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Wang Ki Chun His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Wang Ki Chun His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Wang Ki Chun?

Wang Ki Chun, also spelled as Wang Gi Chun, is a black belt in Judo and Judo competitor from South Korea, who has competed in the Olympic games, specifically the 2012 London Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing, as well as in several other high-level competitions.

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Wang Ki Chun first became famous in the Judo scene in 2007, after he beat a 2004 Olympic champion by the name of Lee Won-Hee in the qualification matches for the 2007 World Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games.

From there Wang Ki Chun would become a prominent name in the world of Judo competition, winning a silver medal in the lightweight class at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing China. 

Wang Ki Chun was known for having a very physical style of fighting during his competition days. Wang Ki Chun was especially known for his powerful Tai Otoshi and devastating Seoi Nage. 

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How Old is Wang Ki Chun?

Wang Ki Chun was born on 13 September 1988 in Jeongeup, South Korea. This makes Wang Ki Chun 33 years old at the time of writing. 

Wang Ki Chun’s Family

There is not much information available about Wang Ki Chun’s family. 

How Much is Wang Ki Chun Worth?

Wang Ki Chun’s estimated net worth in 2022 is said to be around $1.5 Million US dollars. 

How Tall is Wang Ki Chun?

Wang Ki Chun stands at 5 foot 6 inches tall or 171 centimetres tall. 

What is Wang Ki Chun’s Reach? 

Wang Ki Chun’s reach is currently unknown. 

How Much Does Wang Ki Chun Weigh?

Wang Ki Chun mainly competed at the lightweight Judo weight class in the early part of his career, which is 73 kilograms or 160 pounds. Near the end of his competitive Judo career, Wang Ki Chun competed in the Half-middleweight weight class, which in Judo is 81 kgs or 178.5 pounds. 

Wang Ki Chun Fight List

The earliest record of Wang Ki Chun’s Judo competition starts in October of 2006 at the World Championships Juniors Santo Domingo. At this competition, Wang Ki Chun took home 3rd place. Wang Ki Chun then competed at the Jeju Kracup Korea Open in 2006 where he took home second place. 

The next time that Wang Ki Chun comepted would be in september of 2007 at that years world Championships in Rio de Janiero. Wang Ki Chun took home first place at this event. He then went on to take home third place at the Team World Championships in Bejing later that same year. 

Wang Ki Chun then capped off his competitive 2007 year at the Jigoro Kano Cup in Tokyo, Japan where he once again won first place in his division. Wang Ki Chun started off 2008 at the Super World Cup Tournoi de Paris and unfortunately but he only took home fifth place. Wang Ki Chun did much better at his next event, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Bejing. Here Wang Ki Chun would make it all the way to the finals and take home the silver medal for South Korea.

Wang Ki Chun comepted at the Grand Slam Tokyo event for his last competition of 2008 and here he took home first place. 

Wang Ki Chun would then have his most successful competitive year in 2009, where he would compete at 5 different high level tounramnets, including that years world championships, and take home first place in all of them.

Wang Ki Chun then had a more mixed year in 2010. To start off, he competed at the IJF World Masters Suwon and only earned fifth place. The next competition Wang Ki Chun appeared at was the Grand Slam Paris and this time he would get back to his winning ways by taking home first place. 

Wang Ki Chun then competed at the World Cup Team Salvador and took home second overall with his team. Then he comepted at the World Championships in Tokyo and took home third place. At the last two events that Wang Ki Chun appeared at, the IJF World Cup Korea Suwon and the 2010 IJF World Ranking respectively, Wang Ki Chun would take first place.

2011 would be another insanely successful year for Wang Ki Chung. This year Wang Ki Chung competed at 5 different events, which include that year’s Asian Championships and IJF World Cup and at all 5 of these events he took home first place. 

In 2012 Wang Ki Chun started of the year by continuing the win streak from 2011. Wang Ki Chun took home first place at the first three events he competed in that year. After that streak Wang Ki Chun competed at that years Olympic games in London, England and ended up in fifth place. 

2013 was also a successful year for Wang Ki Chun as he would place at all 4 events he competed at. First he took home third at that year’s Grand Prix in Düsseldorf and then took home third again at that year’s Asian Championships. At his next event, FISU Universiade Kazan, Wang Ki Chun took home first place and then second place at the FISU Universiade Team event Kazan. 

Wang Ki Chun only comepted twice in 2014. This was also the year that Wang Ki Chun moved up to the half-middlewight class with the 83 kg or 178.5 weight limit. The first event he competed at was the Grand Prix in Ulaanbaatar and took home second place. He then competed at the Grand Prix in Jeju and tok home third place. 

In 2015 Wang Ki Chun competed three times with solid success. First Wang Ki Chun competed at the 2015 European Open in Warsaw and won first place. The next competition that Wang Ki Chun appeared at was the FISU Universiade Gwangju and he took home the second place title.Then Chun competed at in 2015 was the Grand Prix Qingdao and won first place yet again. At his final competition of 2015, that year’s Grand Slam Tokyo, Wang Ki Chun took home third place. 

2016 ended up being Wang Ki Chun’s finally competitive year. The two events that Chun competed at were the Grand Slam Paris and the Grand Prix Samsun where Wang Ki Chun took home third and second respectively. 

Who Did Wang Ki Chun Lose to?

Wang Ki Chun competed against many high level Judoka’s during his competitive career and lost against many. These names include: Ugo Legrand, Ivaylo Ivanov, Dominic Ressel, Seidai Sato, Khasan Khalmurzaev and Hayato Watanabe. 

What is Wang Ki Chun Record

Wang Ki Chun has a total of 195 total record Judo matches. Out of those matches, Wang Ki Chun won 169 matches and lost 26. This gives Wang Ki Chun a total wing percentage of 86.7 percent. 

What Titles Has Wang Ki Chun Held?

Wang Ki Chun won many titles over his career, these include: 

  • Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympics 
  • 2 Gold Medals at the world championships 
  • 1 Bronze Medal at the world championships 

Has Wang Ki Chun Had Any Serious Injuries

Wang Ki Chun has no serious injuries worth noting here. 

Is Wang Ki Chun Retired?

Wang Ki Chun last competed in 2016 at the Grand Prix Samsun and then retired from competing in the sport. 

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