muay Thai coach, commentator and former competitor who has over 40 years’ worth of experience in the art. 

Who is Andre Zeitoun?

Andre Zeitoun is a French Muay Thai coach, commentator and former competitor who has over 40 years’ worth of experience in the art. 

Muay Thai Building Blocks by Ajarn Andre Zeitoun

Andre Zeitoun was born into a family of boxers which naturally lead him to start training in combat sports. By the time that he was only 15 years, Andre Zeitoun had already participated in boxing, Karate and Rugby. 

However, at that same age, Andre Zeitoun would discover a new martial art to train in, the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai. 

In 1980, Andre Zeitoun would sign up to train at The Yamatsuki Club de Paris located rue Jules Vallès. This gym was started by and owned by Mr. Roger Paschy, one of the first people to bring Muay Thai to France and popularise it. 

After just 4 years of training in the art in 1984, Andre Zeitoun would go on to become the Junior Champion of France for his division and would go on to win the title again the very next year after that. 

In 1986 Andre Zeitoun would leave France and go to the home of Muay Thai, Thailand for the very first time to train and sharpen his skills. For his first trip, Andre Zeitoun would train in Chonburi, a city that is over 100 kilometres east of Bangkok. In that town, Andre Zeitoun trained under Master Den at Pat Ruang Luang. 

While he frequently returns to Pat Ruang Luang, Andre Zeitoun would also train at other famous gyms in Thailand like Kyatsongrit, Vorapin, galaxy gym, the Chitalada and many others. 

After training in the martial art for two decades, Andre Zeitoun would start to run his own Thai Boxing classes in 1990 in a section of the Daumesnil club, a gym managed by Andre Zeitoun and former Judo Champion Sanchis Michel.

Andre Zeitoun would spend over a decade and a half coaching Muay Thai, where he would train famous names in Kickboxing like Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Jérome Lebanner, Johann Fauveau and many others. 

Muay Thai Encyclopedia by Fabio Noguchi

In 2005 Andre Zeitoun would open up his very own club, Team Zeitoun in Paris. 

How Old is Andre Zeitoun?

Andre Zeitoun was born in 1965 in Isreal. He grew up in France. 

Andre Zeitoun Family

Andre Zeitoun is the son of Lucien Zeitoun. Both Andre Zeitoun’s father and older brother were boxers and his father was even a champion in the 1950s.

How Much is Andre Zeitoun Worth?

Andre Zeitoun’s estimated net worth in 2022 is currently unknown. 

How Tall is Andre Zeitoun?

Andre Zeitoun’s height is currently unknown

What is Andre Zeitoun’s Reach? 

Andre Zeitoun’s reach is currently unknown. 

How Much Does Andre Zeitoun Weigh?

Andre Zeitoun’s weight or the weight classes that he fought at are currently unknown. 

Who Has Andre Zeitoun Trained?

Andre Zeitoun has trained many big names fighters and world champions like Toshio Fujiwara, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Jérome Lebanner, Johann Fauveau, Nenad Urladzic, Abderahim Chafay, Christophe Tang, Yves Bizeul, Farid ladjouzi, Julie Garcia, Shams Marine, Demba Sylla, Nicolas Subileau  and many others 

What Titles Have Andre Zeitoun’s student’s won?

Andre Zeitoun’s students have won some very big titles 

  • Jean-Charles Skarbowsky was French champion and 3 times European Muay Thai

champion, vice world champion, ranked number 1 at the legendary Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, being one of the first foreign fighters to do so.

  • Jerome Lebanner, who was a World Champion 
  • Toshio Fujiwara, Who was the first foreigner to win the title of champion of the Rajdamnern Stadium in Bangkok in 1978. Toshio Fujiwara was also a 6 time Japan champion and a two times world champion. 

Has Andre Zeitoun Had Any Serious Injuries

Andre Zeitoun’s injury history is currently unknown. 

Is Andre Zeitoun Retired?

Andre Zeitoun has retired from competition but when it comes to coaching Andre Zeitoun is still very active.

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